Murky reasoning by The Mercury

The Portland area has more than its share of leftist/wrongist rags.  Each of them does its part to “keep Portland weird”.  One of them, which is free for the taking all over town, is called “The Portland Mercury”.
The most recent edition compares two cases of what could loosely be called “terrorism” and poses a good question:

While the 19-year-old accused of plotting to bomb Pioneer Courthouse Square waits for his trial to begin, a second, much lower-profile politically motivated bombing case heard its closing arguments in an Oregon court this week.  The case of father and son Bruce and Joshua Turnidge bears several similarities with Mohamed Osman Mahamud’s… except that no one is using the word “terrorism.”
Bruce and Joshua Turnidge are facing aggravated murder charges for allegedly building a bomb and planting it at a bank in Woodburn, Oregon, in 2008, just after President Barack Obama’s election.
Unlike in Mohamud’s case, the Turnidges are accused of actually building and detonating a real bomb and taking real lives: The blast killed two police officers, took the leg of another, and injured a bank employee.  Like Mohamud’s case, the prosecutors are focusing on the Turnidges’ politics as a motivating factor behind the bombing, noting in the trial that Bruce Turnidge’s house was filled with weapons and that when FBI agents stopped by his house post-bombing, Turnidge called Obama a racial slur and said that “every ballot should come with a bullet.”
Family friends testified as state witnesses that Joshua expressed hatred of police and that Bruce had tried to organize an anti-government militia…

The article goes on to cite the SPLC (as if it is a reliable source) that right-wing home-grown terrorist groups are the fastest growing type of terrorist group.  It asks why it is that the Turnidges are being charged with aggravated murder rather than terrorism.  To its credit, The Mercury considers the fact that the officers killed were local and it is a matter of jurisdiction.  Of course, they could not hold themselves back from asking whether race might have played a role.  Mohamud is black (Somali) while the Turnidges are white:

“Could there be other reasons for the difference in treatment?” writes Parry, “Sure.  It could be race, it could be a sense that home-grown right-wing terrorism is not as serious or at least not part of a wider conspiracy.”

I’ll go with the original explanation: that local officers were killed and, therefore, it is a matter of jurisdiction.  As for home-grown, right-wing terrorism, I truly do not believe it is as serious as Islamic terrorism.  It should be obvious that the Turnidges (if guilty of the charges against them) are not representative of the “right wing”, but rather of ruthless indiscriminate killers.  This being said, if real home-grown, right-wing militias were to somehow get their wish and gain power, what we would end up with would be an earlier version of America.  However, if Islamic radicals were to somehow get their wish and gain power, America would be dead and gone.
That The Mercury seriously considers race as a possible explanation, only shows that they will never miss an opportunity to sell their racial paradigm.

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6 Responses to Murky reasoning by The Mercury

  1. They need help with definitions.
    Terrorism: military action by members of an external non state organization against civilians of a state for the purpose of altering policy or control over policy.
    Civil war: violence within a state by civilian non state actors against civilian non state actors where both sides compete for control of the geographic monopoly, and where the antagonist forms a competing leadership that proposes alternate policy.
    Insurrection: organized violence by a dedicated minority against a state and it’s officers, members or supporters for the purpose of altering policy or control of policy.
    Rebellion: organized mass demonstration and violence against a state, its infrastructure, and it’s officers, members or supporters, as well as random Life and property for the purpose of capturing control of policy.
    Terrorism on one hand. Rebelliousness on the other.

  2. ky8 says:

    We have the same “keep louisville weird”campaign here in kentucky promoted by our liberal rag newspaper. (commercial link removed by JAY).

  3. statsquatch says:

    Another lesson is that Oregon has enough would be bombers and they do not need to import anymore.
    Frankly, I don’t know which was more embarassing to Portland, the bombing plot or the town’s stereotypical liberal reaction.

  4. Bay Area Guy says:

    It’s funny, in spite of various warning from the left about “growing right wing extremism,” hate crimes (and other activities that white right wingers have a monopoly on) against “protected classes” (thus, making them the victims of white right wingers, according to the leftist narrative) have gone DOWN.
    But anyway, back to foolish white liberals. SWPL liberals, gotta love them. So incredibly ignorant, so painfully naive.
    I just hope they realize that when push comes to shove, and their precious “diversity” (read: blacks and browns) becomes the majority and gains political power, their SWPL lifestyles are over.
    Do you think non-whites give two hoots about gay pride parades, greenpeace, or other yuppie SWPL pursuits?
    The way I see it, when push comes to shove, it’s the SWPL liberals who will be the first to go, considering they live in “diverse” cities with large numbers of blacks and browns.
    And judging by their pathetic reactions that you’ve just pointed out, JAY, I’m not really surprised, nor sympathetic.
    (except for immediate family members or friends who would be affected)

  5. countenance says:

    Every big city with a bunch of white leftists seems to have a “keep (fill in the blank) weird” campaign. Except the forces that want to “de-weirdify” (i.e. homogenize) every place are the leftist Democrats they all vote for.

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