Felony voting bans

Anna Hirsch is disturbed by the fact that felons are not allowed to vote in many states.  The reason she objects to this ban is that she considers the racial disparity in felony convictions to be the result of white racism.  Apparently, she is oblivious to the facts on the ground: that blacks and Hispanics really do commit more crime than whites and North Asians.

On a certain level, I also disapprove of felony voting bans.   There are far too many laws in America and it is far too easy to become a “felon”.  If the powers that be do not like you, one goon tells another, “find something to charge him with”.  As long as you’re breathing, they will find something.  But this injustice does not matter to those on the left; it only matters if the victims are “people of color”.

Should anybody be voting?  There is a strong case to be made that most acts of voting constitute aggression.  This happens to be my opinion as well.  Nobody has the right to appoint another person to rule over me or to use violence against me.  It does not matter what race, gender or age the voter is.  He still has no such rights.  Therefore I see no reason to protest a law that prevents certain people from voting if nobody should be voting.  I would make the same case against woman suffrage.

What Hirsch is in fact saying, though not in all cases, is that non-whites who have committed crimes against other people should be allowed to commit yet more crimes against more people.  Leftists, like Hirsch, have a tendency to promote policies that encourage violence.

During the reign of President Bush, many leftists protested against his wars.  I wonder if Hirsch was among them.  Many have asked why those protesters are staying home now that Obama is waging the same wars and committing the same abuses.  The answer, of course, is that the Left does not oppose violence.  It only opposes violence that it does not approve of.  Obama is a “person of color”.  Therefore, they approve of his violence – at least enough to refrain from massive protesting.  They approve of the violence committed by black/Hispanic felons – at least enough to encourage those same felons to rule over us via their votes and to excuse their crimes (insofar as real crimes were committed) as artifacts of white racism.

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  1. AJ says:

    something like this was on Amren, which is a racist website btw, i dont know if u read it but you probably do. this is pretty political though. felons would vote Democrat, duh. speaking of Amren theyre closedtoday in honor of Columbus Day. what is your opinion of him? is he a white hero in your eyes?

    • jewamongyou says:

      How do you define “racist” that you call Amren a racist website?
      As for Columbus,I really haven’t read up on him enough to have a valid opinion of him. He was an explorer and that’s one of the great traits of white people not shared by many others (Arabs being a notable exception).

  2. countenance says:

    Well of course Anna Hirsch, writing in something called Change.org (I’m guessing Obama-countenanced), wants no disenfranchisement of convicted felons. Those are largely black and Hispanic and would be Democrat votes. Or rather, most of the black and Hispanic men who are convicted felons won’t vote, but their names would be on the voter rolls for some corrupt black poll workers to “vote” in their stead after hours or “absentee.”
    What Miss Hirsch doesn’t realize is that most states allow felons to register to vote once they’re through with their probation. Problem is, so many blacks (and quite a few Hispanics) can’t behave long enough to get off probation (“doing life on the installment plan.”) Only two states (FL, KY) have lifetime blanket felon disenfranchisement. Funny, though, the libs only bitch about FL, and not KY. Why? FL’s a swing state in Presidential politics, KY not so much.

  3. AJ says:

    amren is racist because it thinks white people are superior. also the commentators on amren claim to be “pro-white” yet are very….strange to say the least. they constantly refer to white males as punks and losers. i think they are losers who try to project their own feelings of sexual inadequency onto other whites. theyre paranoid about nigger bucks and white girls, which is weird considering wm/af relationships are much more prevalent. they are angry white losers who hate white males, it seems like, more than other races. the whole site gives off a creepy vibe

  4. AJ says:

    fred- what good does Amren do? do they have any political influence? no . do they help low income white kids go to college? no. do they unite whites? no. have they made any impact in Third World immigration? no have they helped stop Eurabia? no do most whites agree with them? no. how are they white advocates if the vast majority of the European diaspora dont even like them? most whites are anti-racist and have no racial conscience. also, Amren does say things like white people “deserve it” and how pathetic whites are, and they worship Asians. WTF. how is that even pro-white? they havent done ANYTHING to improve the well being of whites. prove me wrong, fred. everything i just said is true.

  5. countenance says:

    First off, I can’t figure you out. You bitch about white racism, then bitch about AR not being white racist enough.
    As for your other contention, AR is not an entity designed around political activism.

  6. AJ says:

    countenance-yes my viewpoints are unique. Jared Taylor (who, despite his beliefs was born in Japan WTF) clearly stated that one of his main goals is to awaken White people to their demographic disaster in a short Youtube video with Political Cesspool host James Edwards. however, he has failed to do this. also, i think me and you have different views on racism. none of my complaints about Amren were about them not being “racist” enough. i never said that. all those things i mentioned im my above post are actually anti-racist if you think about it.

  7. countenance says:

    “Awaken people” isn’t the same as political activism per se.
    And how do you know that he hasn’t succeeded? Do you honestly think that most white people will give you their honest views about race?

  8. AJ says:

    many white people give their honest opinion on race when they protest against the BNP and Amren. here on the anonymous internet, pro-white sites are fringe and unpopular. i speak to white people often. why wouldnt they give me their honest opinion on race? sorry for my poor English btw

  9. fred says:

    AJ asks, “What good does Amren do?”
    I like reading Amren. What good do you do?
    “many white people give their honest opinion on race when they protest against the BNP and Amren.”
    I don’t think there are many mainstream whites protesting anything because protesting is not something mainstream whites do. The ones protesting BNP and Amren are radicals.
    i speak to white people often. why wouldnt they give me their honest opinion on race? sorry for my poor English btw
    I speak to white people often, too. And plenty of them agree with me. But even if I were the only person who held an opinion I wouldn’t change it just because others disagreed. I base my opinions on logic and reason — not a show of hands.
    Why is your English poor?

  10. Californian says:

    American Renaissance provides one of the most important functions in any revolution: a political forum for ideas which would not otherwise be heard in the mainstream media. It does so in a manner that is rational and scientific.
    American Renaissance also provides guidance to those who want to reach out to the general mainstream — this is critical because in the past, too much of what is now called race realism was constrained by a generally anti-intellectual and quite frankly bigoted approach.
    For example, AmRen’s publication of scientific data on such things as genetic differences among the races, rates of violent crime, and so forth, provide a solid basis for any kind of revival of sanity on racial policy. AmRen also shows that one can have a realistic view on race without falling into the stereotypes presented in the media (Nazis, etc.).
    You might also look at the explosion of similar websites which take a rational approach to race realism–such as this one.

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