Thank you WordPress!

This blog has been up the better part of a year.  I like to think that many have benefited from it.  I certainly have!  Not to worry; I am not closing the blog.  I simply wanted to write what I have been thinking since the beginning and express my heartfelt thanks to the people at WordPress.  Though I realize that their motives are probably not entirely altruistic, this does not absolve me of the duty to express my gratitude.
In these days of political correctness where “hate-crime” legislation is on the rise, it is refreshing to see people of influence actually defending freedom of speech.  This is from WordPress’ “abuse” page:

We suspend blogs or blog posts for the following types of abuse:

  • Personal threats
  • Calls to violence
  • Impersonation of a private person

We will not suspend blogs for other reasons you might find objectionable. For example, we don’t suspend blogs for expressing negative personal opinions, for describing a negative experience they have had with a business, or for being generally offensive (see this section on freedom of speech for more information). Instead of asking us to suspend such a blog, please consider either responding in the blog’s comments or on your own blog/site to set the record straight, by simply ignoring the issue (blogs that use insults and bad language tend to have low credibility and low traffic in the first place), or by seeking a court order against the blog.

At some point this blog might reach a certain threshold of either volume of content or traffic where paid services are necessary.  If/when this happens, I fully intend to continue to use WordPress’ services.  I realize that, as it stands now, the comment format and posting options are somewhat limited.  But, for the price, who can complain?

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