Arabic music versus African music

Warning: I am about to embark on one of my blatantly unscientific rants.
For a long time now, blacks have been considered cool and trendy.  Therefore, many cultural traits associated with blacks are also popular.  Black ghetto slang, dress and gang symbols can be found around the world, adopted by the empty, pathetic masses that consider their own native cultures inferior.  Among more affluent whites, we find African art on their walls, African charities being donated to and African orphans being adopted.
Apparently the same applies to music.  Trashy whites listen to ghetto rap.  Cultured whites will usually listen to white music – but they harbor a symbolic respect for black African music as well.  Once, while visiting a leftist cousin, our conversation drifted to music.  He produced an African CD and I asked to borrow it to see if it was any good; my tastes in music are rather eclectic and I’m always interested in listening to something new.  As it turned out, that African music was some of the worst I had ever heard.
My real passion is for Arabic music.  Not all Arabic music, of course.  There are certain genres I particularly enjoy and others I do not care for.  I do like some Sudanese music as well; it is an interesting blend of traditional African and Arabic elements.  It tends to be more mellow than other Arabic music.  That most white-nationalists hate Arabic music doesn’t bother me in the least.  To each his own.  Also, I did not choose to enjoy Arabic music; it has appealed to me from my earliest memories.  But this I know: Arabic music is superior to most black African music.  Modern Arabic music draws (typically) from Turkish, African, Indian and the various native traditions it absorbed.  Though I cannot prove it, I believe that ancient Egyptian, Babylonian and even Hebrew music live on, to various degrees, in what we now call “Arabic music”.  In contrast, most black African music does not seem to draw from other sources much at all.  Granted, there are some catchy tunes and some impressive beats – but it seems to be very local and tribal.  Hey, I warned you this would not be scientific.
Yet, a Google search for “Arab music festival” yields only 640,000 results.  Only 408.000 for “Arabic music festival”.  In contrast, “African music festival” yields 3,940,000 results.  Lest somebody claim this is because Africa is larger than the Arab world (and there is some overlap, of course), “Asian music festival” yields only 1,060,000 results.  But traditional Asian (excluding Indian) music is even worse than African music.   I suppose one must be raised with it to appreciate it; I certainly do not.  So it does seem as though there is some favoritism toward African music simply because it is African.  African is “the new black” while “Arabic” is associated with various unsavory things – not without justification.
I would like to suggest to Arabs, that they stop beheading people and blowing stuff up – if this is what it takes for their music to gain the recognition it deserves.

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10 Responses to Arabic music versus African music

  1. Gay State Girl says:

    Arabs clearly have better cuisine, but jewish music is way better Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino alike are all better than Arabic music.

  2. Ryan says:

    Jewamongyou do you have any samples on a website or even youtube of good arab or jewish music? I wouldn’t even know where to start.

  3. Eugenicist says:

    Interesting rant. I’ve always been partial to Scottish folk music myself. I also like Motown and 1960s soul/rock and roll, like Otis Redding and Chris Farlowe.
    I haven’t heard enough Arabic or African music to pass judgment on them. I heard some Haifa Wehbe at one point and wasn’t really impressed; but I doubt that’s what you’re thinking of.

  4. jewamongyou says:

    Sorry Ryan. I didn’t mean to come across as a smart aleck.

    • Ryan says:

      Well you have me chuckling there. No worries, if that’s how you find arabic music then how else could you tell me? I thought there might be some famous names, or bands, or well done songs or such but I suppose if there is no one here would know the names.

  5. keke says:

    1. Google Ismael Lo, Salif Keita and your view of African Music will definately change

  6. tabahiko says:

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    I succeed to please guests.
    AKB48 has something attractive.
    Thank you.

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