Sports and the promotion of the black male

There is little doubt that most sports fans do not think of their favorite athletes as “black men” or “white men”.  Instead, they think of them as athletes.  Only if an incident of some sort comes up, would the race of their athletes ever come to the forefront of their minds.  Of this I am fairly certain.
But their subconscious knows.  Whether by design or by mere chance, sports is one of the main venues for the idolization of blacks in the Western world.  Without realizing it, the fan’s subconscious mind learns to equate all the good things that sports is supposed to embody with the images of black men – even if, on the conscious level, he is fully aware of the personal shortcomings of those athletes.  Each home run, or goal or touchdown imprints an image in the mind.
Generations of indoctrination have trained whites, with varying degrees of success, to pay attention to the race of a non-white – but to completely ignore the race of a white.  A white man is “he who has no race”.  But, in the case of some celebrities, their heroic roles override and cover up their race in the (conscious) eyes of their fans.  With celebrities, there is no fear of saying the wrong thing, offending them, appearing “racist” or being insensitive – because there is rarely any personal contact.  While the fame, and reputation, of some non-white celebrities rests upon their race (in politics, this is usually the case), in sports it is ability alone that gives the celebrity his fame – at least in theory.  And “ability knows no color”.  So it is both safe and ideal for the fan to ignore the race of his athletes – but his subconscious knows.
This type of conditioning would occur naturally, even without extra effort from the media.  The sports cult is powerful enough that it is now self-perpetuating.  Nevertheless, the media maximizes every opportunity to promote blacks (especially black males) to the public.  It does so in insidious ways and I have already cited examples of this in other posts.  Burying their Afro-centric message amongst other, more legitimate messages, is one tactic they use.
Here is an example or two, or more, messages being conveyed by the same image.   I wrote one possible subliminal message on top and yes, I admit I may be reading too much into it – but I can have my fun, can I not?

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  1. Matityahu says:

    To say that a white athlete is “he who has no race” or that it is ignored is ridiculous! Any time a there is a white athlete that shoots to stardom in a “black dominated” sport he is dubbed the “Great White Hope”. What about the myriad of European born basketball players? Is that the idolization of Serbians? or maybe the Croats? Spanish? Germans? Brett Favre, Tim Tebow, etc are just as idolized as any non-white football player. I certainly remember getting excited about Tamir Goodman. Trust me people who follow sports, while they may not care about, take note of a persons race. White, black or the other.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I am no sport fan and, yes, my post was a bit off the cuff.
      But “The great white hope”, while originally meaning a white man who could beat the black champion, took on a different meaning over time:
      “Something or someone that is expected to succeed. For example, Mark is the great white hope of the international division. This expression dates from the early 1900s, when heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson, who was black, seemed invincible and the term was used for any white opponent who might defeat him. It gained currency as the title of a Broadway play and later (1970) a film. By then it had been transferred to anyone of whom much was expected.” So I would not necessarily take the usage of that term to be an indication of any actual white pride that fans feel. If, as you imply, most white sports fans actually do feel pride in their race, then this would be good news indeed. I think it would be a great subject for a survey: “do you tend to cheer for athletes of your own race more so than of other races?” It would be interesting to see the results. I am fairly certain that the vast majority of whites would answer “no”, while most blacks and Hispanics would answer “yes”.
      As for European players, they are permitted to feel pride in their specific nationality – but not in their race. I certainly did not mean to say that white athletes (who are skilled and famous) are idolized any less than non-white ones. I am well aware of how Coloradans worship John Elway – and I don’t like that either. My intention was to say that notable black athletes are used to help further the media’s relentless promotion of black men. I guess I should have been more clear on that.
      I may have been wrong about sports fans not taking note of an athlete’s race; further study is needed and I shall ask around.

      • Matityahu says:

        When Larry Bird was drafted he was called by many the Great White Hope of basketball. He of course didn’t care for the term, much to his credit.
        You have talked much about the data showing certain races to be smarter than others, maybe it isn’t the media promoting black men in sports relentlessly out of some weird PC conspiracy but that they are genetically better athletes.

      • fred says:

        matityahu says, they are genetically better athletes.
        Yes and no. It really depends on which sport. Different sports emphasize different characteristics. And what is an advantage in one sport is often a disadvantage in another. For example, a larger torso in proportion to length of arms and legs is an advantage in swimming, wrestling, weightlifting, etc whereas a smaller torso in proportion to length of arms and legs is an advantage in sprinting, basketball, etc.
        Now, asians are generally not thought to be good athletes. And yet studies have proven asians have the fastest decision/reflexes of any group. This gives asians a clear advantages on sports emphasizing this ability such as ping-pong, fencing, etc. But there are very few sports which rely on purely one skill or characteristic. Most rely on a combination.
        I submit that by simply tweaking the rules of any sport the ethnic percentage for any of them would be drastically changed.

  2. jewamongyou says:

    Matityahu, there is little doubt that blacks are generally superior at certain sports. As a matter of fact, people have gotten in trouble for pointing out that their abilities are, at least partly, genetic in origin.
    There is no doubt in my mind that blacks have a genetic advantage, over whites and Asians, in sports such as basketball.
    By the same token, whites and Asians have genetic advantages in other areas.
    I am not claiming that the media focuses on black athletes at the expense of white athletes. What I am trying to say is that, as they focus on those athletes, they also take the opportunity to glorify black men in general – which is something they have a history of doing consistently.
    Yes, I realize this is a fine distinction. I don’t know how many of my posts you have read, but if you read enough of them, a more complete picture of my views will emerge.
    But I’ll spell out some of them here anyway:
    1) I do not hate anybody because of their race.
    2) I do not wish for the extermination, subjugation or marginalization of any race or ethnic group
    3) I do believe that the mainstream media, as a whole, hates the white race – even though they do not hate whites individually.
    4) The above is also true of most levels of government
    5) I want fairness and a level playing field – along with open acknowledgment of racial realities and open study of them
    6) I want whites to develop a sense of solidarity. I feel the same way (but more intensely) about my own people: the Jews.
    7) I want the oppression against whites to cease
    8) I want government to stay out of our lives as much as possible
    Of course there is more but this is the general idea.
    Thanks for your comments Matityahu and please keep ’em coming!

  3. Bay Area Guy says:

    I still cannot believe that the NBA got a high diversity rating for its PLAYERS.
    I guess a league that’s 80% black in a country that’s only 13% black is considered “diverse.”

  4. jewamongyou says:

    “Diverse” is a very subjective word. It can mean almost anything you want it to mean. My problem with the term is that the establishment refuses to recognize that there is much ethnic/cultural diversity among whites. On the other hand, they constantly emphasize how there is so much diversity among blacks. It is a double standard.
    Yes, there is great cultural, national, linguistic, religious etc. diversity among blacks. But this is also true for whites and Asians. So yes, the NBA can be described as “diverse” but so can a high school that is all white.

  5. gary says:

    Now living in Argentina..few people know that Argentina won gold in basketball in 2004..
    Hmmm..Predominantly white or all white, Argentina rules allow zone defense….black physical advantage was nulled..and outside perimeter shooting was what won it for Argentina and other European countries..I am sure american Basketball zone play was banned as whites would rise..

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