"Racist" posts in MSM comment sections

I just read about a pretty young woman who was murdered in Pennsylvania.  Presently, the prime suspect is her boyfriend.  This sort of thing happens all too often.  As long as there are young men who are jerks, there will be young women who are attracted to them.
As most readers of this blog are aware, many thousands of whites and Asians are murdered by blacks each year.  There is no need to lie, deceive or distort the truth in any way.  There is no need to make rash assumptions publicly.  And yet, each time Yahoo, or some other organ of the MSM, publishes a sordid tale of crime, the morons come out in force to post comments such as “this must have been the work of a nigger” or “serves her right for dating a nigger“.  Typically, these comments include many capital letters and are in poor English.
As it so happens, the primary suspect here is white.  It did not take much effort for me to clarify this.  One would think that the authors of the aforementioned vacuous comments could have done the same before revealing their ignorance to the world.  For a long time, Yahoo did not allow any comments – probably because of such posters.
The way I see it, there are two possibilities:  a) The people who post the comments are sincere – but too hot-headed and angry to do their homework.  Or b) Leftists are posting the comments in order to discredit the legitimate concerns of white advocates and race-realists.  My guess is that it is a combination of the two.
How would a parent, who had lost his child to a drunk driver, feel if the same treatment were given to drunk driving.  For example, every time somebody died of unknown causes, hundreds of comments would appear blaming “those damn drunk drivers!”  Would this not have the effect of cheapening legitimate concerns?  Such a parent would be, justifiably, very angry.
I am angry and y’all should be angry.  Please visit the Yahoo article linked to above  (and similar articles) and post intelligent, well-written, comments denouncing the fake racialists.  Those who write such ignorant and inflamatory comments are not in our camp.  They are not our friends and they do harm to our cause.

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5 Responses to "Racist" posts in MSM comment sections

  1. Patrick says:

    “As long as there are young men who are jerks, there will be young women who are attracted to them.”

  2. Erranter says:

    The yahoo comments are a row. Sometimes I go there just to read them because they’re so awful.

  3. Smokedust says:

    I’m not WN, but there is a message board i go that is that has vile threads with those comments. The murder of an innocent person is obviously awful regardless of age, but often times it’ll be young girls and the posters make comments about it being good, calling the victim really vile names, totally oblivious to the fact that woman, especially young ones, can make bad decisions with guys they hook-up with. They’re also now being raised in an environment that shoves race mixing down their throats.

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