hbd for cats – by menchi cat

many believe that hbd is only for people.  but this is not true.  we cats have our own hbd but we call it fbd for feline biodiversity.  fbd is important for cats.  you see, my momma was a siamese but my poppa was a tabby.     tabbys are cute and cuddly but they are not good daddies; they never stick around.  did you  know that a tabbys personality can be judged by his markings.  i found an internet site that says this

Most of the tabby cats are known to be happy-go-lucky by nature, while some of them are ferocious and get angry if their wishes are not fulfilled. They love to play around and are usually more attracted to a particular person in the house, who does all the tasks related to their day to day routines. The colors of the stripes on the body do determine the tabby cat personality. Those cats which are black or white in color are said to be cool and people loving. Some tabby cats are shy and love to spend hours in a peaceful and quiet place. They enjoy to be treated with love, care and handled softly while lifting or playing with them.*

you humans think that cats dont care about color but we do.  we notice it all the time.  when i see another cat close to my house, the first thing i notice is her color and markings.  if i dont like her i hiss – well okay, i always hiss at other cats.  we also notice their smell.  i dont like the smell of other cats.  i do like the way people smell, especially jewamongyou.
each race of cat has a personality that it is likely to have.  somebody on the internet wrote this

  • Persian – Persians are very calm and laid back kittens, with the Himalayans (color points) being a bit more vocal. They require lots of grooming!
  • Maine Coon – The Maine Coon is one of the largest of pet cats, and they are said to have a very dog-like personality and are known for games of fetch.
  • Exotic – The Exotic has the personality of a Persian without all the grooming requirements.
  • Siamese – The easily recognizable Siamese is a very intelligent, loyal, and vocal kitty. Abyssinian – Abyssinians love everyone they meet and are a very active and playful breed.
  • Ragdoll – Ragdolls gained their popularity for going limp in your arms when you pick them up. They are so docile that it is dangerous to let them outdoors unattended. They are another very large breed!
  • Birman – Birmans are said to adjust to their family’s routine as they are easily adaptable. They have long hair but are also very easy to groom.
  • Oriental – The Oriental is very people-oriented, not as chatty as the Siamese but has the same great looks.American Shorthair – The American Shorthair is one of the best breeds around children. The most popular purebred American Shorthair is silver with black tabby striping.
  • Tonkinese – The Tonkinese can be a strong-willed kitty, but they have such a fun personality that it makes up for it if you have the patience to train them properly. They are very loving, and grooming is practically carefree.**

i think this is true because i am half siamese and i am very smart.  but i still dont understand what the shift key is for.  jewamongyou tried to explain it to me.  he is even smarter than i am.
i know there are no jewish cats but there are jewish katz, but i never met one.  if i do i hope they smell good.
among cats, we understand that our races are different.  we dont care.  there are no liberals among cats.  we usually hate each other anyway.
thank you for reading this.  im going to sleep now.

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  1. Annoyed says:

    haha, that was cute.

  2. Mac says:

    What has four legs and chases Katz?
    Mrs. Katz and her lawyer

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