The establishment Left, and the masses whose opinions they control, would have us believe that there is no rhyme or reason when it comes to interracial relationships.  In their world, love is colorblind and observations to the contrary are not welcome.
I have already expounded on this fallacy elsewhere, as have others.  So the aim of this post is not to reiterate the obvious.  Instead, I want to point out that every common phenomenon has a name and every group of people, that engages in recognized trends, has a name.  White women who lust after black men have a name: “Coal-burners”.  Granted, there is probably a name for white men who lust after black women as well – but most people would have to look it up, considering how unusual it is.
The establishment Left, and the coal-burners themselves, would tell us that the term “coal-burner” is a slur, vulgar and outside of civilized parlance.  They might rather we use the term “white chicks who dig black dudes” or something else just as convoluted.
It seems to me that there should be nothing offensive about either “coal” or “burning”, except, perhaps, to an environmentalist worried about carbon footprints.  The reason they find the term offensive is simply because there is a term for it.  Even if we called them “flower-kissers” or “stocking-wearers” or any other random combination of words, the term would still be “offensive” – because it recognizes that there is a lack of randomness in racial pairings.  It brings attention to the fact that coal-burners are part of a larger agenda.  By extension, it also implies that these women are being manipulated – in other words, they are not masters of their own free will.
Some have suggested that coal-burners prefer black men because they are, supposedly, superior to other men in some ways.  Ironically, it is those same women who typically claim that race is only skin-deep.  They do not see the contradiction between their words and their actions; if race is only skin-deep, then why the preference for men of one skin color over another?  If race is more than skin-deep, then aversion is just as legitimate as preference – just as some prefer cats over dogs while others hold the opposite opinion.  We cannot have it both ways; if there is something to like, then there is also something to dislike.
As for those supposed traits that make black men desirable, it is a fact that coal-burners will ignore those same traits in a white man.  Their attraction to black men cannot be explained by them (with any credibility) in any rational manner.  But must people always have rational reasons for being attracted to others?  Of course not – but, in this case, they are being manipulated for nefarious reasons.  One could just about call it “rape”.

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  1. Bay Area Guy says:

    Yup, that’s typical leftist speak for you.
    “We’re all human beings and we should judge each other as individuals. But at the same time, race is incredibly important and we must use race to inform our decisions regarding different groups of people.”
    I know that their retort is that they’re distinguishing between recognizing everyone’s common humanity and also recognizing power imbalances between different groups.
    Still, on the one hand, we’re supposed to ignore race, and yet be eternally conscious of it.
    That is, we’re supposed to ignore race when it has negative implications (ie. when it reflects poorly on blacks or other non-whites).
    And yet we’re supposed to obsess on race when it has other implications (ie. it makes non-whites look good and whites look bad).
    Blacks are especially notorious for this. On the one hand, they insist that it’s wrong for you to stereotype them and that you ought to treat them as typical human beings. Okay, fair go.
    But at the same time, if you ARE colorblind and just treat them as other people, you’ll be accused of “ignoring their experience,” “making yourself comfortable in your racism by pretending to be colorblind,” “not showing respect for the history of black struggle,” etc.
    The general rule of thumb is this: You cannot use race to judge non-whites negatively, but you MUST factor in race in order to respect non-whites and flagellate your own people.

  2. seb prinsloo says:

    The answer is so stunningly simple, a white guy who prefers black woman is called a German. The reason some white woman may prefer black men is that the equivalent white male (young wellbuilt/groomed)is way beyond her reach in terms of status. She therefore opts for the lower staus man with the commensurate side effects – genetically programmed woman beaters,serial paternity avoidance issues,work shy,etc.She is willing to risk these defects to have a “presentable “man on show. naturally she will hide behind the “race as no issue when it comes to love” claptrap.

  3. fred says:

    Lisa Lampanelli is a comedian but she answers this question honestly. It’s no coincidence that she’s crass and vulgar. So watch this at your own risk.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      By the way, Fred, how’s Restructure been treatin’ you?

      • fred says:

        I’m beating them like a drum but I’d have a better chance against religious cult. They scream “racist troll” the way others would scream “witch”, “heretic” or “infidel”. They’re simply not motivated by logic or reason. To be honest, I think all of their AntiRacist TM rhetoric is camouflage for their own racism.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        To use Yoda speak: “Logic, reason, and common sense. An anti-racist needs not these things.”

    • Steve Hammond says:

      Lampanelli is the quintessential coal burning white trash

  4. AJ says:

    jewamongyou, if your so concerned about interracial sex, you should be trying to stop your white brothers from banging asian girls who have Vanilla Fever. WM/AF is the #1 IR relationship in the country. Who cares about low class trailer trash? With asian girls its the opposite, the white guy is usually middle to upper class and educated.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’ve given this issue much thought – believe it or not. Long ago I decided to wait and see if any Asians make an issue of it. While I do not condone WM/AF coupling, it is not as harmful as anything involving blacks; there is no high risk of STD’s, violence, or lowering of moral standards.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Yeah, I don’t really have a problem with white male/Asian female couples.
      Now if white guys were starting to date black girls in droves, then we’d have a problem!
      There’s just something about blacks that makes them particularly problematic.

      • fred says:

        I’ve dated a couple of asians in the past. I generally get along well with asians. But I think it was a mistake and would encourage others to stick with their own.

    • Karlsson says:

      Lived in east Asia for years. The sad cold truth about coal burners is that they are usually attractive while asian girls who date/marry white guys are generally below average looking. There are tone of ugly asian female and white male couples in the states, indeed.

  5. AJ says:

    “Now if white guys were starting to date black girls in droves , then we ’d have a problem!” (link removed by JAY)* I heart black girls!
    * Please refrain from linking to porn sites; it is not appropriate to this blog. Thanks! – JAY

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Sorry, AJ, but those women on that website were rather ugly, in my opinion.
      Don’t get me wrong. There are indeed attractive black women out there. Gabrielle Union immediately comes to mind.
      But your average black girl just isn’t that attractive. Of course, it also goes without saying that WM/BF marriages would present quite a bit of social problems.

    • FrankBD says:

      You know, it’s not hard for most under-25 women to be good-looking, and somehow they found a kennel.

  6. AJ says:

    Some of them are attractive. “Of course , it also goes without saying that WM / BF marriages would present quite a bit of social problems .” like what? WM/BF have the lowest IR divorce rates, and even lower than BM/BF!

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      First of all, source, please.
      Secondly, let’s be honest here. Blacks and whites don’t exactly like each other much or get along too well. Therefore, yeah, marriages between whites and blacks could result in quite a bit of friction.
      Besides, since half white/half black kids identify as black, why should any white man want to have kids who don’t end up identifying with them?

    • Steve Hammond says:

      Lower BM/BF divorce rates is very misleading. The OVERWHELMING number of BM/BF NEVER result in marriage. And neither are either party monogamous. This is but one of the shining examples of the utter breakdown of morals in the black “culture”.

  7. Wade in MO says:

    “Granted, there is probably a name for white men who lust after black women as well – but most people would have to look it up, considering how unusual it is”
    I’ve heard the term ‘oil driller’ used before.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      “Coal harvester” could be another one.

    • fred says:

      My mother told me a story about a white guy who married a black woman. The white guy was really trashy but the black woman was actually fairly decent. She was pregnant and the night she was in the hospital giving birth to his kid he got caught by the police trying to solicit a prostitute. When my mom told me that story the first thing out of my mouth was, “That’s what she gets for marrying white trash.” My mother got a strange look on her face and said, “That’s the same thing your father said.”
      There’s no need to make up cute names for it. Just call them what they are.

    • Ray Sissom says:

      “Mudbear” also comes to mind (Look up in Urban Dictionary)

  8. ski says:

    Asian admixture is a lot less conspicuous and harmful. The Finns are, I believe almost 10% Asian, yet they’re still obviously White, and not even close to the bottom of the barrel in quality. With 10% Black admixture you’ll see an IQ depression and noticeable (IMO negative) negroid physical features. The Asian admixture seen in Finns gives them a slightly “elvish,” appearance which is actually quite nice looking in my opinion.
    That being said, I don’t like the fact that there’s a high prevalence of WM/AF couples, but it’s obviously less destructive to the race than BM/WF.
    It may seem unfair to women for male WNs to harp on White female interracial breeding more than White male interracial breeding, but there are at least some reasons for it.

  9. vlad says:

    it takes about 4 generations to wash out black features,it just destroys white peoples bloodline,it’s sick,internet porn is to blame,run by jew Zionists.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I think there’s a grain of truth to what you say, but I also think it’s simplistic. Internet porn is probably just one factor out of several. As for Jews running it, it might be that Jews are prominent in the porn industry – but I’m pretty sure there’s not orchestrated Jewish conspiracy to poison the minds of non-Jews through porn; they’re probably in it for the money. If it were only non-Jews who produced such porn, would that make it any better?

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  11. lre says:

    Mud skanks are just gross , period .

  12. Steve Hammond says:

    Without exception, white women who go for black men have self esteem issues. And many are just plain so fat and ugly that no white man would touch them. Their little mulatto nigglets are not accepted by either races as equals either.

    • jewamongyou says:

      While many of them are ugly, some are not. I think the common thread here is not how ugly they are on the outside, but how weak-minded they are on the inside.

      • Steve Hammond says:

        I can’t argue with you there. And once a woman has gone over to the dark side, few white men, except equally self loathing ones, would ever have her. I sure as hell would never have a mudshark.

  13. hello says:

    Problem with our society is the media. What they are slowly doing is doing the thinking for us until, in future generations, we can’t think for ourselves.
    Many TV commercials have a beautiful blond next to some black guy. I stopped watching Disney when I saw two blondes madly in love and chasing a black boy. Now, imagine what happens to your daughters who watch Disney or see these disgusting commercials repeatedly. It send a message to her brain that she’ll be like the girls on TV (glamorous, popular, and happy) and that she needs a black man;the black men is a boss, a hero, smart, etc. The repetition has completed its task until she subconsciously believes all of this true.
    Music is even worse, I’ve heard a Britney spears song where there is some black guy rapping “I like a bad girl that likes a black boy” and repeats it but its very hard to understand unless you lose focus of the music and focus on the words.
    Why would anyone want to do this? To create generations of citizens with lower IQs who can’t think for themselves. This is not a Jewish conspiracy, I’m against it, jewamongyou, and other Jews who have posted either here or other sites. This brainwashing is illegal and I consider it genocide.

  14. Nathan forrest says:

    Race mixing is the will of Satan. He wants to destroy the races that God created, just as he wants to destroy all that God created. Reject the media and all their lies, because if you adulterate your race, you commit adultery. That’s what that commandment really means.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Any white/latin/asian woman who lays with nogs is trash.
    Coalburners always end up getting burned. They either become miserable single moms with weird looking mongrels or dead at the hands of their black boyfriends/husbands, not to mention the high STD rate blacks have. It makes sense why men avoid them.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Once you go black, you’re a single mom.
    Once you go black, white man don’t want you back.
    Liberals will never understand the consequences of miscegenation until it’s too late.

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