Ethiopians in Israel

Stupidity can be found among all races and peoples, even among Jews.  For example, in “Operation Moses” the State of Israel airlifted most of the Ethiopian “Jewish” community to Israel.  This was followed up, several years later, with “Operation Solomon“.  The end result was, of course, a new black underclass within Israel.
Personally, I have nothing against Ethiopians; the few I have known were friendly and refined people.  Many Ethiopian women also happen to be quite attractive (in my opinion); this is due to a generous amount of Eurasian ancestry among the peoples of the Horn of Africa.  Mathilda writes:

Anyway, the gist of these collected DNA studies is that Ethiopians are about 40% Caucasian, and are genetically a little more closely related to Mediterranean Caucasian groups like Berbers and Arabs than Western Africans, as is shown by this twig map. The actual amount of admixture varies from one group to another, but 40% is the average of all these samples.

This is all fine and well.  Unfortunately, it does not help the Ethiopians when it comes to average I.Q.  My opinion is that the Caucasian migrations Mathilda speaks of took place before the increase in non-Negro I.Q.’s.  According to Richard Fuerle, in “Erectus Walks Amongst Us“, there are actually selective pressures in Africa that work against high I.Q.  Either way, today’s Ethiopians rank among the lowest in the world for average I.Q.  According to Richard Lynn, in his book “I.Q. and the Wealth of Nations“, Ethiopia has an average I.Q. of only 63.
While it is possible that the so-called Jews of Ethiopia boast higher I.Q.’s than the gentile population, I am not aware of any such studies.  Even if this is the case, and even accounting for the inevitable increase in their I.Q. due to better education, healthcare and nutrition in Israel, it is still hard to imagine them being able to compete with the Jewish citizens of Israel, whose average I.Q. is 94 (according to Lynn – and accounting for the large non-European population there).
According to The Israeli Association For Ethiopian Jews

Juvenile delinquency is growing even among children as young as 8 or 9 years old. A woman who runs a program in Beersheva to try to help children in elementary school reports that children are remaining at the malls until all hours, ditching school on a semi-regular basis, and often getting involved in petty crime. She describes this as a pattern that is spreading very quickly and involves 300 children under the age of 14 in Beersheva alone. There are also Ethiopian youth gangs in many of the cities where there is a concentration of immigrants such as Rehovot, Rishon LeZion, Netanya, Beer Sheva, Hadera etc., as well as in Tel Aviv. In neighborhoods with a high concentration of Ethiopian immigrants, we have encountered Israeli criminals actively recruiting Ethiopian youths into drug sales and other criminal activities…
… of nine schools with high concentrations of Ethiopians, there are major gaps in achievement between the Ethiopian-Israeli children and the native Israelis in all the important subjects. In another recent study of six schools, 50% of the Operation Solomon children and 48% of the children whose families came 12 years ago in Operation Moses or before (that means they were probably born here) were judged by their teachers as below their class level in reading comprehension. In comparison, 23% of the native Israeli, non- Ethiopian children were so judged by the teachers. In math, 56% of the Operation Solomon immigrant children and 51% of the Operation Moses children were seen as below class level, as opposed to 21% of the “regular” Israeli children.

And so now we find ourselves, several decades after the airlifts to Israel, with a black underclass in Israel.  Is anybody surprised?  What prompted me to write this post was an appeal I got by email:

I hope the organizers of this campaign see this post; I shall attempt to send it to them.  In any case my answer is “no”.  I shall not throw any of my hard-earned money at a hopeless cause.  50 years from now, they will still be making the same appeals; my guess is that Ethiopian D.N.A. will not have changed much by then.

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8 Responses to Ethiopians in Israel

  1. Patrick says:

    Ultimately the Ethiopians will always be an underclass in Israel. Their situation would probably improve slightly if they collectively became devoutly religious but ultimately they have to make that choice. And perhaps they already are devoutly religious I am not sure. All I know is is that on average there is less drug abuse among the devoutly religious and drug abuse is often times the major element in causing delinquency.

  2. Annoyed says:

    I don’t mean to detract from your post but do you know why Israels IQ relatively low?

  3. taylor says:

    I think those organizers know it’s a lost cause due to biology. They don’t care, they just want their useless jobs and a source of income.

  4. Abdul Azis says:

    blogwalking bro. visit back

  5. Eddie says:

    Based on a few studies of Jewish genetics that I have seen the Ethiopian Jews have nothing in common with Jews and were most likely converts to Judaism. I know that Jews do not proselytize but, perhaps, it was not always the case in the past.

    • Aryeh Chaim Sura says:

      Jews have converted entire nations in the past. The original Jewish looked very similar to brown skinned Arabs. We looked similar to Egyptians it’s common sense based on Torah. Due to he colonization of many nations in Israel and intermarriage we eventually changed into the many colors we have today. This is why some Jews are white, some are brown, and some are black. There are also those who are in between those ranges. Either way Hebrew is a afroasiatic language. Our roots are as middle eastern as they come. Our people are Jews we are not white, or black. The holocoust should show this. We are not American, or anonymity other nation but Israel. We must remember who and what we are and that we are one. Don’t let the yetzer hara make hate you show disdain to your brother. My brother.

  6. Nick says:

    Stupidity and racism make others think that race has something to with the stupid I.Q test. Your posting is stupid and you need to wising up.

  7. Aster Aweke says:

    I’m part Ethiopian and I am not afraid to say that the intelligence of many of my kind are helplessly laid low by the environment of my ancestors, which selects AGAINST high levels of IQ in favor of the behaviors required for survival and defense against local tribes.
    The only hope for Beta Israelis short of sterilizing low IQ individuals is genetic engineering of all the Beta population with a mixture of genes associated with intelligence from the greater Jewish population.
    But the author has a point when he says “I shall not throw any of my hard-earned money at a hopeless cause.” Same for his genes that were hard-earned by his ancestors.
    Even if genetic technologies like CRISPR were fully developed, why should a Jew donate the genetic advantages his ancestors died to attain, to another group that did nothing to deserve it? (other than claiming to be Israelis).

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