Black life expectancy in prison

According to assistant professor of sociology Evelyn J. Patterson, black men tend to live longer while in prison than when they are free.

Using data from the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics and Census Bureau, I estimate death rates of working-age prisoners and nonprisoners by sex and race. Incarceration was more detrimental to females in comparison to their male counterparts in the period covered by this study. White male prisoners had higher death rates than white males who were not in prison. Black male prisoners, however, consistently exhibited lower death rates than black male nonprisoners did. Additionally, the findings indicate that while the relative difference in mortality levels of white and black males was quite high outside of prison, it essentially disappeared in prison.

Patterson attributes this discrepancy to a lack of health care, for blacks, outside of prison.  While the MSM predictably attributes health care disparities to racism and its various manifestations.  The New York Times claims that this situation is being addressed…

… efforts by the federal government to address racial disparities, such as the NIH Office of Research on Minority Health and HHS programs, which are “spearheading” efforts to study sickle cell disease, a condition primarily affecting blacks. Furthermore, the Minority Health Initiative, a federal program, will develop a $20 million center to focus on on “correcting health disparities among minorities.”

Naturally, pro-black organizations claim that such efforts and expenditures are not enough.  According to the Minority Health Institute, “There’s still a lot of bias, and the people who need it the most don’t get into the system. We’re still weighted down by the impact of slavery“.
Since we’re discussing the Minority Health Institute, let us take a look at one of the documents from their website:
It turns out that the leading cause of death, among black men between the ages of 18 and 34, is homicide.
In light of the above, is it not reasonable to surmise that higher levels of violence, among young black men, contributes to their lower life expectancy outside of prison?  I would also ask Evelyn Patterson how this fits in with her statement that disparities in health care access are mainly to blame.  One would think that she would have mentioned homicide as a factor.  Instead, she is quoted as follows:

“The death rates of the other groups analyzed suggest that prison is an unhealthy environment. Yet prison appears to be a healthier place than the typical environment of the non-incarcerated black male population,” Patterson said. “I believe these findings indicate that a lack of basic health care may be implicated in the death rates of black males not incarcerated.”

Perhaps  Patterson considers being shot by another black a “lack of health care”.  Why not?  After all, the Minority Health Institute considers it an “impact of slavery”.
An uncomfortable fact, that Patterson does not mention, is that most animals survive longer in captivity than in the wild.  For animals, the wild is a dangerous place.  For most blacks, who live amongst other blacks, the wild is also a dangerous place.  Some animals seem to have shorter life expectancies while in captivity.  Elephants may be one example (at least in Europe).  Orcas may be another.  Not surprisingly, animals that have few natural enemies in the wild tend to gain the least from captivity.  As for predators like the big cats, their natural enemies are others of their own kind, at least among males.

Lions live for ten to fourteen years in the wild, while in captivity they can live longer than twenty years. In the wild, males seldom live longer than ten years, as injuries sustained from continual fighting with rival males greatly reduce their longevity.

Like elephants and orcas, whites and Asians* have few natural enemies in the wild.  In prison, they are forced to be in the company of blacks and Hispanics.  Naturally, this is not good for their life expectancy.  While prison is a controlled environment, this is so only to a certain extent.  It is not controlled enough to entirely protect whites and Asians, but it is controlled enough to mitigate the danger blacks pose to each other.  Black males are more like lions in this regard; they have little to fear from other races but much to fear from their own.
* Patterson’s study did not, as far as I know, include Asians.  Still, I think it is safe to assume that the usual pattern of Asian-white-Hispanic-black would apply here.

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16 Responses to Black life expectancy in prison

  1. Bay Area Guy says:

    Of course, everything can always be traced back to the “legacy of slavery,” including the negative reaction to LeBron’s decision.
    Damn, can’t a brotha get a break? 🙂

  2. AJ says:

    blacks in prison are punks. Theyre only tough in groups. Ive spent over 4 years of life incarcerated in juvenile, and since I turned 17, adult correctional institutions. Any black boy who even looked at me the wrong way in lockup quickly got put in his place. Whites are a minority in prison, so its sink or swim. The Aryan Brotherhood, for example, is less than 1% of the prison population, but commits I believe about a quarter of all prison murders. When I was locked up in Chicago I was put on a unit of about 50 inmates, 49 of them black LOL. I had no problems, either. Overall I think I got into about 12 fights while in jail and DOC, 10 of them with blacks, I only lost one, and even then I held my own. Once I went in on this Gangster Disciple from the South side, he thought he was tough I guess, just because he was black and from the ghetto. Whipped that little punk silly. Threw him around like a ragdoll, he couldnt fight at all. Later the black guards (most of them are crooked) handcuffed me, and let him beat me, those racists. When you get messed up by the gaurds, you cant break down. Different prisons are different with regards to violence. Some are pretty safe, actually.Here in the Midwest, its less racial than Cali or the South, from what I hear. There young white guys who join majority Laino gangs in Chicago, and latinos who join majority black gangs, its all mixed up. Its all about the gangs, they run prison culture. You literally wont believe the confessions that I heard from my former cellmates. So many people get way with the sickest stuff. Ive been celled with rapists, killers, whatever. Theyre usually cool people once you get to know them. Usually theyre pretty dumb. Jail is a pretty anti-intellectual environment. Theres been a few cellies I didnt like, so I took care of them, no biggie. I remember sometimes at night you can hear rape in the other cells. So do the guards ,they dont care. Sometimes there are no racial tensions, sometimes there are full blown race riots. The younger inmates are usually more violent. I still have my TV I bought in there, its clear plastic LOL. I still have the memories, the smell of blood, sweat, fecies urine, and disinfectant, I still have scars on my knuckles. I remeber how hungry we were in there. The inmates, see,managed the kitchen, they would ejculate in chickens, spit in food, you name it. There were roaches in the food. Commissary items were preferable to kitchen food. Solitary confinement is rough, I once did roughly 7 months straight in complete Isolation. It was mental torture, and ot felt like 10 years. Ive seen tough guys come in and turn to little bitches. The most dangerous organizations are probably Aryan type gangs, and the Mexican Mafia. black gangs too, but theyre much less organized. As far as random violence, thers some of that, but its the organized crime sybdicates who kill who they want to kill. I would rather die than do life in the pen. I did total about 2-3 years as a juvenile, and 1-2 years in adult. I first enteres adult at 17, I was young and naive and stupid. When they found my shank thats when I went to solitary. Some blacks were OK, i had some OK cellies. Overall, I would say that from what I seen, Im glad I never went to the maximun-security joints. Im glad to be out. The prison system in Illinois is a waste of life, your nobody, just a number. JAY, never go to jail, because they hate jews in there, no lie. Well thats all i have to say for now, I guess.

  3. countenance says:

    AJ stole some of my thunder. (Good comment, AJ, BTW. Why can’t you be this way here all the time?)
    One of the reasons prison helps blacks live longer and causes whites to live shorter life spans is because most of the prisons in this country are heavily black, who protect each other, thereby extending their life spans, and simultaneously beat up on whites.

  4. Bay Area Guy says:

    Yeah, you can’t fight a black without also having to fight 5-10 of his homies.

  5. Patrick says:

    In prison in America you get three square meals a day, blacks on the outside often miss meals. In prison you can get drugs but it is a bit harder too get them than on the outside.
    I doubt increased lifespan of blacks in prison has anything to do with access to healthcare because healthcare actually is harmful to people. The hispanic paradox is a sociological phenomena where hispanics outlive even white people and yet hispanics have less access to healthcare. This is precisely why they live longer though. When Israeli doctors went on strike there were less instances of death in Israel.
    Above links to hispanic paradox
    isreali strike information

  6. AJ says:

    That article about the Hispanic Paradox (sounds like a good novel) strangely doesnt mention anything about Asians. Dont Japanese live the longest on Earth? I would think that East Asians have an even longer life expectancy than “Hispanics”.

  7. Landsknecht says:

    There was a very good artice on AMREN-“White Man In A Texas Prison”- that was re-posted in 2008. The original dates back to 1995, but is most likely an indicator of how little things have changed.

  8. AJ says:

    theres millions of ethnic asians in the US, especially concentrated in NY and many parts of California. You’ve never seen an asian in the US before!?

    • Patrick says:

      I don’t know what asian life expectancy is compared to hispanic life expectancy, this article just compares whites and hispanics and expresses surprise at the situation because hispanics live longer yet are poorer. I don’t know why they didn’t mention American east asians in that article.
      Your post previous to this one you made you did not use the term asian-americans, and you did not mention that you were talking about asians residing in america.

  9. Kiwiguy says:

    ***The hispanic paradox is a sociological phenomena where hispanics outlive even white people and yet hispanics have less access to healthcare. This is precisely why they live longer though.***
    Here is another hypothesis, with some interesting psychometric data.
    “This may help to explain some previously puzzling associations of cognitive ability and
    SEP with ethnicity, vagal tone, systemic inflammation, and health. The mortality of
    Hispanics is lower than expected in view of their low SEP, this is known as the
    Hispanic Health Paradox14. It appears that Hispanics, due to Native American ancestry,
    have a low frequency (0.33) of the low vagal tone-associated A-allele of rs8191992; this
    may account for the low Hispanic mortality rates. The CHRM2 vagal vigour hypothesis
    offers an explanation for why the rs8191992 A-allele frequencies in Blacks (0.86),
    Whites (0.56), and East Asians (0.12) correspond with the respective ethnic differences
    in systemic inflammation28, 29 and mortality2(Fig. 2d,e,f,g).
    Lastly, by postulating a common shared link to the presence of the rs8191992 A-allele, the CHRM2 vagal vigour model provides an explanation for why low IQ, low SEP, low vagal tone,
    depression, substance abuse, externalizing psychopathology, systemic inflammation,
    type 2 diabetes/metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease often cluster together.”
    Cognitive epidemiology of ethnic health and the
    CHRM2 vagal vigour hypothesis

  10. Bantu Education says:

    Re their latest article on this topic, to which you posted this link, I posted this on Amren today but I suspect they may not publish it – IMO they are much too sensitive to being labelled as “haters”. Their reluctance to post some of the things I have sent them doesnt seem to have helped them to become “respectable” does it? Here´s what I wrote….
    Swift public execution would be much better and cheaper than long prison
    sentences for all the obvious reasons. However, I dont believe in capital
    punishment either because for the worst criminals a quick relatively painless
    death is a far too lenient punishment and dead criminals cannot repay the
    damage they have done. The only way to make brutal criminals useful to society is to use them as “guinea-pigs” for the testing of new cancer drugs, etc., thus bringing new drugs and treatments to the public years quicker than the present long-winded and immoral system of testing on innocent animals.
    Sadly and incomprehensibly (maybe misplaced religious hang-ups?) even Amren readers might at first baulk at such a suggestion. OK, here´s the compromise. Lets give the beasts themselves a choice.
    Option 1) A tough 19th century prison regime with 12 hours a day of hard-labour and harsh corporal punishment for trouble-makers and intransigence. Definitely no TV, no gym, nothing better than bread and thin soup to eat – zero luxuries, no privileges, no molly-coddling. At any point of incarceration the felon could change his mind and opt for options 2 or 3 below.
    Option 2) Castration and a good public whipping with a cat-o-nine tails.
    Option 3) A soft prison environment in return for agreeing to be subjected to
    drug testing. The degree of riskiness would of course be graded according to the severity of the prisoners crimes.
    Which option would you choose..?

  11. Amren did publish the above but, on at least 3 separate occasions, I have posted words to the effect “blacks live longer in captivity as do most other wild animals” – the overly-sensitive moderator refuses to publish this fact – anyone know why?

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