Jared Taylor versus Ora Garway

We like to think of the internet as being a free forum of ideas, a place where unpopular truth can defeat establishment dogma in a level playing field.  This is what we like to think – until we remember that even where freedom of speech prevails, it is money that determines which speech people are most likely to hear.  It is money that determines who speaks the loudest.
Hence we have Ora Garway, a newspaper editor in Monrovia, Liberia getting far more publicity than Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance. Garway’s newspaper, “Punch”, has a circulation of only 500 people per issue and does not appear to deal with particularly controversial issues.  I do not know how many readers American Renaissance has but I’m fairly certain it is more than 500.  Furthermore, AR is truly revolutionary.  It discusses issues than no mainstream publication is willing to seriously discuss.  The same cannot be said of “Punch”.
If we do a Google search for “Jared Taylor +American Renaissance”, we get 21,200 hits.  For “Ora Garway +Punch” we get 303,000 hits.  Garway’s visit to Mango Town is international news, even though very little happened there.
I have nothing against Garway.  She seems like a dedicated and brave woman.  But the above Google searches show us who is truly in charge versus who the real underdogs are.
Taylor and Garway do have something in common.  Just as most Liberians are illiterate, so too are most Americans racially illiterate.  Just as Garway faces an uphill struggle to get her message across, so too do people like Taylor.  The difference is that Garway has the support of powerful international forces behind her.

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5 Responses to Jared Taylor versus Ora Garway

  1. gastbr says:

    Wow. While not surprised that the media manipulates public perceptions, the magnitude of the bias is shocking.

  2. Annoyed says:

    Like blades of grass the general population sways in the direction of the hardest blowing wind.
    Jared Taylor is certainly intelligent and the subjects he brings up are worth looking at but they aren’t going to ever matter to most people.
    I hate to say this but we need an Obama of the right(the real right). Someone who can state our position, woo the masses and create an inspirational vision of the future under our leadership.
    It’s quite headache inducing, the only person who is racially aware and was part of mainstream politics is insane(Duke).

    • Annoyed says:

      Oops, what I wrote was not quiet correct, Pat Buchanan is also racially aware and maybe even a few others but they don’t make it their prime topic.
      It would be correct to say Duke is the only former mainstream politican who is racially aware and outspoken/focusing on the issue.
      I was correct in the statement that Duke is insane.

  3. AJ says:

    how is david duke insane?

    • Annoyed says:

      heh, every one of his videos or written material that I have come across imparts the message that there is a secret Zionist conspiracy which all jews are in on.
      Considering his jew fetishism I can only question his reasoning skills.
      I don’t mind criticism of jews but its nearly the only thing he focuses on.

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