Airport screenings

As the upcoming American Renaissance conference approaches, my excitement grows.  But along with the excitement, a sense of foreboding increasingly clouds my soul.  Government assurances that their new x-ray machines are perfectly safe mean little to me.  They have no credibility.  I am in good company, as many have raised serious doubts regarding their safety.  But safety is not my only concern.  Like so many others, I find the process humiliating.
As for the alternative, being patted down, I do not find that very appealing either.  I simply do not relish the idea of another man fondling my privates.  But not to worry; Obama says he “understands people’s frustrations“.  How comforting!  Of course, he has never subjected himself to the same indignity.
The T.S.A. makes sure that passengers are patted down only by people of the same gender.  I wonder why this is so.  Many of us men would be far more cooperative if we were patted down by lovely young ladies.  As a matter of fact, such a policy would probably greatly increase the ranks of air travelers.  Clearly, they wish to avoid any semblance of sexual gratification.   But, for a homosexual man, what more appealing a job is there than patting down other men.  Each morning, he would eagerly look forward to work.
What are the odds that many of those T.S.A. agents are homosexual?  Of course we have no statistics because they are not allowed to ask.  It is illegal to discriminate against them.  By the same token, is it not also illegal to grope people against their will?  What if the man doing the patting down was obviously homosexual and what if he was obviously enjoying himself?  I seriously doubt even the T.S.A. would allow him to perform this task.  So they make it less obvious – and somehow this is considered okay.
What about an obviously homosexual passenger who clearly wishes to be patted down?
Many, in our society, work tirelessly so that homosexuals may be officially recognized.  These people want government to recognize homosexual marriage, homosexual civil rights, homosexual pride and even adoption.  I wonder how those advocates feel about homosexual groping at airports.  How do they explain the difference between a male T.S.A. agent groping a female passenger and a homosexual male T.S.A. agent groping a male passenger?
I am still considering my options if I end up being confronted with a choice between being x-rayed or molested.  Somebody suggested that arriving in a speedo would be a good option.  That way, the agents can see everything without having to actually touch.  Could I arrive at airport security in a speedo without getting booted from the airport?  Or perhaps I could pretend to be homosexual and act as if I am truly excited about the whole process.  I could even point to a likely T.S.A. agent and say, “I want to be patted down by him!”  Then I could pretend to enjoy every moment of it.  Would they arrest me for that?  What if that T.S.A. agent actually found me attractive?  Perish the thought!

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  1. portland1realist says:

    I for one will get a hold of some Viagra or Cialis. I will take one just before I arrive at the airport, leaving me aroused when I enter the airport. I’ll stash some metal in my clothing so I will hopefully get the patty-pat. Then, when the agent comes across the surprise, I’ll smile and wink at him! HAHAHA!

  2. homo says:

    This is amazing,this JEWISH piece of crap chertoff and his cronies are pushing this bullsheet(and getting rich in the process i might add)on the american people and who gets blamed GAYS,how about blaming the zionist jewish pieces of crap who are really doing this.If what i heard is true the majority of the TSA employees are black not gay.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Apparently the finer nuances of my post have escaped you.
      I am not blaming the homosexuals for this situation, even though some of them will benefit from it. I am blaming the government. Government is supposed to protect us from violations such as these, not impose them upon us.
      I have written elsewhere about blaming “the Jews” for the evils of today’s world. I’ll not repeat myself here.
      You seem to believe that a black man cannot also be a homosexual man. This is an odd position to take.
      I am beginning to think that posts that are written with bad grammar, bad punctuation and include frequent all-caps words are the work of government plants – whose aim is to make racialists look bad. Usually I filter such comments out, but this one is a good enough specimen that I let it through just to make this point.

  3. fred says:

    I’ve read that these intrusive patdowns were designed to be so terrifying that everyone would simply accept the dick measuring machines. I’m not really worried about that. But I’m kind of phobic when it comes to x-rays and stuff. So I’m going to have to “opt out”. I also considered the “minimalist” approach. I’m thinking to dress like Richard Simmons. I just hope my TSA molester has warm hands. Just think, if I’m lucky I might get a “happy ending”.

  4. Bay Area Guy says:

    Hey JAY, speaking of the upcoming Amren conference, will our lefty friends be there to issue death threats?

  5. Californian says:

    Have you considered alternative means of transportation? AMTRAK runs to major cities, and you can rent a car to get to your final destination. Yeah, I know, it’s a pain, but boycotting the airlines/airports until this insanity ends is one way to fight back.

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