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My email to councilman Cannon of Charlotte

Mr. Cannon, Since when is it a councilman’s/ mayor’s job to prevent the peaceful assembly of citizens?  American Renaissance welcomes people of any race or ethnicity to participate.  The same cannot be said of the Congressional Black Caucus – which … Continue reading

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"Head Start" founder dies at 95

R. Sargent Shriver was one of the founders of the government monstrosity known as “Head Start”.  Its underlying reasoning being that parents cannot (or will not) educate their own children in when they are toddlers, Shriver was proof that years … Continue reading

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Southern Sudan

These are exciting times for Southern Sudan.  It seems that nearly 99% of the region favors secession from Sudan.  I wish them success and I hope that they manage their affairs wisely.  Still I think it is ironic that it … Continue reading

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Mob rule does not recognize freedom of speech

Even the smallest candle can banish darkness.  This is why the forces of darkness cannot tolerate a peaceful meeting of race-realists.  Last year, these cowardly terrorists, whose “activism” involved threatening the lives of hotel employees, succeeded in reducing the scale … Continue reading

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Who owns the sanctity of victims?

A group of rabbis just condemned Glen Beck for using Holocaust imagery.  Sometimes I get the impression that Jewish leaders and clergy believe that… We own the rights to the Holocaust.  We own the book rights, the movie rights and … Continue reading

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Nature versus nurture and Jack LaLanne

The great fitness icon of the 20th century has departed this Earth at the ripe old age of 96.  My generation grew up with Jack LeLanne and, for a long time, his name was almost synonymous with fitness.  As if … Continue reading

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Silver linings to an unpleasant event

How did I get from the Portland area to Southern Oregon?  In the past, I had always driven.  It’s a 5 hour drive and usually a fairly pleasant one.  This time, I had opted to fly.  The cost of the … Continue reading

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I'm off to visit family

Dear readers, I’ll be visiting family, including my grandson, for the next few days.  So posting may be sparse.

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When ignorance is bliss

Countenance just posted about a T.V. show called “skins”: If what they’re saying about Skins is true, then what grinds me is that it’s nowhere near true — High school students aren’t that hypersexual or promiscuous.  To the extent that … Continue reading

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Mainstream media admits to racial bias

After all the evidence, presented here and elsewhere, of media bias, it is refreshing to see the MSM finally admitting as much.  Unfortunately, they got confused and accused themselves of having a pro-white bias.  A black teenage girl is missing … Continue reading

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