Tyler Perry and black charity

When I saw that entertainment mogul Tyler Perry had pledged to rebuilt the home of an 88-year-old Georgia grandmother, pay her rent in the interim and buy her all new furniture, I immediately assumed that the grandmother, and her family, must be black.  But we wouldn’t know if from the AP press release.  Nor would we know if from the Yahoo article.  We would not know it from the newsone article.  We would never be able to figure it out from the local Access Atlanta blurb either.  TV guide also gives no hint of this.  The Los Angeles Times is the same way.  Every one of the news outlets above, and many more, were careful to include a photo of Perry in the article, even though he is a celebrity and most people would probably already know what he looks like.  Generally, when people are the beneficiaries of unusual charity, the media is sure to publish photos of them.  Why, in this case, was it not done?
Clearly, the media establishment wants to be certain the entire world knows that a black celebrity was generous with his money.  How was I able to confirm that the grandmother, and her family, are black?  Through the website of a T.V. station, whose article was published before Perry got involved.  Here is the photo:

The media is suppressing the race of the beneficiaries just as it is accustomed to suppress the (black) race of the perpetrators of crime when it is possible to do so.
I want to emphasis that there is absolutely nothing wrong with blacks taking care of other blacks first and foremost.  I do not fault Perry for doing this.  On the contrary, he is worthy of praise.  But I do fault the media for misleading the public and trying to portray this as if Perry is colorblind in his good works.

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  1. FrankBD says:

    This is the definition of political correctness. Modern journalism believes it has not just the obligation to be factually correct (obviously no one would want otherwise) but also to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. So facts that don’t advance that agenda should be filtered.

  2. Irish Savant says:

    Discovered your blog and it’s great! Just what we need. In fact I’ve been reading it for the last hour and have added it to my blogroll.
    If you get time I’d be interested in your views on this post http://irishsavant.blogspot.com/2010/12/our-most-improtant-issue-relations-with.html

    • jewamongyou says:

      I think your assessment is accurate. I’ve written some of the same things myself. I’ll definitely check out your blog some more and thanks for the compliment and the link!

  3. fred says:

    Hey Guys-
    It looks like my tenure on restructure’s blog is about up. I’ve been a real smart alek but very careful not to cross the line. If she banned me outright she would lose face for censorship as well as an admission that my arguments are more persuasive. But she finally found a way around it. She has a poll in which all the leftists who couldn’t support their arguments against me get to vote me off. I’m actually kind of flattered. Check it out.

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