The ten most traumatic films…

According to The Vine, these films were so scary that they destroyed the psyches of countless children.  What was so horrible about each of them?
10)  “Meet the Feebles” shows a muppet shooting up drugs in a bathroom.
9)  “Candyman” plays on our superstitious fears with a bloodthirsty ghost.
8)  “It” features a scary clown.  Need I say more?
7)  “Poltergeist” involves children being attacked by monsters under their beds.
6)  “Grease 2” is a musical featuring an all-white cast.
5)  “Nightmare on Elm St.” might explain why insomnia is so prevalent these days.
4)  “Child’s Play” would make any child wary of playing with dolls ever again.
3)  “The Exorcist” takes the innocence out of childhood in many ways.
2)  “Watership Down” depicts cuddly rabbits being torn apart by dogs and such.
1)  “Return to Oz” has Dorothy being chased around by creepy long-legged spider-like men.  As an alternative, #1 has Dorothy being chased by headless zombies.
Now I ask you, which one of the above seems out of place?  If you guessed #6 then you might have dangerous ideas in your head.  An all-white cast?  Horror of horrors!  Though the author, “lukeryan” would have us believe that the real horror is the music involved.  Really, it’s not that bad.

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4 Responses to The ten most traumatic films…

  1. Gay State Girl says:

    Growing up I never wanted to watch Sesame Street. The idea of someone living in a trash barrrel traumatized the hell out of me.

  2. Bay Area Guy says:

    An all-white cast? How dare they!
    How dare whites be audacious enough to think that they have the right to have anything to themselves!

  3. hbd chick says:

    the exorcist really screwed with me. still can’t think about it without freakin’ out to some extent. not gonna be able to sleep well tonite….
    hbd chick (^_^)

  4. Wade in MO says:

    As a white person, I think Grease 2 having an all white cast is more embarassing than traumatizing.

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