Mass murders of the 20th century and the Talmud

Somebody posted the following off-topic comment (which I deleted):

I know this is off topic but i found a blogspot you might enjoy or might not

The heading reads “The West’s Darkest Hour” and I get the impression, reading through that blog, that the authors do not like Jews very much.  Here is an excerpt from a book review by J.A. Sexton.  The book is called “Hellstorm” and it tells of the horrors perpetrated upon ethnic Germans by advancing Russian troops at the end of the war:

Ehrenburg, like any skilled propagandist with a penchant for revenge and training in human psychology, appealed to the basest instincts of his men, urging them to rape and wantonly slaughter other human beings at will. There would be no penalties for this injustice as it was all officially sanctioned. Ehrenburg:

Kill!Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army.

I shall spare my readers the graphic detail the review goes into.  Suffice it to say that it makes one question whether mankind is worthy of ruling over the other animals.  The blog claims that Ehrenburg, and his partners in propaganda, were Jews and it lays the ultimate blame upon the Jews.
I have seen many accusations leveled against Germans and their collaborators and I have seen many accusations leveled against the Jews.  Call me lazy but I refuse to spend my remaining years researching the dynamics of the horrific holocausts of the 20th century.  I was raised to believe, like most of the West, that the Germans were evil and guilty of enormities beyond human comprehension.  That many Jews died under Nazi rule is beyond question.  That many were tortured is also certain.  As for the numbers and many of the details, I do not claim to know.  It turns out that many of those who disseminate “holocaust history” have less than honorable motives and are guilty of sloppy research.  One cannot simply take their word for anything.  By the same token, I am not willing to take the word of anti-Jewish fanatics either.  I have seen their sickness and they are consumed with hatred toward me and toward my people.  It seems that they obsess about Jews every waking hour – and probably also in their dreams.
While it is true that many of my co-ethnics have been conspiring to destroy Western civilization and to eliminate the white race or reduce it to miserable remnants, it is not only Jews who have been involved in this evil.  Almost all influential white gentiles are also in on the conspiracy.  So when neo-Nazis say to me, “look jewamongyou!  See what terrible crimes your people have committed against whites?” it makes me wonder what they want from me.  Perhaps they believe I am in possession of inside information on a vast Jewish conspiracy which, for some reason, I have so far withheld from the public.  Or maybe they want me to renounce my heritage and convert to another religion or grow my foreskin back.  It is clear that, in the eyes of some, a Jew is irredeemable (“seed of the devil”).  Lucky for me, it is not my mission in life to make them happy; it is a lot easier for me to make myself happy.  Fighting the good fight makes me happy.
When I read about the atrocities perpetrated upon my own people, it makes me sad.  It makes me sad when I read about atrocities perpetrated upon innocent Germans as well.  Growing up, the worst anti-German sentiment I encountered among other Jews was a refusal to buy Volkswagen cars.  I do not recall anybody calling for the indiscriminate slaughter or rape of Germans, let alone gentiles in general.  As for certain statements in the Talmud, the average neo-Nazi is far better versed in it than the average (secular) Jew. Jews do not wile away their days poring through those volumes trying to find derogatory statements about “the goyim”.  I spent years studying the Talmud in yeshivas and very little attention was paid to such statements, the emphasis being almost completely on matters of practical Jewish law.  I never encountered anybody who, upon reading such comments, stood up and said, “I’m gonna kill me some GOYIM!”  Instead, the derogatory statements were met with mild amusement (or ignored altogether) – which would last all of a few seconds, until the debate at hand resurfaced.  The various Roman persecutions against the Jews, specifically Jewish scholars, plays prominently in Jewish liturgy on certain holidays.  It is understood that the ancient sages were men of their day and that, when they spoke evil of  non-Jews, it was against this background.  Their words should not be taken literally, in such a way that derogatory statements about “non-Jews” would refer even to peoples they knew nothing about.  The sages engaged in Oriental hyperbole and yes, sometimes they would say careless things, especially by modern, Western, standards.  Most Jews who study the Talmud have enough common sense to understand that what was said about ancient Romans or Persians (even if the term “goy” was used) does not automatically apply half a world away and centuries later.  I will be the first to admit that religious Jews do some crazy things and have some peculiar attitudes.  This is true – but Talmudic study does not strip away all human intuition or decency.  It does not turn otherwise moral people into those who would mindlessly hate all gentiles.  If somebody is already a mindless hater, then yes, he might comfort himself with those parts of the Talmud. It all comes back to there being good and bad in every group.
I do not know all the facts of history but I do know that right now, in America, most Jews do not hate whites (or even Germans) and most whites (even Germans) do not hate Jews.  A German is perfectly safe walking through a Jewish neighborhood and a Jew is perfectly safe walking through a German neighborhood.  This is a state of affairs that we should all strive to perpetuate.

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  1. destructure says:

    Its my impression the Ehrenburg quote is legit and that flyers to that effect were distributed to invading soviet soldiers. I’m sure Ehrenburg’s background had something to do with it. But Jews were hardly the only Soviets with a grudge against Germany. Nor were German civilians the only ones abused. The Soviets also abused the East Europeans whom they were “liberating” from the nazis. And if this isn’t enough, they even abused prisoners whom they were supposed to be freeing from concentration camps. None of this excuses Ehrenburg. He was despicable. But one needs to maintain some perspective.

  2. kman says:

    So why in the F**k is Hogans Heroes still on TV every day of the week, If not to bash germans?

  3. fred says:

    I don’t think you’re not wrong to disagree with that other fellow’s blog. I don’t care for it, either. But I would have preferred that you named a principle and gave it a sense of proportion. I named that principle a while back on another blog and I’d like to share it here. The original post was in response to someone pushing the holocaust in my face. I chose to respond by using slavery to make my point because I thought it would provide some emotional distance. I think it applies equally to that fellow’s blog as well as to some of the stuff coming out of hollywood.
    Btw, I’m not trying to play “holier than thou”. I’ve violated this principle myself. I think everyone has at one time or another.
    A while back there was a man on this blog using slavery as a ploy to win sympathy for his point of view. I have no doubt that slavery happened. And I don’t think it was a good thing. But what bothered me was that he was using it to try to gain a moral advantage over me.
    Now, Im very sympathetic to the situation. I really am. But I didn’t really have much sympathy for him because it didn’t happen to him. And the more he shoved it in my face the less disposed I felt towards him. But here’s the part that irritated me. He didn’t really care about slavery. I mean, if a black enslaved a black it wasnt an issue. Or if a black enslaved a white it wasnt an issue. It was only an issue if a white enslaved a black because it suited his prejudices.
    I understand that blacks would carry some resentment. I don’t begrudge them that. But I do begrudge them using slavery as an excuse to exploit me. Now, I think everyone is a little guilty of this but I try not to use it as a weapon, only as a shield. For example, the other day someone said only whites are serial killers so I gave them a list of black serial killers.
    Should blacks hate whites because some whites owned black slaves once? Should whites hate blacks because some black criminals attack whites sometimes? I understand that it’s emotionally satisfying. But it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.
    True or not, no one likes having something shoved in their face for which they are not responsible. And when it’s accompanied by name calling and innuendo it’s just bully tactics. That isn’t about right or wrong. It’s simply about forcing one’s prejudices onto another. And I don’t care for that.
    People deserve some compassion and consideration. But one shouldn’t allow their righteous emotions to prejudice them.

  4. ski says:

    Great post.
    Interestingly enough, this blogger Cesar you are talking about was once very anti-anti-semitic and called himself a “non-anti-semitic White nationalist,” then seemingly overnight transformed into not just an anti-semite, but one of the most raving, obsessive sorts of anti-semite.
    I think his blog suffers for this, and not only the obsessive anti-semitism, but other obsessive, raving attitudes, e.g. he’s written in support the “day of the rope,” = execution of all White women who’ve ever had sexual relations with nonwhites. Now, seeing White women with nonwhites pisses me off, but kill them all?!??!! beyond crazy. He also seems to support Hitler despite his awareness of his atrocious treatment of not only Jews but Slavs, yet still supports him, apparently in the belief that you can’t make a Jew-free omelet without starting a World War that kills more Whites than any other war in history.
    There was a time when he was more calm and rational, but oddly enough, along with his frothing at the mouth anti-semitism seems to have come a raving, obsessive fanaticism as concerns other topics. While he is definitely an intelligent guy and capable of rationality, I think the tendency toward irrationality was always there, as he’s always believed in something called “psychohistory,”– a pseudoscientific Freudian quack explanation of all history.
    I’ve seen some of these tendencies in many intelligent people, including myself as well, and in the past was pretty frothing mad and irrational on certain topics (including anti-semitism) so to me it’s very interesting to study this phenomenon.
    As concerns the anti-Gentile stuff in the Talmud, I like your approach. Part of the problem is that (in my experience online at least) many Jews, when confronted with anti-Gentile Talmud quotes will simply assert they don’t exist. They claim that the quotes are the result of bad translation and since the anti-semite who brought them up is not fluent in Hebrew/Aramaic/whatever he has no right to mention anything from the Talmud. One can imagine how this might reinforce belief in a massive Jewish conspiracy for someone already leaning that way.
    OTOH, I think your explanation might trivialize the Talmud quotes. Certainly most Jews today don’t take those quotes seriously (most are unaware of them), however, the anti-Gentile passages likely had significant influence on a large number of Jews in the East Euro Shtetls as late as the early 20th century.
    “Lucky for me, it is not my mission in life to make them happy; it is a lot easier for me to make myself happy. Fighting the good fight makes me happy.”
    Amen to that!

    • fred says:

      As concerns the anti-Gentile stuff in the Talmud…
      I got the same answers in the same order from two different rabbis. I remember thinking that it must be part of a scripted response. One which they obviously knew wasn’t true.

  5. IHTG says:

    Cesar Tort is an odd one. A white Mexican (or so he claims, as he is rather dusky in appearance) who has suddenly realized he lives in an icky non-white Third World country.
    He compensates by raging against the Jews, which is ironic since Jews are definately not in any way responsible for Mexico’s non-whiteness.

  6. statsquatch says:

    Nice post. Everyone wants to fight the last war and it is getting tedious. We forget nothing and we learn nothing.

  7. Bay Area Guy says:

    Why is it that all the ones with power/influence happen to be white hating Jews/self-hating white gentiles?
    I admit, JAY, that I have made harsh statements about Jews in the past. Whenever I read about what the ADL is doing, or whenever I see the hypocrisy of organized Jewry (ie. fighting for multiculturalism at home while supporting ethnonationalism in Israel), I feel angry thoughts about Jews. Or when I think of the self-righteous sojourn to the past (ie. civil rights tour) assembly speaker who singled me out (without naming names), I cannot help but remember his Jewish name.
    But at the same time, not all Jews are conspiring to destroy whites. In fact, some are even pro-white. Which leads me to my next question: Why can’t any pro-white Jews or gentiles acquire power? Why is it that Abe Foxman, instead of Mayer Schiller, has power? Why is it that the likes of the late Ted Kennedy, and not Jared Taylor, have power? How can pro-white forces, Jew or gentile, achieve power?
    Well, I’m reading Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to find the answers.
    While written from a leftist perspective, and meant to be a critique of/advice for the left, his tips could easily apply to pro-white activists as well.

  8. Annoyed says:

    The whole thing is quite depressing.
    Regardless of being part Jew I am still more then happy to critically analyze Jewish movements and attempt to put an end to ideologies which are inherently detrimental to the future existence of White countries.
    Unfortunately it seems there are very few people who are like me, part jew or not.
    It seems only two categories exist, either you must have a blistering hatred of jews or you must unconditionally love them. Like many issues in politics, a dichotomy has been created.

  9. “While it is true that many of my co-ethnics have been conspiring to destroy Western civilization and to eliminate the white race or reduce it to miserable remnants,” it is not only Jews who have been involved in this evil.” (Jewamongyou).
    It is a good sign Jewish people are coming clean about this. And for doing so, I reward you by totally agreeing with you.
    There is a heavy White gentile presence in the program of forced assimilation in the West. In fact, I believe that the real root of the problem is with the elite White gentiles. These elite type Whites (generally coming from Britain and the USA, and somewhat from other Anglo (Canada, Australia) and European countries (France, Netherlands)) are the “New World Order” crowed.
    Think European royalty. These people are supposed to be symbols of their respective “Nation.” If these people were really the Wagnerian heroes (they live in castles), they would be fighting “the Jewish Serpent” tooth and nail.
    So this leads me to another conclusion. Instead of a Jewish conspiracy, I think these elite White gentiles (Royal families, banksters, people who go on camping trips that feature moch human sacrifices to a giant owl) are using the Jews the same way they did through the medieval period when they sent the Jewish tax collectors. They put Jews “up front” to take all the visible risk. These Jews are then the “experts” at attacking the non-elite White gentiles FOR THE INTERETS OF THE ELITE WHITE GENTILES!
    Once in a while the Jews have to take a beating. Their top Jews go to another country and the peasant Jews or middle class Jews take the beating. The Jews run organizations like the SPLC or ADL in America and Western Europe, but also run NGO’s that help overthrow the Eastern European Nationalists(or any ideology really) that the White gentiles in the West don’t like.
    I don’t know if this is by design, but the Jews run the organizations that piss the host natives the most. Besides political organizations, the Jews specialize in media. Jews are always on the front line. They’re the ones rabble rousing on college campuses in the 60’s. They are the White Anglo-American elite’s “front men.”
    The Anglo-elites are the board of directors. The Jews are the CEO’s and top managers. Both groups share in a metaphysical narrative involving the old testament and the Masonic and kabbalistic mystery teachings. There in to this stuff pretty heavy at the highest levels. This spiritual stuff allows them to deceive themselves that they’re building a better world” by force integrating the West with the developing world.
    Remember, the real threat to the White Anglo-Elite are OTHER WHITES. They don’t see other races or peoples as competitors. Only other Whites. Jews are just front-men. Jews just do the dirty work. The White elites run wildlife relief funds, and charities for sending Haitian children to White families, while Jews run the really hated organizations. Of course, the Jews use blacks, Hispanics, and SWPLs as a buffer between them and the other Whites as well.
    The White elites use Jews as their buffer and the Jews use blacks, Hispanics, and middle class SWPLs as their buffer.
    The goal is massive assimilation of non-Whites into White countries for the purpose of destroying White communities and families. This then allows the White Anglo-American Elite to rule the earth and truly make the earth into their “temple” in which they control the surpluses.

    • Ed says:

      Wow, what a massive conspiracy theory that relies on an assumption for which there is absolutely zero proof.
      Or, the so called front-men are really all that there is.
      Logical people will look to the evidence. The Talmud is evidence. Verified quotes by the front-men are evidence. Their organizations and media ownership is evidence. Their cultural ethnocentricity in contrast with their insistence on liberalism for everyone else is evidence. None of this exists for the mythical Anglo-saxon overlords that are supposedly behind the curtain. There is no unifying ethnic belief nor millennium old religious practice that enforces their high and low power nor ethnic purity. The uniformity of liberalism amongst upper class gentile liberals are testament to this fact. There is no culturally ingrained Anglo-saxon version of Zionism (right wing beliefs). Anglo-Saxon countries are open to the world. Israel is only open to Jews. In-bred groups die out. The Anglo-saxon white upper classes need lower class whites to periodically refresh their gene pool. It is not within their interest for all common whites to be mongrelized, and hence the theory that they are behind such intermixing falls flat in its logic.
      Upper class gentiles are liberals because they are the products of too much school, all of which enforced liberal/communist ideology throughout. They are completely unaware of the issues, one reason for this being that they don’t ever have to deal with or live with minorities. Hence, they can afford to be sympathetic and they are shielded from reality. However, these upper class gentile liberals are quickly dying out. There is an increasing paucity of other gentile whites rising to take their place or that are suitable for intermarriage, and their liberalism and lack of ethnocentrism works toward their failure to replace themselves in significant enough force and number. Never-mind the lack of co-operative cultural force needed to maintain and spread their power
      To briefly indulge this conspiracy theory, even if the Queen of England were to be assumed completely gentile (some members of the royal family have an unmistakeably Jewish look to them – Prince Charles and Prince William come to mind) and her will was being implemented by Jewish Power, it would be akin to an aunt queen being served by an army that could instantly eat her if it willed. There is no match for Jewish power in the world today, save perhaps for Chinese power. Ethnocentric allegiance is power.
      Your conspiracy theory is based in nothing. For every wildlife preservation society that you can count as being the product of the gentile elite, there are twenty Jewish led organizations that are inimical to the interests of gentile whites. The evidence does not support your claim.

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  12. Gay State Girl says:

    In spite of everything else he represented, I can credit Elie Wiesel for lecturing about fanaticism in the Talmud.

  13. Gay State Girl says:

    I don’t think misogyny has ever been considered limited to the Western white male. We all know about honor killings in Muslim countries, Sati, foot binding in East Asia and female sacrifice in Meso-American societies. No one makes any effort to whitewash that. That’s pure paranoia on David Duke’s part.

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