Whites in African universities?

I was reading an article, linked to in American Renaissance, about how some British colleges have neglected to enroll black students over the last several years.  This got me thinking… do African institutions of higher learning seek white students?
I found that the University World News – Africa Edition, ranks African universities based on their internet presence.  This is an imperfect method of ranking, to be sure.  For what it’s worth, the top universities were, conspicuously, in North Africa and South Africa.  In other words, the ones in almost exclusively black African countries were not among the leaders.  The article states:

There are 11 South African and four Egyptian universities in the latest Africa Top 20 of the Web Ranking of World Universities, which rates institutions based on the size and quality of their internet presence. There is also one institution each from Kenya, Senegal, Namibia, Morocco and Tanzania.
The generally poor internet connectivity of Africa’s universities place the continent at a distinct disadvantage in terms of electronic ranking measurement. Those countries with the greatest connectivity, notably South Africa and Egypt, have the most universities in the Top 100, and with 16 institutions in the Top 100 Morocco also achieves a strong presence.

I have already pointed out elsewhere that, if diversity is such a strength, certainly black Africa should be encouraged to pursue it; let them give incentives for white and Asian students to enroll in their colleges and universities.  But it is forbidden to say such things publicly – because dogma states that blacks are already diverse people while whites are not.  In other words whites are considered all the same, and therefore in need of “diversity” but blacks, being the embodiment of diversity itself, need no outside help.  This is what passes for “conventional wisdom” and to suggest otherwise is “racist”.
So, if blacks do not need “diversity”, one would think that they would not complain about this situation.  Not so.  Consider this comment, from the above site:

I think the issue of this ranking has been politicised because those universities claimed to hold the high position are universities where white students are found and who are the judges? Are they not white? If South Africa can boast of many universities being rated high why are they bringing their wards down to Obafemi Awolowo University here in Nigeria? I have many of them as friends who will admit that when it comes to the issue of sound education their country can never be compared with Nigeria. (emphasis mine).

So, not only are whites excluded from black African universities, but it is whites who are then blamed for this phenomenon and its ramifications.
In a nutshell, whites are racist for keeping (even unwittingly) their historic institutions white – but it would also be racist for whites to demand representation in historically black institutions… and it is white racism that is responsible for the low rankings of those all-black institutions.  You simply cannot win if you are white.  Unless, of course, you do not mind being considered a “racist”.  And this is the best approach – as many have been saying for years.

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  1. Gay State Girl says:

    South Africa has restricted quotas against white students. My cousin had to get her degree through distance learning from a British University.

  2. Bay Area Guy says:

    Yup, simply accepting the fact that you’re racist is the way to go.
    Saves you much needless self-flagellation and cognitive dissonance .

  3. Bantu Education says:

    Hi JAY,
    The problem with admitting that one is a “racist” is that these days racism is considered to the most odious and despicable of social sins, virtually on a par with paedophile, and who would admit to being that?
    And, virtuous intention as it is, by doing so you are immediately on the back-foot with your (ostensibly liberal) audience that you wish to covert (or at least start thinking clearly about) to the concept of “race-realism”.
    Due to my lifestyle I have a very limited group of acquaintances – most of whom seem to be apolitical anyway – so I do not have many opportunites to “spread the message” so to speak.
    However, if or when the opportunity arises, I like to surprise people by saying (for example) that I am a “benevolent racist” or a “benign racist” or a “passive racist” – I am not sure which is the best of these expressions, but this never fails to interest and intrigue your audience because they have never heard of such a distiction before and they want to know more.
    Having thus captured the attention and interest of your audience you can then go on to elaborate the difference – by pointing out, for example, that “affirmative action” is a form of the malevolent racism against whites that is practiced and supported by blacks and their liberal benefactors.
    In other words it is the so called “anti-racists” who are the real (malevolent) racists..!
    There are many more such examples of course.
    Perhaps you JAY, with your adept way with words, could write a piece expanding on this idea of mine and putting it into a nutshell.
    I look forward to the day when I can proudly say, without fear of abuse, that I am a benevolent/benign/passive racist, and that everyone listening will understand where I am coming from and consider themselves to be likewise.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Just out of curiosity, why is Jean-Bedel Bokassa your avatar?
      Even though you comment on South Africa Sucks and other pro-white blogs, you have a black African avatar.
      I’m just wondering.

  4. Eugenicist says:

    There’s a line from Death Note where the protagonist says “You can’t win if you’re always on the defensive. To win, you have to attack.” Or words to that effect. So I think the best way is to
    Recently I wrote a post on “How to Respond to Accusations of Racism.” It’s linked in my name for this comment.

  5. People don’t dare to say it. Saying the truth might even be illegal, due to hate crime laws. But there are very very strong indications that blacks are considerably less intelligent then whites, and Asians are slightly more intelligent then whites.
    That of course changes the entire picture.
    Of course, less intelligent people create cultures that don’t foster intelligence, and thus diminish intelligence even further.
    Before you call me a racist, read the literature. There are download links for free books by Rushton, literature by Richard Lynn
    I wonder how many African Universities are among the top 100 in the world!?

  6. Gay State Girl says:

    South African Universities will accept Western White exchange students on study abroad program because they need the money.

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