The exalted intelligent Negro

This is going to be one of the more difficult posts I have attempted, for the observation I shall try to convey is neither scientific nor by any means universal.  It is not my intention to offend -but putting this into words is almost like trying to grasp fog in ones hands.
All the above being said, the average I.Q. is lower for blacks than it is for most other races.  At the moment, it does not concern us why this is so, whether the causes are nature or nurture or a combination of the two.  But the fact remains that there are still some unusually intelligent black men.  For whatever reasons, the phenomenon I am about to describe does not seem to apply as much to black women but mainly to black men.
It would be fair to assume that most unusually bright children recognize, fairly early, that their minds are superior to the minds of their peers.  As children, it is only natural that they would take on a certain haughtiness as a result; children are not known for their modesty.  This would apply even more so to an unusually bright black child, especially when he is growing up among other blacks.
I have noticed that many of these bright black children do not lose their haughtiness as they mature.  As the bright black boy grows older, and as his distinctiveness becomes ever more obvious, this young man seems to take on a god-like demeanor.  The whites in his life, being unaccustomed to such an intelligent black, shower him with affection and approbation.  They find, in his person, salvation from their (supposed) ingrained racial bigotry.  Inwardly they view him as a tool, to be pulled out of their leftist tool kit when necessary, that allows them to say, “I’ve known some very intelligent blacks.”  Thus, the intelligent young black develops a symbiotic relationship with his white flock.  He fills a valuable niche in their leftist psyche while they feed his ego, provide for his livelihood, happiness, sexual desires and social advancement.
We do not find a similar phenomenon with highly intelligent Asians; Asians are expected to be smart.  Leftist whites have no emotional need to proclaim, “I’ve known some very intelligent Asians”; the “smart Asian” is not a tool they will ever need in their leftist tool-kit.  The same applies to Jews and, of course, to whites in general.
What are the ramifications, to a developing young man, when he is regularly put on a pedestal?  The results will, of course, vary.  But there is no denying that many of these bright black men will end up full of themselves.  Such an individual will be ever conscious of his intellectual prowess and he will project it in subtly ostentatious ways.  Frequently, he will over-estimate the power of his own intellect and he will believe that he has truly earned the prestigious position he holds – even though affirmative action (both official and informal) has ensured his every advance*.  He often acquires a certain manner of speaking and certain facial expressions that are worthy of his majestic station in life.  After all, he is the exalted intelligent negro.
* In a perfect world, such an individual would probably succeed on his own.  In today’s America, whites are so ridden with guilt (and so desperate to show they are not racist) that he will probably never even have the opportunity to succeed on his own before he is swept up to fill such a role.  He is a valuable commodity that government and corporations are willing to bid and fight over.

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  1. Beltway Boy says:

    I’ve put some thought on the ramifications of this sort of treatment. Affirmative action, in the long-run, will inevitably play to the benefit of whites and Asians, and to the detriment of Blacks and Hispanics. Affirmative Action, and the like, have indirectly implemented selective pressures on whites and Asians by creating a much more difficult environment for them — an environment where greater cognitive power is highly valued. As a result, we could potentially be witnessing the commence of a widening IQ gap between races within the next two to four generations.

    • eddie says:

      I agree that affirmative action creates a very difficult environment for whites but it has nothing to do with selective pressures. Selective or evolutionary pressure is when individuals possess traits and characteristics that diminish their ability to procreate or cause them to be eliminated from the environment altogether. But the less intelligent whites are not being killed off or starved to death or not allowed to have families and kids, so they would continue to remain (and pollute – just kidding) in the genetic pool. I don’t think anybody even knows what exactly causes IQ to go up or down in a given population. It’s not like kids of geniuses are born even greater geniuses, although they typically possess above average intelligence. Mozart, for instance, had 6 kids but has anyone ever heard of them (his son Leopold wrote many symphonies but he is totally obscure today). Gauss had 5 kids with not a single one having any mathematical ability. On the other hand, parents of the prince of mathematics were not known for their mathematical prowess. The point is that science does not have a magic formula to breed a genius and we should avoid making assumptions as to what would increase our IQs.

      • Beltway Boy says:

        The selective pressures do exist, albeit not immediately obvious. The whites and Asians smart enough to pass the filter gain prestige in the eyes of many, and by virtue of their higher salaries can afford greater environments for a greater total amount of children. They pass on these enviable advantages to their progeny. The less fortunate lot of whites and Asians will probably never see this form of success. They may propagate their genes, but never to the extent and magnitude of their brainier counterparts with the provisions kindly bestowed on their children. This creates a greater proportion of elite children among whites and Asians for every succeeding generation.
        We know that IQ is heritable (about .8 to be more precise). The average IQ for whites is 100, and 106 for Asians. By limiting the reproduction of these groups to the members in the 95th quartile, we create a new mean. The mean for these groups would be within about the 115-125 IQ range. So when we refer to whites and Asians, we will say that the mean IQ for these groups is 115 or 120, and no longer 100, and 106, respectively. This is simply done by controlling who gets to reproduce and who doesn’t. Results are seen in subsequent generations.

  2. da says:

    This is something I’ve thought about too. The system we have in place guarantees that the small minority of blacks with high IQ’s will be pushed into a position that they are under qualified for. That means that even the rare black with 140 IQ will still find himself surrounded by whites and Asians who have IQ’s 160 and above. So instead of using their high IQ to accomplish something the way whites and Asians would, they become a black mascot for some University Department. Their only job is to be black and nothing else is expected.
    Like Obama, they seem to have never pass a certain stage of adolescent development that comes only through failure and hardship.

  3. countenance says:

    It’s not just genuinely smart blacks who become arrogant due to white mollycoddling. There is a propensity among liberal and neo-liberal whites to overestimate the intellectual prowess of blacks across the spectrum of intelligence.

  4. So the implicit and true assumption here is the reality and statistical measurablity of g. A probably true one is the correlation of the actual measures with the theoretical parameter. The patently false assumption is that g is necessarily well correlated with success in society, life in general or particular institutions, or an individuals choices about culturation. What has been failed to be appreciated here, probably by whites, is that the typical high IQ black male will generally be a completely wasted resource and relatively few will adopt the course talked about here.

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