Another victim of multiculturalism

An 18 year old Oregon mother has been murdered by the black lowlife she had foolishly associated with.  Allyson Rachael Archibald was described as “always trying to be nice to people“.  Perhaps she was trying to be nice when she accepted the advances of the black thug named Robert Darnell Boyd, ten years her senior.
The mind of a teenager is not yet fully developed.  This is why teens need adult guidance.  In a healthy society, her parents would have been able to raise her in such a way that she would not have become a single mother.  They would also have been informed enough, and their daughter receptive enough, to teach her the dangers of sociopath men.  They would have steered her away from black men; that it is best to leave them for black women.
But ours is a defective society.  So much so that, even after her murder, we find her relationship with Boyd being described thusly:

…Archibald and Boyd arrived together at a party at Killitz’s home Saturday night.  She said she had seen them together a couple of times before but had never spoken to Boyd.  She said other friends characterized Archibald and Boyd as the “perfect couple” who seemed happy together.

How will Allyson’s orphaned son be raised?  Will he ever become aware of his mother’s murder within the context of ongoing genocide or will he be taught that her death was just a random tragedy?

The “perfect couple”

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  1. Gaurav Ahuja says:

    Unfortunately, the parents are part of the problem that generate future problems. Many parents do not want to carry the responsibility for the children they create. In a better world, many more of these parents would be held accountable for irresponsible actions ranging from absent parenting to child negligence. But, people in the West want to be nice and uphold non-discrimination as an idol.

  2. aleana benner says:

    i am a friend of ally’s at gateways high was a great friend and she is always missed by everyone at gateways and everywhere else!she will always be remembered in are hearts and spirit!the most think is that her son is very well cared for cause that is a very sweet piece of her still on earth cause of her beautiful and handsome son she has had!i hope that you rest in peace ally and you will always be loved by everyone!she was always a very true Homie!

  3. Annoyed says:

    hmm, maybe she should have been a little nicer to different people and a little less nice to others.
    This isn’t directly related I suppose but I always get a little annoyed when I see interracial relationships at my university.
    It’s clear most of them aren’t based on respect but simply the nonwhite being more aggressive in their pursuit and not conforming to the same standards White civilized society believes in.
    Nonwhites who were aggressively pushy were not tolerated in the past, now we’re bending over for them.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Nonwhites who were aggressively pushy were not tolerated in the past, now we’re bending over for them.
      In a nutshell, that’s the crisis we face.
      Whites have lost their resolve. We don’t possess the same pride, nationalism, and sense of purpose that our ancestors had.
      Fortunately, as world history shows, Western man is capable of fighting back.
      We held at bay the Huns, Moors, Arabs, Mongols, Turks, etc.
      We’ve had our darker moments, but we always ultimately prevailed. The Moors were expelled and Spain reclaimed, we kicked those Ottoman SOB’s out of Southern Europe, we endured the Huns and the Dark Ages.
      We whites can win. We just lack the will, for the time being.

  4. Tommy says:

    Mixed-looking woman (quite attractive and no doubt intelligent) has white baby, becomes disenchanted so goes to other side to have a black one. This mother was destroyed by multiculturalism.

  5. deseray says:

    These articles are extremly dishearting I am the sister in law of allyson and not only are these articles dishearting they are extremly insensitive to our family how dare you bring our family through the mud after this horrible tragdey we don’t hate him because of his color we hate him because of what he did to her and our family. Unfortunatly there is people out there like you who want to judge based on color news flash white people murder to. And for you to comment on how she was a single mom and her parents should have raised her better if you had all the facts you would know that she was single because the babies father was hit and killed by a train so before you open your mouth about her you should truely think about what you publish. As a white american I am ashamed that there are people out there like you that. Have nothing better to do than try to make themselves feel betterby putting down a race. You are sick and maybe your parents should have raised you with a little tolerance for others your an idiot

    • jewamongyou says:

      If you read my words carefully, you will note that I wrote, “would have been able to raise her in such a way that she would not have become a single mother”. I did not write, “would have raised her in such a way…” What this means is that I was not passing judgment on her parents. How could I without knowing the circumstances? As it turns out, her actual upbringing had nothing to do with her being a single mom; thanks for that information.
      As for the rest of your comment, it is obvious you completely missed my point. You saw the general content, labeled it “racist” and jumped to conclusions.
      I portrayed this tragedy within the context of genocide because it fits the all-to-common pattern of black males victimizing white females. Obviously, there are many evil white men as well; I never denied this. Would you attack a Jew for decrying the death of another Jew, by a German during the Nazi Holocaust? Would you condemn Armenians for calling attention to Turks murdering other Armenians? The media refuses to acknowledge the ongoing genocide of whites (especially females) by black men, so it is my duty to point this out. You seem to think this is wrong, so you should start by refuting the statistics of interracial rape/murder instead of flinging accusations.

      • JJ truth says:

        The response by that mother brought to life for all of us who have lost children and family members to domestic violence & abuse. The mother’s grief made her more than a stat—a REAL person who you can’t help but feel sympathy for and care about the pain that family endured and that is what it means to be part of the HUMAN RACE. You claim to be a Jew but GOD is not against marrying out of one’s race. What’s the good in FORCING people to marry within their race if they don’t care about or love the person’s of their race? Who wants to live with someone who despises them? Interracial marriage is not my preferred choice but we must respect the lives of those who do so as they should reciprocate towards those who do not choose to do so. Hate is ugly and your sweeping general negative statements about the black race are the same way Hitler felt about Jews. Guess he was right about Jews? Since the Jew is a mixed mongrel race who are you to rant about blacks?. Well your views are no more justifiable than Hitler–even less so. You espouse the same views against the black race without any credibility.

        • jewamongyou says:

          Before making sweeping statements about me, you should first familiarize yourself with my opinions. I never said people should be forced to marry within their race. On the contrary, I’ve specifically said otherwise. What I oppose is the campaign to get people to marry outside their race. I oppose the propaganda directed at white women to date black men. Also, I challenge you to find anything, among my writings, that’s against “mongrel races.” I’m well aware of the fact that Jews are a mixed people. So what?

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  7. aubrihe roberts says:

    i personally think this stuff is rediculous. are u kidding… all u are doing is using her death as a way to point it at a different race which is rediculous. i mean come on y do u have to do that u dont even know her or the situation and even knowing it or not people are people it has nothing to do with their color and that is exactly what most of the people on this post are saying and it is very racist and u can try to church it up how ever you want but it does not make it okay to accuse a race because a human being made a huge discusting mistake. it was that person not there color. Whoever wrote all these racial comments should be completely ashamed of themselves, and this is what makes white people ashamed is the white racist people like you … allysons should have never been ur excuse to write this B.S. rip allyson everyone misses you and you live within ur child and bring joy to them everyday

    • jewamongyou says:

      I get the impression you found this through Google and then typed up your gut reaction – without fully reading the previous posts or comments and without reading any more of my posts.

  8. angelito says:

    I’m one of allyson’s bestfriends I’ve also been n a relationship wit her n da past…I wanna say dat she was an amazing young woman n how fuckin dare u say some foul shit like dis huh? Shit wats wrong wit black ppl I mean wat he did was wrong n I hate him for wat he did to my bestfriend but dnt judge dat on every black man cause dere are some out dere dat dnt do shit like dat I miss n love dat gurl so much….so is it wrong dat she was wit me cause shit I’m brazilian,jamaican n puerto rican n I neva hurt her n her parents did a good job raisin her she was amazing to me n always will b n my heart so I would apreiciate it if u stop critizein her n her family also thank u

  9. Danicide says:

    I’d like to blame the parents too, and I would, but in this case I actually know them. They lived on my mothers street. A public housing community run by cooked politics and sleazy filth unable to lose their job. I agree with you on everything else except she would have done what she wanted regardless. Now we pack pistols and nothings certain anymore.

  10. Danicide says:

    Oh and that’s another problem: GATEWAYS HIGH SCHOOL.
    Been there done that. Shit couldn’t be more corrupt and sloppy.

  11. anonymous says:

    This article definitely is very insensitive to the family and friends out there, but I guess its just as bad as the Register Guard describing the scene a they recently did. Yes this does border on racist because it is not a neutral statement to put out there that pretty much interracial dating is bad. That’s quite racist. The real issue should be the different races who are raising their children to live up to the assigned stereotype. My children do not go to school where I live because I refuse to let them grow up with children around here when I see the parents act aggressive and trashy in front of them. It is not Ally’s parent’s fault but perhaps the influences in his life instead…

    • jewamongyou says:

      It makes no difference to me whether my point of view is “racist”. All I care about is whether or not it is correct.
      As for sensitivity. I think it is very insensitive for the media, the government and corporate America to aggressively push black male/ white female coupling the way they do. They obviously have an agenda – and people like Ally are simply pawns in their game.

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