Nigerian meat market

He who was born with and through blood, will pass through all forms of suffering. Especially if he began life in a place that has yet to learn the meaning of civilization.   We are born into suffering, because in this country, nothing is as it should be.   So everyone here does his job patiently…”
I wonder how much of this halal meat finds its way to the tables of Britain, to be eaten by unsuspecting Britons.
Click here if you dare (it’s the first video in the series).
Note:  I strongly recommend watching the whole series.   The last two are amazing and the last one brought tears to my eyes; watch it to the end.

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6 Responses to Nigerian meat market

  1. Portland Realist says:

    Jesus Christ! That was disgusting.
    What I found interesting was how they were so proud of themselves. They have the shittiest job in the world in one of the shittiest places in the world, but they still sing their own praises. Maybe that is genetic?

    • Patrick says:

      Are you saying that them singing their own praises despite having an awful job is genetic?

      • portland1realist says:

        What I meant was it reminded me of the way blacks in the states rap about all the money they got and how “big they rims be.” Even though they live in the ghetto and are broke. They seem to get all full of themselves over nothing. Your genetics influences your behavior.

  2. Boddler says:

    I think singing ability may be heritable. Of course anecdotes prove nothing, but the mother and daughter Judds are great.

  3. ski says:

    I watched the Ukrainian coal mining video and it was indeed quite fascinating and touching, in some ways inspiring. The amazing thing is how happy they seem to be despite their harsh living conditions. I don’t want to be too corny, but that one guy’s wife seemed so warm, happy, and dignified compared to many modern US and Euro women. She seemed to have that youthful sparkle in her eyes that US White women almost always lose by the time they reach their early or mid 20’s.
    It’s not that I want to imply poverty automatically brings a nobility of spirit, but to much ease and affluence certainly can lead to a poverty of the spirit if one doesn’t guard against it.

    • jewamongyou says:

      That one is also my favorite – though I was horrified to see the minor light up a cigarette inside that cramped mine (!!). The ending was truly a tear-jerker. I agree with you about the wife but it’s hard to tell how she behaves and looks normally when not in front of a camera.

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