Women in our movements

When I say “our movements”, I am referring to the libertarian movement and the pro-white movement.  Libertarians have taken the deficiency of women in their ranks seriously.  We need women in order to make lots of little libertarian babies – oh, and sometimes those women can contribute to our cause in other ways too.  Here is an interview with Allison Gibbs by Tim Cavanaugh.  Yes, Cavanaugh bobs his head too much and this is annoying, nevertheless it’s a good interview:

The pro-white movement could certainly use women like Gibbs.  Those who orchestrate the massive anti-white propaganda campaign are well aware that women are the soft underbelly of the white race.  Women care, far more than men, about being trendy and fashionable so, as long as white is depicted as the opposite of trendy and fashionable, many women will fall for it.  It has been said countless times already, but I’ll say it again: The pro-white movement needs to put on a happy face and be more positive in order to attract women.  Happy and positive are always trendy and fashionable.
I have always suspected that the ancient Jewish sages, when they saw that the people of Israel were about to become vulnerable minorities in a vast diaspora, knew that Jewish women would be the most likely targets of our enemies.  This is why they decided that it would be the mother whose lineage determines Jewish identity.  Of course there would have been other factors as well – the fact that the mother is usually the one actually raising the child and the fact that the mother’s identity is almost always known.  Unfortunately, whites cannot simply decree that a white mother is all one needs to be fully white.  Not with any credibility.
In our own times, Islam is being spread in Europe primarily via its women.  Just as blacks in America assault the white race on two fronts, miscegenation with white women and assault against them, so too are Muslims in Europe using these two tactics at the same time – though not always by the same men.   If European peoples are to survive, their women need protection within a strong and nurturing living ethnic identity.  Since the fall of Christianity in Europe, there is no such identity any longer.  To fill the vacuum, we have an unimpeded invasion by Africans and Muslims.  They do have strong cultures and belief systems, and women are attracted to this.  Women are not attracted to weakness.  The only way Europe can project strength is to take pride in its own heritage.  Since the concept of “nationality” has been usurped by statists, who have reduced it to a piece of paper, Europeans must define themselves otherwise.  They cannot define themselves by culture; “culture” can mean almost anything.  Is a Frenchman who refuses to eat Escargot no longer French?  What about a Brit who roots for the wrong sports team?  This leaves race as the only reasonable trait that Europeans can use to define themselves.  It is also the only one directly given to them by Mother Nature.  In short, “heritage” means race.  The only way Europe can save itself is for white nationalism to become mainstream.  The recruitment of women to this cause is crucial to its survival.  But the traditional role of women, as submissive, does not work in our favor here.
One irony of this situation is that the feminist movement, which generally plays the role of villain, has also emboldened women to take leading roles and to assert themselves against the mainstream.  Feminism has, to a certain degree, made women more like men.  This can work in our favor.  The anti-white mainstream is so firmly entrenched that only the most independent thinkers can break free of it.  Though many women only fool themselves into thinking they are as free-thinking as men, some actually are.  Not nearly enough, to be sure, but it is a start.  I think, as the reality of rape statistics and abuse become more widely known, more and more middle-of-the-road feminists will start to take their blinders off.  One can hope.

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  1. Eugenicist says:

    I wonder if one could start an organization something like “White Victims of Black Crime” for people who have been raped, mugged, assaulted, had relatives killed, etc. People are always bemoaning how many blacks get put in prison, they never think of the real people who are affected by the acts that put them in prison.
    I have female relatives who were born and raised in inner-city Detroit. They are race realistic, but both are highly educated so they don’t really talk about reality with their friends, most of whom led (more) sheltered lives than they did. Also, most people won’t believe them when they tell the truth.

  2. Eugenicist says:

    Another idea: if pro-white groups concerned themselves with making life better for white mothers, it would find numerous supporters male and female. Focusing on quality child education, through homeschool co-ops and so on, would be another good step.
    At present, having chldren is a considerable drain and expense for most white families, even well-off ones. They do not have “a village” to help raise the kid, and they have to send them to private schools to get even a decent education. Creating better social infrastructure and making towns safer would win you some female support, even if they pretended otherwise to their friends.

  3. RandyB says:

    Some decent ideas from Eugenicist. I hope the upcoming Amrean conference deals with this issue, because in my opinion it should be our first step.
    Hispanics, Blacks and White women have little politically in common, except wanting things from white men, and their diversity coalition falls apart when any one of them stops voting for it. I think white women would be the easiest to extract.

  4. latte island says:

    As a Zionist/WN-supporter/feminist, I can tell you, many women and Jews will continue to be stuck on the leftist/multiculti plantation, as long as pro-white media routinely blame women for almost everything. Some of our allies need to improve their bedside manner, and not make women and other potential allies feel like fools for supporting people who routinely slander them. In fact, some traditionalist/right-wing bloggers and commenters are hardly distinguishable from hard-line Muslims, in what they say about women. Not you, but you probably know who I mean.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yep. The situation with WN’s and Jews is similar to that of WN’s and women – except that the movement can survive without Jews while it cannot survive (long) without women.

  5. latte island says:

    OT, but maybe you can help me with something that will interest a lot of other pro-white Jews. Did you ever read Ashkenazi Revolution, by Kalman Katzenelson? It’s this supposedly racist pamphlet that was banned in Israel, because the author believed Ashkenazim were superior to Middle-Eastern Jews. The excerpts I’ve read have been intriguing. He’s a kindred spirit–a racist Zionist like me. The only excerpts I’ve been able to find have been in sources that use it as an example of what’s bad about Zionism. No one who quotes him likes him.
    I don’t read Hebrew, and have no way of reading the book unless a like minded person finds an old copy and translates it. What do you think? If you could do that, maybe not the whole book, but just the good parts, a lot of people would find it fascinating.

    • jewamongyou says:

      You’ve really got me intrigued about the book “Ashkenazi Revolution”. I’ve been using Hebrew search engines to try to find it, so far with no success.
      It’s interesting that Israeli authorities were so keen on banning it while, at the same time, Oriental Jewry was, indeed, having its culture stripped away from it. At that time, and for a long time afterward, it was prohibited for T.V. anchors to use any Oriental Hebrew in their broadcasts. School children were mocked if they retained any trace of their parents accents. Traditional dress was not allowed either. But, from a genetic/values angle, I’m guessing that Katzenelson makes some good points and I’d love to read/translate the book – if I can find it!

  6. latte island says:

    There was a lot of wrong on both sides. First, when European Jews came to Palestine, the Zionist establishment suppressed their language, Yiddish. Then, when Jews from the Middle East came to Israel, the authorities suppressed their culture too. And then Katzenelson’s book was banned by Ben-Gurion, after being a best-seller in 1964. Banning books people want to read? Unfair to everyone.

  7. Annoyed says:

    I agree completely with the idea that (white)females need to be attracted to and encouraged to be a part of any White Nationalist.
    If anything it should be appealing to them considering racial survival rests on both male and female members and that they are uniquely important to us and have value.
    I think we could sway at least part of the white feminist movement to our cause.

  8. Saturnia says:

    After having wasted away ten years of my life in the so-called “pro-White movement,” I no longer see why any intelligent White female would be attracted to it.
    “I think we could sway at least part of the white feminist movement to our cause.”
    And do what, bully them until they become the submissive, traditional women you guys want, or drive them off if they don’t submit?

    • jewamongyou says:

      Ouch! Sounds like you ran into some nasty fellows from whatever flavor of the pro-white movement you were connected with.
      The lousy people you encountered notwithstanding, surely you appreciate the merits of standing up for your own people. Feel free to email me; I’d be happy to be your friend (purely platonic of course).

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