Extreme miscegenation

We are all familiar with the typical miscegenation scenario, where a big-boned white woman, who lacks self-esteem, gives in to the advances of a low I.Q. black man intent on acquiring a white trophy wife.  But the following case takes on a curious twist: this black man likes his woman to be as fat as possible – and she is happy to oblige him!  Thanks to Human Stupidity blog for linking to this video – which has since been removed by YouTube. Sorry.
I wonder how they flew her in to appear on the show.  Did they seat her in the middle of the isle so that the plane would not tip over to one side?  Or perhaps they brought her in using a special truck – with an “oversize load” sign on the back.
But in all seriousness, I know many white men are not bothered by such women betraying their own race.  Yet she did not start out this way; she has a mental illness and, if not for that illness, she could have made a fine wife for a white man.

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  1. Jam says:

    Not even going to watch the video. Seeing fat makes me feel sick.

  2. Boddler says:

    In fairness, the “Feeder Fetish,” affects plenty of non-black men as well. There’s a lot of easy-to-find internet material surrounding this sexual fixation with fattening a partner, and whities are well represented as Feeders.

  3. Kiwiguy says:

    Interesting, I remember reading that a hotel in NZ was hosting ambassadors from various commonwealth countries about 30 years ago. The ambassadors made various requests for escorts. Apparently, the ambassadors from the African states tended to request rubenesque, or full figured european escorts.

  4. I had posted this a few days ago.
    Found your blog from a comment you made on mine ……
    wish you good luck here. Come back and check out more topics on my blog and feel free to comment.

  5. People don’t dare to say it. Saying the truth might even be illegal, due to hate crime laws. But there are very very strong indications that blacks are considerably less intelligent then whites, and Asians are slightly more intelligent then whites.
    That of course changes the entire picture.
    Of course, less intelligent people create cultures that don’t foster intelligence, and thus diminish intelligence even further.
    I wonder how many African Universities are among the top 100 in the world!?

  6. sorry, I posted the second post on the wrong place,
    please delete the race comment here and leave only the obesity comment

  7. proud white says:

    well ,the fat cow is no loss to the white race, she probably can’t reproduce through obesity.The fiance must have a simian IQ if thinks she is a trophy,altogether a win-win situation.she is removed from the gene pool and he will be unable to pursue a potentially reproductive trophy.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I wouldn’t be so quick to consider her of no value because of her condition; she clearly has mental issues.
      As for her black fiance being “unable to pursue a potentially reproductive trophy”, black men are not known for fidelity to their wives. Especially after that T.V. appearance, all sorts of air-headed women will be after him.

  8. Saturnia says:

    Sadly, the one with the negro husband did produce a couple of half-breeds. I’ve seen an article on her, she sets a webcam and some freaky fetishists pay to watch her eat. Saw a whole article on this. Without a doubt, she has severe issues.

  9. Beltway Boy says:

    I was wondering if you or anyone had noticed that among the population of white females dating interracially, there is a disproportionate number of red heads. I’ve noticed this ever since grade school. I think that it’s reasonable to predict that red heads possess genes that give them a tendency to date interracially. It would be very interesting if we could find data that describes this tendency.

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