Racially biased advertising

There is a new advertising campaign promoting birth control in Portland.   The campaign aims to dispel myths about birth control. What stood out to me was the fact they just had to have a black man/white woman couple in the picture.  I then came across the ad with a white man/white woman combo, and lo and behold the white man is a fat dork.  The white guy looks like a total loser while the black guy, although not exactly handsome, looks at least like a guy who could actually “get laid.”
Apparently advertising has a general rule:  Show black men with white women as often as possible, portraying them as young and virile.  When showing white men, make sure they appear weak, effeminate, or unattractive. The purpose of this is obvious: to encourage miscegenation.
Here are the ads.  I suppose if they were really interested in educating the public they could include a quote in one of those bubbles like: “Half of all AIDS victims in America are black, so better not even lay down with this guy.”

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9 Responses to Racially biased advertising

  1. fred says:

    Both photos show white women even though 72% of black children are born out of wedlock.

  2. Bay Area Guy says:

    Yeah, ever notice how white guys are always made out to be doofuses or squares in commercials, and how black guys are always the professional voice of reason?

  3. Beltway Boy says:

    What’s the purpose in encouraging miscegnation? Is there some sort of hidden agenda?

  4. Kiwiguy says:

    In NZ a few years ago a politician gave a speech which criticised special legal treatment for ethnic groups & called for need (rather than ethnic) based policies.
    Apparently after the speech an advertising company changed the front person for their campaign from a member of a minority group, to a cat. This apparently didn’t go down well with that group, but the cat featured in the ads.

  5. vilfredo says:

    Actually I do believe that the ad agencies are all connected to a common idea. This isn’t a fad or a diversion- this is the main objective. The ad companies want to tear apart the family by any means. That’s it- society must be divided and isolated in nations which might resist World Government. That’s just my opinion.

  6. Erranter says:

    Do SWPL Portlanders really need to be reminded of birth control?

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