Conservative affirmative action

I used to listen to the Ken Hamblin radio show.  He called himself “The Black Avenger” and he was a big hit.  He would say the things, on behalf of whites, that whites wished they could say for themselves – but would not, for fear of getting in trouble.  He could say these things because he was black.

I was fond of Ken and I even saw him face to face a couple of times, though I never liked the fact that his wife was white.  Was he not comfortable with his own heritage or perhaps he was simply a user of white people, with the wife being simply a trophy in his eyes?  I never asked; it would have been impolite.

At one of the get togethers he organized, he gave out certificates of absolution:

Another point I never brought up to him was that, had he been white, he probably would never have made it in talk radio, nor would his pro-white talk ever have been tolerated on the air waves.  In other words, he was a beneficiary of affirmative action.

Ken is not the only non-white to have benefited from conservative affirmative action.  Michelle Malkin probably falls into this category as do Brigitte Gabrielle and Larry Elder.  Non-white Republican politicians do not usually fall into this category since they are typically opportunists with no code of ethics.  They are not true conservatives.

Far be it from me to question Ken’s sincerity.  I never had any reason to question it.  Only he can know if his heart is true.  What matters for the rest of us is that he said things that needed to be said and he was probably instrumental in bringing many whites to their senses.

In the previous post, I spoke of a symbiotic relationship that exists between intelligent black men and their white admirers.  Here, we may have another such arrangement.  White conservatives, who live on the margins of racial consciousness, benefit from non-white conservatives like Ken because the latter give voice to the truths they sense but dare not say.  In return, those conservatives are given a livelihood and a reputation.

It is a sad commentary on our condition that only “people of color” are allowed to publicly advocate for whites.  It is clear evidence that whites are a persecuted class.  Are things starting to change for the better?  There are signs that this might be so – but white advocates have been saying “revolution is just around the corner” for decades, and we still wait.

For the time being, we are like trapped minors in a mineshaft.  We hang our hopes on any glimmer of light, even if it turns out to be merely phosphorescent microbes or sparks from one rock striking another.  We cling to anything that might give us hope, because this is what humans do when they have little else to comfort them.

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  1. Mongo Bonger says:

    Great blog JAY – I’ve been watching your progress for a while now.
    I see that you post your blog address in the Amren comments section : so they don’t mind you doing that?
    I thought maybe they would frown on self-promotion.
    Anyway, please check out and comment upon this brand new blog :
    Thanks, and pass it along.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Looks like a nice blog and good luck with it! I’ll add it to my favorites and maybe we can exchange links.
      I asked permission from the editor before starting linking to my blog on Amren.

  2. Mongo Bonger says:

    Hi Jay :
    Thanks, that is very encouraging. I’ve been wanting to get this blog started for a long time. I’m out of work right now so I spent a lot of time reading the Times and sending letters to its journalists. I know that paper like the back of my hand now. I’ve gotten about 50 hits since I put it up two days ago. You were the first to comment!
    One of the things that motivated me to do COTT was the demise of – a Accuracy In Media site that stopped publishing in November of last year. I found this disheartening, as a healthy critique of the newspaper of record is essential I think.
    One of the things that just kills me with that paper is how predictable it is: sometimes is feels like the articles are written by journalists who are being held at gunpoint by the Diversity Police. I mean it is just so forced sometimes.
    That piece about James Fisher by Dan Barry might have been the one that threw me over the edge. I mean the way the NYT writes so lovingly about a murderer, it just made me sick.
    Since I’m new to blogosphere – publishing in it anyway (though I do put in comments on Amren quite a bit, sometimes under “From Nola,” sometimes under “Arthuro de Gheaube”… you see I have an affinity to that blog because I share a lot of traits with its founder, Jared Taylor: we went to the same school in Paris (30 years apart), and I spent most of my adult life living as an expat in France)… I really appreciate your encouragement.
    Did you get anything like that when you first started?
    Oops, I just realized that you said you asked the moderator at Amren if you could link; I’d misread that. I haven’t – I hope I haven’t committed a faux-pas there. I will write them later.
    I found it curious that you were one of the only people on Amren who linked a personal blog in the comments sections – you were the first to do that. (How effective is that in generating traffic?).
    Anyway, great blog, congrats. Sorry about this long comment; please understand that I’m just getting started and need all the advice I can get.
    Also, I’m not expecting to make money with this, but since I see that you have a “Donate” button on your page, would you mind if I asked if your blog generates any revenue for you?
    Thanks again for your encouragement.
    – Arturo

    • jewamongyou says:

      If you have a worthy cause, and you’re articulate in defending it, people will visit your blog. My initial traffic was a bit higher than yours – probably due to the links at Amren. That and a couple of other blogs chose to link to me. Exchanging links with friendly blogs/sites is a good way to generate traffic.
      I wouldn’t worry too much about including your link in your Amren comments; if they don’t like it, they can always reject the comments or ask you to cease – though I don’t see why they would.
      As for making money through your blog,possible but unlikely. I have yet to receive a single penny through that “donation” button. But hey, you never know! I never had any intention of making money through blogging; after the fact, a friend suggested I add the button.
      I think most of us here share your disgust with the NYT. I feel the same way about pretty much all newspapers.

  3. Bay Area Guy says:

    I don’t think that most black so-called “conservatives” really believe half of what they’re saying.
    They do it for the money, because it pays to be an articulate black conservative.

    • jewamongyou says:

      That may very well be so.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Don’t get me wrong.
      There is at least some diversity of opinion within black America, and there probably are some blacks who do genuinely hold those views.
      But they are few and far between. And to the extent that they are conservative, it’s only on religiously related issues like abortion or gay marriage.
      Fundamentally speaking, blacks are not conservative. They like big government, spending on social programs, affirmative action type programs, etc.

  4. jewamongyou says:

    Having just received the most recent edition of American Renaissance Magazine, I noticed that the first article is:
    “What to Make of Black Conservatives?
    Can they be a gateway drug to race realism?”
    by Thomas Parker. His article seems to elaborate, and flesh out, some of the things I wrote in this post. I wonder if it served as inspiration for the article, or if it is purely coincidence…
    Mr. Parker, if you’re reading this, I would be flattered if the former was the case. Maybe we’ll meet at the upcoming conference.

  5. AJ says:

    black conservatives like Thomas Sowell blame black culture on rednecks and “crackers”. See, its still whitey’s fault!

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Yup, AJ, almost all black people can somehow excavate racism.
      The only thing that distinguishes black “conservatives” from most blacks is that they blame white LIBERALS.
      And of course, idiot mainstream white conservatives love it. “See, we have a black guy calling liberals the REAL racists. Brilliant!”

  6. portland1realist says:

    On the subject of black people saying what white people are afraid to. Enjoy this link (offensive language warning):

  7. AJ says:

    wheres the link? Its blank.

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