Kenyan innovation

American Renaissance linked to a very entertaining, if somewhat sad, video of a Kenyan with dreams of building his own aircraft and revolutionizing the way private airplanes are built.
As I watched the video, I pondered how many blacks and negrophiles have clicked on that link and thought to themselves, “please tell me this is some kind of joke!”  Unfortunately for them, it is no joke.
What would happen if Mr. Dawitu were to succeed in getting his unwieldy contraption airborne?  Chances are, it would have crashed into a house and killed somebody.  It turns out there is a followup to this story:
Mr. Dawitu had already experienced a personal encounter with H.B.D.  Now it was time for him to experience big government; it turns out his plans cannot be consummated legally because all aircraft must have permits from the Kenyan government.  Not only that, but all pilots must be licensed.  Perhaps, after appreciating the futility of his plans, Mr. Dawitu contacted the Kenyan government himself, as a means to avoid the embarrassment of giving up on his own.
Is it possible that an anarchist society cannot flourish unless there is a certain minimum average I.Q.?  I suspect this might be the case.  Be it as it may, Mr. Dawitu’s efforts, and money, are certainly better spent on other endeavors.

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5 Responses to Kenyan innovation

  1. Patrick says:

    I give the guy credit for trying but yes I admit some parts of the video were a bit humorous. Maybe he will succeed if he keeps trying, who knows?
    As for minimum intelligence needed in an anarchist oriented society… well I think one of the theories on that sort of thing is that when the masses are stupid they need some sort of force ordering them around because otherwise they will get into trouble but when people are intelligent and civic-minded society can be more democratic and perhaps even anarchic successfully.
    People were very concerned in America when the Irish started immigrating in large waves after their farming failures in Ireland(Potato Famine) because people considered the Irish not of the mentality to participate in a democratic society properly. They weren’t very civic oriented it was assumed. And I’m not convinced this characterization of Irish-Americans was a mischaracterization.

  2. FrankBD says:

    Aviation is not a field in which I’d prioritize Diversity.

  3. Californian says:

    OK, we can laugh, but…there was a time when Americans were doing things like building airplanes in their back yards. And what are they doing today? Staring at their televisions six hours a day? Attending “sensitivity” indoctrination? Maybe bestirring themselves to buy the latest iPod on Black Friday?
    The thing is, we have to give credit where credit is due. And maybe recognize that what ails the West today is that your average citizen is letting the Kenyans beat them out when it comes to innovation.

  4. Sagat says:

    The thing is, we have to give credit where credit is due. And maybe recognize that what ails the West today is that your average citizen is letting the Kenyans beat them out when it comes to innovation.
    That’s such an absurd statement. Some Kenyan trying to cobble together a plane is not innovation. There’s far more American hobbyists that build all types of advanced machinery and electronics in their backyards than in all of Africa.
    Here’s some missionaries that built a flying car:
    Your assertion that all Americans are simply worthless consumers that lack the ability to match that Kenyan is not only baseless, but pisses on the massive amount of innovation that still comes out of America.

  5. Arturo says:

    It’s funny the way things are: I sent the video of the clueless Kenyans to a liberal friend. Her reply: “That’s such racist crap.”
    So now reality is racist to the deluded mind of a liberal.

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