Anti-white bias in the British film industry

Ryan posted this series, in a comment, a while back.  In any event, it is definitely worth watching:
Part one
Part two
Part three
For some reason, the youtube embed codes don’t work here.

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9 Responses to Anti-white bias in the British film industry

  1. Ryan says:

    That was me Jewamongyou. After you posted that video about women and the glass ceiling I took it upon myself to see all of Manwomanmyth’s videos on Youtube and even on his website. I’ve found some startling stuff there that in my opinion ranks just as high if not higher than non-whites flooding our nations.
    Feminism is a serious cancer that has emasculated men, and is tearing our families apart as well as making things like housing way more expensive than it otherwise would be. Worse, families are now turning into just one mother and her children as the norm, and there is no place for males other than as sperm donors if things continue the way they are. The government is becoming the father for the family of tomorrow.
    Manwomanmyth has hours of videos that go over all this.

  2. Meng Bomin says:

    Yeah, has some interesting means of embedding videos. They don’t like the embedding of flash objects, so they have special procedures for embedding accepted video sites:
    I’ve actually found that you can embed a video in comments by posting its url:
    (Not sure if the same will happen this time, though)
    The particular protocol for YouTube videos is [youtube url], where url is the video url.

  3. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Bay Area Guy, actually yes, but that photo is rather old anyway. Anybody who wants to see what I look like today should attend the upcoming AR conference (or visit me in Oregon).

  4. Watching this video makes me want to be a libertarian. In a libertarian society that adheres to libertarian values there would be a official separation of state and race that would give private business owners the right to higher based on an individuals merit if they wish to do so. All the regulations mentioned in those videos seemed downright suffocating.

  5. fred says:

    This is off-topic but I saw your discussion on the other blog. I actually contributed a bit even though I’m supposed to be “banned”. They’re incorrigible aren’t they?
    The only reason they’re ganging up on whites is because whites are still the majority and aren’t fighting back. When whites are no longer the majority they’ll turn on each other for what’s left. That’s what multiculturalism is. A bunch of buzzards fighting over a carcass.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It is exasperating trying to debate those people; they just keep repeating the same old cliche’s over and over again. They seem to believe that by repeating them, this makes them more true. Their mentality seems to be very primitive.

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