Ancient Ugaritic hymn

Salim Khalaf, in his site on Phoenicia, links to an Ugaritic hymn reconstructed by Dr. Anne Kilmer.  The hymn is 3,400 years old, so do not expect it to sound anything like the “greatest hits of 2010”.  Click here to listen to it.  This is a subject of great fascination for me.  It is probably the closest we shall ever get to anything resembling ancient Jewish music, such as the psalms.
What I would truly enjoy is to add vocals to the music – in Ugaritic or ancient Hebrew.  Since I have been told that my singing capabilities are not the best, I think a better solution would be to have a native Arabic or Jewish Yemeni singer trained to sing the lyrics as accurately as possible.  My guess is that no Muslim or Jewish singer would sing a hymn to either Yarikh (the moon god) or his wife Nikkal, so he would probably have to be secular or we could simply use Biblical sources for the lyrics.
So, if anybody reading this knows of such a singer willing to do this, please let me know.  We would also need somebody who can handle the software portion of this project.  Until, and unless, all this comes together, this project will remain but a fantasy.

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