Malta under seige

“Xenophobia” is one of those words the anti-white movement has misused and twisted.  A phobia is an irrational, persistent fear of something. defines “xenophobia” as…

an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange.

But there is nothing unreasonable about fearing waves of uninvited migrants to your nation, when the nation in question is Malta.  Malta is a small collection of islands comprising only 122 square miles.  It is one of the most densely populated nations on Earth and its inhabitants are more or less homogeneous.  Maltese is a Semitic language, though it is written in Roman characters and has many Indo-European loan words.  Given this scenario, no reasonable person could claim that the influx of thousands of black Africans would do Malta any good.  Yet this is exactly what has been going on over the past decade.  Watch this Euronews documentary video and it is not difficult to envision a repeat of the process that has taken place all over the Western world: 1) black African refugees arrive 2) crime, filth and disease arrive with them 3) they date/attack local women 4) local resentment grows 5) the blacks blame their failings on “racism” or “xenophobia” but insist on staying 6) they have many children and use up social services 7) large swaths of the victim country become little Africas, where whites enter at their own peril.  Is this the future that Malta desires?  Is it “phobic” to wish to avoid it?
Malta finds itself at risk, according to the Euronews video, because of its geographical location.  Or perhaps the Africans mistakenly believe it is the source of Malt Liquor – in which case a change of name should be considered.  Either way, this tiny nation cannot afford to be nice to African migrants if it is to survive as a nation.
It seems there are parallels between Maltese and Hebrew, other than the fact that they are both Semitic, and  I found an interesting article that compares the rebirth of Maltese, as a national language, to that of Hebrew:

The Origins and Renaissance of Maltese
But how was Maltese preserved and elevated, and what was Hebrew’s role in the matter? In the late 1870s. A handful of local scholars believing that Maltese descended from the dialect spoken in Carthage and originally brought there by the Phoenicians and later known as “Punic” deserved to respected rather than held in contempt. They argued that, as a language closely related to the Hebrew and Aramaic spoken by Jesus and the disciples, Maltese had a noble affiliation to them both. How could such a language be fit only for the market or the fisherman’s wharf and boat? Why should it be denied as the language of instruction in the schools, the courts and capable of producing a great literature?
Only in the mid 19th century, did scholars finally adapt Maltese to a written standard using Latin letters and thereby greatly increased literacy. This success brought immense new prestige to the language that was the spoken vernacular of more than 95% of the island’s population. The publication of a book in Italian “Saggio intorno alla lingua Maltese come effine all’Ebraico in 1880 enabled the cause of Maltese to finally make headway among many of the island’s Italian speaking intellectuals who had previously spurned the language. The author of the book, Annibale Preca, argued for the close association of Hebrew and Arabic with Maltese…

What a shame it would be if, after all the effort spent on resurrecting Malta’s fading heritage, it were transformed into a mere outpost of Africa.*
* See also the American Renaissance news clip on this matter.

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  1. Arturo says:

    One-world liberal denialism is the default position among the intellectually weak and cowardly today: it is the safe place to be, sans risk or attendant tribulations of any kind, a warm and fuzzy place where the majority of the Western elite will back you up and defend you, despite reality squealing hysterically from the other corner of the ring, begging you to see the truth about how God created his many creatures with vastly differing degrees of competence.
    Adhering to the prevailing Liberal Dogma means that your job is safe and your friendship with your NFL-watching white neighbours is not at risk; despite being a fundamentally dishonest and wrongheaded ideology, it is the safe place to be for most of humanity. It is the redoubt of the intellectually weak and lazy, a safe haven from which to see no evil, hear no evil, be no evil.
    Like the deluded children who affixed “Question Authority” bumperstickers to their Subaru pickups in the 1970s, the Huff-post reading practitioners of the Religion of Liberalism today think incorrectly that they are the true dissidents, the true rebels; whereas, in fact, Anti-Establishment has become the new Establishment.
    One need look no further than the election of the Fraudulent One to realize that reality has been turned on its head in the new, post-Western, post-Euro New World.
    The silly white children with dreadlocks and self-mutilating tattoos à la Angelina Jolies and Bonos of the world fail to see that their devotion to a supposedly non-conformist creed is actually the ultimate form of conformism, little more than an establishment-inspired hatred for their own kind. The ultimate stupidity, in a word. It is a sick, sickly, and sickening form of anti-Western self-denialism, perpetrated en masse by the social engineering elites that are a thousand times more intelligent than most Westerners, and a billion times more intelligent than those non-Westerners programmed through relentless Euro-based propaganda to hate the very inventors of electricity, flight, the telephone etc..
    Modern-day, post-1960s Global Egalitarianism Liberalism is the default position for the weak-willed and the intellectually lazy; it is the easy place to go in a would-be global society where every single modern innovation – EVERY ONE, for heaven’s sake – is the product of the mind of a hated dead white male from Europe. The stupidity that ensues from such an agenda is breathtaking: it is the myth of the nobel savage run amok, to apocalyptic effect.
    When it comes to historical revisionism and non-white bias today, it is safe to say that never in the history of mankind has such mass insanity prevailed; the anti-Western phenomenon that is sweeping the planet is the work of dark and sinister forces who have an agenda that does not even register on the Richter Scale of global conspiracies. (BTW, Richter was not an African, or a Chinaman, or a practitioner of the Religion of Peace : Charles Francis Richter was a white European male).
    Liberalism is the default position of intellectual discourse today. Think about it: the mainstream elite has made it such that to NOT embrace the liberal credo will likely result for whoever dare not embrace it in professional termination, hate-crime prosecution, and the like. Look at what happened to Dr. James Watson, one small example among countless examples.
    (for more, please go to : )
    Also Jay : could you please blogroll / follow me ?
    I would follow you if I could find the “follow” button.
    I really enjoy your commentary. Interesting note about the Kenyan flight engineers posted in your pages: I discovered this video a few weeks ago.
    I too thought that it might be a joke.
    God knows that the psychopaths at the New York Times would want you to believe that it Just Wasn’t So, but the sad truth is that it is.
    There are a billion – a BILLION – other really low-IQ people like that in the Dark Continent. And keep n mind that the dude behind that flying machine is probably in the top 99th percentile of African intelligence !
    In a sane world, these people would be rightly pitied, in the same way that we westerners have a natural guilt reflex to give a few coins to a dirty hand that is extended on the street. (I always do).
    The problem is not so much the blacks, but the psycho liberals who have been whispering in their ears for decades now that they are as EXACTLY as smart as whites/other groups, and that the only reason they are so fucked up today is because of past and present white wickedness.
    One really cannot blame the savages – that would be to misdirect righteous wrath.
    Sadly – and this makes us question the whole premise behind the duality inherent to the notion of ethnomasochism – it looks like the real evil-doers are people who more closely resemble you and me.
    I hope you had a Merry Christmas Jew Among You, I look forward to reading your alway insightful musings, please sign up at, and a Happy New Year to You Too !
    – Arturo

  2. The semitic language of malta may be due to some sort of berber influence, many berbers have a very caucasian looking appearance.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Except that Berbers are not Semitic and their language is not Semitic. Linguists do, however, include their Hamitic tongue, together with the Semitic languages into a broader language family called “Afro-Asiatic” or “Hamito-Semitic”.
      Their language is actually a derivative of a North African dialect of Arabic from many centuries ago. It is claimed they are descended from the ancient Phoenicians and Carthaginians but their current tongue is not descended from that Canaanite tongue.

  3. Matityahu says:

    The article by Berdichevsky was very interesting. The Phoenicians/Carthagians conquered Malta and left there language and culture. The Arabs came and did the same, then the Italians, English. Now it seems the Africans are to some degree doing the same. The ebb and flow of Cultural/linguistic dominance in any particular area should come as no surprise to anyone. The history books are full of similar stories.
    I don’t blame the Maltese for wanting to preserve their language and culture, nor the Africans for wanting to get out of what has been a historically bad situation on there home continent.
    America was founded on the near genocide of an entire race, desecration of their culture, and prohibition of their languages by white Europeans. That other peoples have “come up to challenge” and in some instances overwhelmed Western Civilization is as natural as the rain.
    I don’t have any answers, just thoughts.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Good to hear from you again my friend! I agree that, like the cycle of life, death is to be expected – both for the individual and his civilization. But just as the ebb and flow of peoples is natural, so too is the instinct to preserve one’s own people.
      An anti-Semite might plot to destroy the Jewish people and rationalize this by saying that it is natural for peoples to become extinct. At the same time, it is natural for Jews to oppose him.

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