Minority press subsidies

There is a weekly newsletter, here in the Pacific Northwest, called “The Asian Reporter”.  I was browsing through it one day, when I noticed that the advertising section contained an inordinate number of large ads from government agencies.  At that point, I recalled that large businesses and government entities are required to have “outreach programs” to show that they are actively seeking non-whites for their job openings and contracts.  These ads include: Fire Chief for the City of Hillsboro, Associate CIO for Portland State University, Parking Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Portland, Medical examiner for Clark County, assorted positions for the Port of Portland and more.
Government agencies, and large companies, are required to advertise jobs in specifically non-white media outlets.  For example:

FTA’s Title VI policies require that states do outreach to minority communities (including offers of technical assistance) in the process of soliciting competitive applications for the federal transit funding.

Anybody who reads this blog is already aware that the so-called “mainstream press” is a mouthpiece for anti-white propaganda.  Their hatred toward whites, as a race, knows no bounds and examples are easy to find.  Nevertheless, in the eyes of government, this self-same “mainstream press” is considered a voice for white people in the sense that other media outlets must be utilized to recruit non-whites for jobs.
Although the stated goal of such outreach programs is to ensure that non-whites have “equal access” to jobs, what this actually amounts to is a subsidy of non-white media publications through advertising.  It is truly a triple-edged sword against whites.  There is no outreach program for whites.  If a white does find the job, his odds of getting it are diminished due to anti-white quota systems.  In the meantime, he is being robbed of his money to help sustain publications that specifically exclude him because of his race.
Perhaps we can take some small comfort that many of the minority publications are not nearly as anti-white as the so-called “mainstream press”.

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  1. FrankBD says:

    JAY:”Perhaps we can take some small comfort that many of the minority publications are not nearly as anti-white as the so-called “mainstream press”.”
    Ding. Ding. Ding. Correct Answer.
    You want a reasonable account of the status of race issues in America? Read or talk to ethnic Asians.

  2. It would be interesting to see what percentage of “minority outreach” done for government jobs is done directly to the asian community as compared to other ethnic groups. Asian-Americans(In America asian means east asian, chinese etc…) are often described as being the “model minority” because they have less incidences of crime than other minorities.

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