Botswana persecutes its Bushmen

Botswana is often cited as one of the more civilized nations of Africa.   It now comes to light that the government of Botswana has been waging a campaign of brutality against the Bushmen, who have been living in the Kalahari Desert since time immemorial.  Denied the right to hunt for survival, they are also refused food and water from the government:

‘The government refuses to provide us with food rations but will not issue us with hunting licences… If we want to eat meat we must hunt without a licence… When we are caught, we are often beaten up by the wildlife scouts’…

It troubles me when government or industry violates the rights of endangered peoples.  Whether they are technologically advanced or primitive, have high or low average I.Q.’s, have customs strange to us or familiar – they have the basic right to be left alone on their ancestral lands.
While whites have been blamed for many genocides, the fact of the matter is that no race cares about other races as much as whites* do.  I think we can add this to the list of “stuff white people like“: other races’ survival.  Granted, it might only be so that whites can continue to study them and bask in their exoticness.  Nevertheless, it still falls under the category of “helping other people” and this is a good thing as long as it does not cause harm to our own people.
How many black African organizations are there for the promotion of native American languages?  How many Mestizos hold protests for the rights of Tibetans?  How common is it for for Australian Aborigines to rally against the abuses suffered by the Copts in Egypt?  We may find small indigenous groups joining forces against common foes in order to maximize their results but this is clearly a matter of self interest.  Whites – more specifically educated whites – are passionate about the welfare of other races and ethnic groups even when there seems to be nothing to gain for themselves.
For some whites, this concern for other races has been twisted and mutated so that it threatens their own survival means the ultimate destruction of their own irreplaceable minority ethnicities.  The Gates of Vienna has an exceptional article about the latest insanities of the Swedish government.  It is attempting to disguise its genocidal plans by making it look like its main concern is the Sami (also known as the Lapps) and their autonomy.  What will become of the Sami once Muslims rule Sweden?  What bleak future do the Welsh people, and their language, have when Asians and Africans rule Britain?  The answer is that both groups, and all other vulnerable European minorities, will end up like the Bushmen – marginalized, persecuted and rushing toward extinction.
So yes, I feel concern for the Bushmen, so long as they remain in Africa and are not overrunning white lands.  This is a healthy, natural, concern.  It is a concern I also feel toward the Sami, the Welsh – and the Swedes.
* For this purpose, “white” includes Jews and some other provisionally white peoples.  Maybe even the Japanese.

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6 Responses to Botswana persecutes its Bushmen

  1. fred says:

    It could be worse. In the congo, bantus enslave and eat pygmies.

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  3. anacre0n says:

    A lot of these peoples live in a constant state of genocide against other tribes. Outside of the west, genocide is general, along with apartheid. When these things occur in the west, however, the whole world hears the outcry and joins in to castigate them. Never mind that Brazilians wall of favelas, or that Muslims are constantly massacring and persecuting Christians, Zoroastrians and Jews; never mind that even when they are rich as in a slew of oil countries, these people continue to act this way (just with more bling), never mind the horrors of Soviet Russia… no, it’s Israel and white South Africans who are to blame. It’s white Americans and evil Europeans who are, in the words of Susan Sontag, a cancer.
    Nations like Brazil, China and South Africa get to join our international games (which were originally just Western and should have remained so) but with much lower expectations. That’s how we whites are. High expectations for ourselves, very low for other groups, because we feel it’s wrong to be critical of anyone but ourselves whereas in virtually every other culture it’s the opposite.

  4. Bay Area Guy says:

    Great post, JAY.
    Kevin MacDonald (who I know you might have iffy feelings about on account of his views on Jews), has written time and time again about this misguided and naive white altruism.
    Do you think your average Han Chinese gives two hoots about the well being of Uighurs or Tibetans? Does the average Japanese person give a hoot about the Burakumin? Does the average Muslim in majority Muslim countries give two hoots about “persecuted minorities” over there?
    My guess is no.
    Caring more about other races than your own seems to be an exclusively white pursuit. I just don’t see any other race that deliberately sabotages itself or goes out of its way to help outsiders.
    I mean, sure, there are friendly non-whites who will help white people on an INDIVIDUAL level, but certainly not a group level. And why SHOULD they?
    You know, it’s funny. Whites are always viciously criticized by the left for being ethnocentric, unwilling to listen to others, etc.
    Well, I say that we follow other group’s lead on race related issues, including the way we deal with troublesome groups.

  5. Arturo says:

    Great post as always Jay. We’ve read it before, but it is refreshing to put another layer of shrink wrap on the concept of white competitive altruism so that it becomes clearer and clearer, like a big lump of coal progressively compressed into a diamond.
    Yours Truly,
    ps: it’s starting to look increasingly clear that moralism is something that is hard-wired into human behaviour.

  6. Annoyed says:

    On a related note, I find it funny that the UN seems to often be having a Muslim African leading a bullshit investigation into “the discrimination immigrants face in western countries” or something along those lines.

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