JAY gets banned from change.org

I was wondering what took them so long, at change.org, to ban me.  After all, even though I was careful to refrain from abusive language and personal attacks, I told the truth about race – and this is a huge sin in the eyes of the left.
This is the reason I was given for being banned:

Change.org is not a space to be promoting debunked “science” nor a space to be denigrating other ethnic groups. There are plenty of spaces on the internet for you, Change.org is not one of them. All the best. Justin – Community Manager

…and this is the post that was, apparently, the last straw:

Every one of your statements only illustrates the fact that the power structure is anti-white.
You ask why you can’t find John Baker’s book “anywhere” (I assume you mean at your campus bookstore etc.).  The reason is that his views are contrary to the official stance on race.  It’s the same reason you wouldn’t find Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses” in Iranian bookstores.
You point out that American Renaissance is considered a “racist” organization by the powers that be.  But of course.  Rather than debating the issues themselves, it’s much easier to simply call your opponent a “racist”.
You ask me for evidence of racial differences in violence – but demand that I exclude any “racist” authors.  Do you not see how your argument is circular?  This would be like me demanding from you that you cite evidence of the superiority of the Democratic Party but exclude any Democrats as sources.  You are being lazy Gabrielle – because you are taking the easy way out and using name-calling instead of examining the evidence itself.
No, there is no single “violence gene” that is found in minorities.  Especially when we consider that “minority” is not a race.  But there are genes for agression – and those genes are more frequently found among certain races/ethnic groups.  The science behind this is not being pursued in America because it is practically forbidden to do so here.  There is some progress being made in China however.
You sound very young and you give the impression that you are trapped inside the dogma with which you have been raised.  This is a difference between you and I.  I am willing to read your books and articles – but you are not willing to read mine.  I see no such thing as “heresy” and so I am open to new ideas.  To me, there is no such thing as an “evil” theory.  A theory can only be right or wrong but not “evil”.  It cannot be heretical.  You find the theory of racial differences to be offensive.  This is why you react so strongly against it.  I do not consider your theories to be offensive; I only consider them wrong – after having carefully considered them, and having been raised with them as you have.

I think this is the first time I’ve been banned from a leftist website – and I was beginning to doubt my own bona fides as a racial activist.

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  1. Bay Area Guy says:

    In spite of leftist protests to the contrary, they’re no interested in the truth. They just wish to substitute left wing lies for traditional right wing ones.
    They have their own brand of “history” and “science.”
    People who speak the truth are generally not rewarded, JAY. Don’t take it personally. Never take this kind of stuff personally.

  2. I get threatened with being banned all the time. And usually for similar reasons – questioning received wisdom. Getting banned fo such reasons is complimentary really. It’s part of the process of participating in the blogosphere.
    Unfortunately, skeptical empiricism, as you practice it, is a rare philosophical bent. And the blogosphere is where people to go reinforce their familial and cultural biases – not where they go to question their biases, in the pursuit of truth.
    So, “Congratulations”. 🙂

  3. Magnum says:

    The funny thing is that you could probably play the anti-Semitic card on that website and sue them or something.
    Of course, that would mean stooping to liberal level, but it would be funny to use their weapons against them.

  4. Beltway Boy says:

    It saddens me to witness the amount of hostility against an opposing view. The detriment of humanity and a nation are in play when minority views are censored. How can anyone measure the validity of their arguments while choosing to ignore challenging views? Obviously it’s impossible. But what will it take to have the masses accept this fact? What will it take for people to finally understand that we don’t have equal potentials?
    As a Hispanic, it has been much easier for me to be heard on subjects such as Race Realism and the heredity of behavior and intelligence. Nevertheless, being Hispanic still hasn’t saved me from a share of hostile and frightening situations with liberals.
    To all, please continue in the endeavor to place the relations of genetics, race, behavior, and intelligence in the American psyche. This the only way we can solve our country’s chronic social ills.

  5. fred says:

    Since you’re looking for a new leftist blog why don’t you join me on restructure,wordpress,org. The owner is a very anti white, anti male chinese woman from toronto. And she tries a leftist version of race realism but fails miserably. The good news is that its easy to run circles around them because they’re so dumb. The bad news is they’re so dumb they don’t realize when you’ve run circles around them. She has played games with my comments like making the text invisible or setting the font to “1” but I’ll give her credit for not banning me.

  6. Californian says:

    One of the things that got me into looking at race realist arguments was related to what you describe: When the multicult wants to forbid access to knowledge, I am all the more interested in seeing that forbidden fruit. The thing is, the multicult has no argument against race realism other than censorship, which ought to be a tip off right there.
    (Of course, one can imagine any number of arguments that might be made against race realism on a scientific basis, but the multicult is incapable of fielding them. The reason is that this is about ideology and not science. But it is one more reason for me to reject the multicult, since what they want is blind conformity while race realists, like it or not, do challenge the current orthodoxy.)
    Anyway, you spoke truth to power, so consider it as getting in the last word.

  7. Kiwiguy says:

    Far from being debunked, biosocial criminology is a growing field. See chapter 7 of this book edited by Walsh & Beaver.
    biosocial criminology

  8. Annoyed says:

    I have given up attempting to post on mainstream forums because like you have been, I get banned(plus I am busy right now).
    Anyway keep up the good fight.
    Also make no mistake that science is not used to make decisions in politics and social policy, science is used to support the decisions made.
    Should a study not support a policy, then that study will simply be excluded.

  9. Janelle says:

    For the blog Fred mentioned, it may be – http://restructure.wordpress.com/

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