Know your place, white boy!

Those in power have not neglected any aspect of American life, when it comes to imposing their racial hierarchy upon us.  Within that hierarchy, blacks are on top – and they remind us of this caste system at every opportunity.  It is pervasive at schools, government agencies, the military, all large corporations and even organized religion.
Here is a frame from a training program used to familiarize employees with certain safety procedures in the manufacturing/industrial sector:

Those who read this blog already know who the “qualified” employee is – without even reading what each one’s knowledge level is.  When I first encountered this exercise, some time back, I knew the answer right away as well.  I knew that teaching us safety procedures was not the only goal of this presentation.  The secondary goal – reminding the white man of his subordinate role – always lurks beneath the surface.  Sometimes, this latter goal is clearly the primary one.

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  1. Bay Area Guy says:

    You know JAY, I’ve always wondered why it’s okay for adolescent black males to refer to middle aged white men as “white boy,” but “black boy,” even when referring to black males who are, well, boys, is out of the question.
    “Asian boy,” “Mexican boy,” are not permitted.
    In general, it’s only okay to use boy as a slur when referring to white men.
    Yes, for all you potential anti-racists out there, I’ve read Richard Wright’s “Black Boy,” I know how black men back in the day were all called boys, whites are the “dominant group,” etc.
    I don’t let anyone call me white boy without a racial retort of my own. Not anymore

    The secondary goal – reminding the white man of his subordinate role – always lurks beneath the surface. Sometimes, this latter goal is clearly the primary one.

    Yes, I know I’ve been accused of having a siege mentality, but as a white guy, you feel that you are constantly being attacked and pursued by various different groups. Of course, blacks and other non-whites feel that they’re constantly being attacked and undermined by the system as well.
    I guess that’s what life in a diverse society is like. Everyone is angry and has a score to settle.

  2. Kiwiguy says:

    I think a lot of this flows from ‘blank slate’ thinking. People believe that if perceptions change then the performance of underachieving groups will change too. So they try to change perceptions like the creators of that program were aiming to do.
    I have some sympathy for them trying to do that, but unfortunately people aren’t blank slates. Changing perceptions alone won’t change their performance. Unfortunately, they can’t acknowledge HBD, so they’ll have to blame institutional r8cism more and more.
    Also, they won’t like studies like this on job performance.

  3. Mark J says:

    PC propaganda is more insidious than ever.

  4. Ryan says:

    See the funny thing is I’m around Black people all the time, and if one of them makes a remark I find offensive they are going to hear about it.
    I chastized my father in law about his Obama picture, and my sister in law about her support for Obama. Just don’t take these things lying down, or you’ll be a pushover. If I had a Black man walk up to me on the street calling me a White boy — well then he’s got a fight on his hands, and one he’s going to really suffer from.
    But then the response to that would be they never would approach you one on one, and maybe that is true, regardless, just don’t act like a PC coward, be a man, and stand up for yourself against all liberal garbage.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      If there’s one thing I’ve learned about blacks, it’s that you cannot show ANY sign of weakness.
      You must demonstrate great assertiveness and toughness, so they know that you are to be taken seriously.
      You cannot try to be conciliatory towards most blacks. They interpret that as a sign of weakness, and will try to take advantage.

  5. thetroublemakertimes says:

    Ahh, just listen to yourselves, its all about race . Huh ? Is it now ? White boy vs black boy?
    Really ?
    Really ?
    The world laughs.
    We laugh at you .. simpletons who reduce everything to something simple.
    Does it help you ?
    Glad about that.
    Simple solutions for complex problems by simpletons.
    Ya gotta love democracy for giving you a platform.
    God knows you need it.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Not really. It’s not all about race. It’s also about wealth versus poverty, male versus female, government versus the individual and religion versus spirituality or atheism. But race is a topic that gets no honest discussion within the “mainstream” media. Here, we speak about it openly. But this does not mean that race is all that matters in life. I hope this clarifies our position for you.

  6. thetroublemakertimes says:

    Are you a jew ?

  7. thetroublemakertimes says:

    Ok then, so how do you respond to the contention bu other “race realists” that you are not white, and part of the “mud people” “problem” ?

  8. jewamongyou says:

    troublemaker, if you wish to participate in this blog, you cannot insult me or others with vulgar, hateful epithets. This blog is for polite discussion and debate. There are other forums for vile diatribes. Yes folks, I deleted a hateful, vile diatribe by troublemaker – and this reply is in response to it.

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