More blatant racism from The Oregonian

I am not sure what is more amazing.  The sheer volume of anti-white propaganda we are exposed to or the extent that the masses are blind to it.
The Oregonian ran a large article, in their “Opinion” section (Sunday, October 3, 2010) called “It’s time for Oregon to get smart on crime”.  The article dealt with various mandatory sentencing laws, Oregon’s prison population, crime levels and the budget.  On the first page of the add is a blurry illustration depicting an anonymous inmate’s face superimposed on the state of Oregon behind bars.  The inmate appears to be Caucasian.  On the second page of the add, two photos are featured.  The top one shows two productive, benign inmates clearly trying to better themselves.  One is black and the other Hispanic.  We can see how well they get along – and what could be more innocent than getting/giving a haircut?:

Toward the bottom of the page is the second photo.  Here we see a gang of shirtless toughs, one of them sporting a large swastika on his chest.  They appear menacing.  They are faceless, nameless and – they are all white:

Whatever message the Oregonian appears to be sending, they are clearly piggy-backing their underlying creed onto it: “people of color” = good.  Whites = bad.  But, since this is not the topic of their opinion piece, the impression is that this message is not an opinion at all, but rather a fact.  I hope none of this blog’s readers actually support The Oregonian monetarily, for this is a cowardly and dangerous form of propaganda.
(Note that the above photos were taken two years apart.  Somebody sifted through a lot of photos to find what they were looking for in order to obtain the desired effect).

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5 Responses to More blatant racism from The Oregonian

  1. Afrikaner says:

    Hey there, just want to say this is a top notch blog.
    But i view the photos alittle different than you.
    We all know that NAZI’s are somewhat extreme to put it softly.
    I see it as they painting the people of colour being more at ease in their bar like society and hence going on with normal life cutting hair, dancing, playing cards maby even going shopping??(drugs :D)
    And the whites have to adopt a more extreme view(NAZISM support socialism) just to fit into such a alien inviroment which they are obv not use to and have to fight to just survive.
    You know i really think they must stop with this black racism when are they going to start targetting us hahaha.
    Ok but in all seriousness i get your point its rather annoying, but hey if we know the truth then we can point it out to others and so when other people also start getting the point and start catching these fools at their game then their propoganda even looks more pathetic to them and it has a counter move for news papers and pushes people to blogs like these that actially speaks the truth, so let them go on with their game.

  2. Doug Whitman says:

    Oregon is a predominately White state. Hence, we would expect nearly all of the Oregon prison population to be white. Does anyone know what percentage of Oregon’s prison population are “people of color”? I am willing to bet that Minorities make up a sizable portion, if not the majority, of Oregon’s prison population.
    However, such facts should be suppressed, because, as we all know, facts can be hateful. It is better to use selective photos and words to lie and create a false impression, because lying is not hateful, as long as such lying harms Whites and aids Minorities.
    Such is the up-side-down, PC world we live in.

  3. Patrick says:
    This is the demographics of Oregons prison population

  4. countenance says:

    I understand OR’s Hispanic population is growing fast. Especially in Roger Fredinburg’s part of OR (Medford-Grants Pass).

  5. AJ says:

    jewamongyou- whats oregan like, from a white, and jewish, perspective. i heard thers alot of neo nazi skinheads, especially in portland. do you ever see any? also, its interesting Portland, one of America’s whitest cities is actually getting whiter, according to the latest demographics report. isnt the pacific northwest supposed to be White ethno-state? hows that seccession movement coming along?

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