Sex ratio and average I.Q.

The normal state of affairs, in human society, is for males to compete for females.  The fact that more boys than girls are born (in every society) serves to intensify this competition.  Though there is a tendency for excess boys to die off through war and rivalry, this only underscores the fact the the fittest males tend to be the ones who survive and reproduce.
When we look at world sex ratios, it becomes clear that low ratios (i.e. less of a predominance of boys over girls) are concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa.  When examining such tables, it is important to consider the overall size of a population along with age distribution.  For example, Granada only has 90,000 people and Lichtenstein only 34,000.  Furthermore, 12% of the latter’s population is over 65; there are always more females than males amongst the elderly.
In contrast, China is heavily skewed toward males.  My understanding is that this has been the case historically as well.  India, on the other hand has, historically, been more balanced.  Female infanticide was practiced mainly among the higher castes because higher caste females were not permitted to work outside the family.  This was not the case among the lower castes, where women were required to work just like the men.
Sex ratios in Europe are similar to those in sub-Saharan Africa.  It seems to me that the underlying causes are different.  Modern Europe has a low sex ratio because of modernization and gender equality.  Sub-Saharan Africa has a low sex ratio mainly because more girls are born to begin with.  It is known that Medieval Europe (or, at least parts of Europe) had a very high sex ratio, sometimes as high as 253 men for every 100 women.  Some have suggested female infanticide as a possible explanation.
When we look at these historical trends, scant as they are, and compare them to average I.Q.’s, a pattern emerges.  When men have easy access to women over long periods of time, the average I.Q. of that population would fall.  This does not bode well for modern Western society and it goes hand in hand with the backwardness of Africa.
What about American blacks?  Blacks in America do not live in an isolated reproductive community.  If they did, then it is likely that their average I.Q. would match that of sub-Saharan Africa (plus whatever European contribution they happen to have).  Currently there is an artificial premium on black males.  At the same time, countless non-black females are available to them – thus intensifying competition among black females for black males.   Hence there is practically no selective pressure, among American blacks, for higher I.Q. in finding mates.  On the contrary, there is selective pressure for lower I.Q. in reproducing; higher I.Q. blacks will tend to have less children, just like their white and Asian counterparts.
My prediction?  White I.Q.’s are likely to stagnate.  Chinese and Indian I.Q.’s will surge.  American black I.Q. will plummet.  Of course, India is unlikely to maintain its current anti-female practices for long; social unrest might force drastic changes before any I.Q.-boosting evolution can take place.  The same is true for China, except that China has maintained this pattern for centuries, so its higher I.Q. is already a fait accompli.
As for sub-Saharan Africa, things will only get worse.  As more intelligent African men migrate out of Africa, only the dullest will remain – and these remaining men will be like roosters in the hen house.  The only way to prevent such a scenario would be to rapidly make African societies more attractive for successful men.  This can only happen from within.  African leaders have their work cut out for them.

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  1. FrankBD says:

    The reason for the skewed ratios in most societies until recently was dying in childbirth.
    The reason in current India and China is selective aborticide. I do wonder why Western feminist organizations have never organized anything like boycotts of those country’s products to protest the practice.
    You think China would notice if American women stopped buying their clothes?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, regardless of the cause, the effect should be similar.
      Ironically, if American women stopped buying Chinese cloths, it would hurt Chinese women more than anybody else – I think.

    • sestamibi says:

      They won’t do that because there’s a hierarchy of PC values, with multiculturalism trumping everything else, including feminism, gay rights, and environmentalism.

  2. jewamongyou says:

    I just noticed that Half Sigma had posted on the link (if any) between polygamy and I.Q. yesterday. It is purely coincidence that my post was right after his; I didn’t even know about his at the time. Half Sigma always links to me when he is inspired by my work and I would do the same for him.
    The same thing has happened with Steve Sailor’s blog; I’ll post something and then see that he had a very similar post. It so happens I don’t read his blog very often. If his blog did motivate me to post something here, I would state that. I guess great minds think alike! 🙂

  3. Gay State Girl says:

    I believe Hindu women were required to light themselves on fire at their husband’s gravesite an until the 15th century, several indian tribes in Mexico would sacrifice women by stoning them to death every year and this was supposed to be a tradition from the oh so advanced Aztecs.

  4. Gay State Girl says:

    Men are more likely to die young because they have a hugher level of testoserone that causes them to engage in more risky activities and therefore get killed.

  5. Devon says:

    Men in the USA are more likely to die young because the State has a Foreign Policy built on the Principle of Permanent War.

  6. Annoyed says:

    My response really links with your next post on blacks and sports along with this but anyway I would agree what ever selective pressure which forced an increase in IQ in White countries does not currently exist.
    Social programs designed to make everyone “equal” are largely the result as the pressure which would have eliminated, or at least reduced the population of lower performing groups is nonexistent.
    The exact opposite is actually happening now. Groups which weren’t previously considered “good” are now glorified.
    This may sound bitter but it makes me a little – annoyed when (white)girls largely ignore the more intelligent(nerdy) segment of the White male population and instead put their interest in the popularized nonwhites.
    I don’t have the foggiest interest in ever being in a relationship with an asian girl but the reason the stereotype of white nerds with asian girls exists is because a larger segment of asian girls appear to appreciate our intelligence and don’t mind that most of us are relatively shy and non-confrontational.

    • FrankBD says:

      Yeah, our current cultural/political alignment is a diversity alliance between women and NAMs, whose interests have little in common except wanting jobs and other compensation from white men. Their other ally is white men who don’t think their own job is under much minority competition.
      The opposition is white men whose jobs a minority might do, women married to a white man, and employers who don’t like having to give jobs to lesser qualified applicants.
      Asian women are frequently defectors from their sex, because they’re mostly either immigrants or the offspring of recent ones, and know it’s just plain nuts to believe any society but Western is half as good for women.

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