Oregon "African American Home Fair"

On October 24th, 2010, the Oregonian ran a large front page article in its “Home and Rentals” section.  It was titled “Opening the door to ownership” and it draws a rosy picture of anti-white discrimination – which is typical of the Oregonian, and just about every other newspaper in the country.    What really aroused my ire was this:

In 2008, AAAH (African American Alliance for Homeownership) received a national grant through the state of Oregon to also provide foreclosure counseling.

Tax dollars for specifically non-white organizations is nothing new – but it still makes me angry every time I encounter it.  Remember this when you file your taxes.
I wrote a comment on the Oregonian’s website (linked to above):

Needy people come in all colors and races.  For a private organization to target a specific race is perfectly alright – but for our tax dollars to support an organization that implicitly excludes non-blacks is outrageous.  It is discrimination pure and simple.  If there were a similar organization targeting whites, there is no doubt that not a single penny from taxes would go to support it.

It remains to be seen if the Oregonian will purge this comment (so far the only one) or let it stand.  The article gives contact information for the above organization.  I plan on calling them Monday to hear from them if they provide services to non-blacks as well.  My guess is that I’ll get their answering machine and no call back.  If they do call back, then their answer will be “yes”.  If I took them up on it, I would find that their services would not be of the same quality – with no way to prove it.

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