Poor British white boys

Countenance recently linked to a UK Telegraph article which states…

By Tim Ross, Social Affairs Editor 3:12PM GMT 03 Jan 2011
By the age of 16, only 23% of white boys eligible for free school meals achieved five or more GCSE exams at grade C or better, in subjects including English and maths.
This was a significantly worse success rate than for all other poor pupils on free school meals, among whom 34% achieved the target of five good grades, which is regarded as the benchmark for further study and employment…
The new analysis of Government data, released by the Conservatives, showed that 61 per cent of the poorest Chinese boys and 42 per cent of Asian boys on free school meals achieved the GCSE target last year. Among black boys, the figure was 34 per cent…
At first blush, this case (if it is being accurately reported) flies in the face of what we know about racial differences and what we have generally seen elsewhere.  Race realists should not sweep such reports under the rug just because they do not fit the usual pattern we have come to expect.  The most logical explanation I can think of, and some at Stormfront have suggested this, is that U.K. schools are so anti-white (and probably anti white male as well) that these white boys are disenfranchised.  Years of oppression have demoralized them to the point where they hardly even try any more.  And why should they?  Their odds of finding a decent job are minimal and they face a life of discrimination – as they watch themselves becoming a minority in their own ancestral lands.
The logical thing to do would be to spend a lot of time with those boys and find out what is really on their minds.  Attention and research should be focused on them; until then, all we can do is guess.  I can already hear my critics asking, “why don’t you suggest doing the same for poor black boys in America then?”  The answer is, of course, that it is normal for black boys (as a group) to perform poorly in academics.  It is not normal for white boys (as a group) to do so.  Everything humanly possible has already been tried in order to improve the performance of black boys and failure has almost always been the outcome.  I say “almost” because there is one method that yields results (but not to the extent that it will erase the racial gap): all-black schools that demand strict discipline and real, solid, learning.  But I am not holding my breath that this will become widespread any time soon.  Those who fancy themselves “liberals” have other plans.
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  1. destructure says:

    I think the best thing thing they could do for those kids is 1)end gov assistance and 2) deport 5 million invaders so that their parent(s) can find jobs. Most of them would probably never be middle class. But there have been 50 years of gov policies aimed at destroying the working class. Well, congratulations. It looks like they finally succeeded.

  2. countenance says:

    JAY, thanks for reading 🙂
    GCSE, in British educational parlance, is sort of an associate high school diploma, for the kind of knowledge someone who has finished the sophomore year of American high school should have. It is my understanding that even if one takes GCSE-compliant courses, that one does not have to take the relevant exam. (I could be wrong). I do know that to get the GCSE “diploma,” that one has to pass so many GCSE tests in certain subject areas. So my question is this — Could it be that the reason young white men getting free lunch are passing these tests at lower levels is because they’re just not bothering taking the tests?
    Could it also be that raw numbers come into play? Could it be that it’s easier for blacks, Orientals and Middle Easterners to get on school lunch, meaning that more do, and more children of smarter parents do?

  3. FrankBD says:

    I don’t know exactly how the “free school meal” program works, but it sounds like the most plausible interpretation is “no white is poor, unless their intelligence level is low.”
    An Asian might be poor and smart (in America, see how many Indian gas station owners have kids in medical school), but few Caucasians are.

  4. Georgia Resident says:

    What I’d be more interested to know is how they score on IQ tests. While tests of academic achievement can serve as a rough indicator of IQ, IQ tests are far more g-loaded. Knowing whether their IQs are significantly lower would tell us a great deal about whether these poor white British boys are failing due to lower innate ability or a poor culture. My money is on culture.
    There is no doubt that blacks in the US fail far worse today than they did in the 1950s and 1960s, probably in part because of the widespread acceptance of underclass culture. As long as they tried to emulate whites, they were capable of some success, although they could never be as successful as whites, due to lower average ability.
    Similarly, Hispanics are worse than blacks on a number of social indicators, such as educational achievement, although they have a slightly higher average IQ (89 vs. 85).
    As far as I know, blacks in Great Britain are not dramatically smarter than blacks in the US. According to Richard Lynn, the average IQ of blacks born in Britain is 86, only about a point higher than that of US-born blacks. And as far as I know, whites in Great Britain are not dramatically less intelligent than whites in the US. So I would expect that lower-class whites in Great Britain would have IQs roughly the same as working-class whites in the US, while lower-class blacks in Great Britain have similar IQs to lower-class blacks in the US.

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