Africans in Thailand

Sagat has posted an interesting article about Africans in Thailand.  If the Asians are smart, they’ll nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand:

An article in the Bangkok Post details the Thai police’s efforts to crack down on West Africans and the illegal drugs that they peddle. While this operation was promoted as an effort to attack the drug trade, the Thais explicitly targeted the Africans in the country, who have long been seen as a problem in Thailand.
There’s a small but significant population of West Africans(mostly Nigerians) in Thailand. They’ve been a source of social friction for some time in Thailand with both Thais and tourists alike objecting to their presence. Many are in the country illegally and deal in the black market. Through bribes and corruption within the Thai police, they’ve been able to keep their presence strong. Now Thais are making an effort to change that…

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22 Responses to Africans in Thailand

  1. Sagat says:

    Thanks for the link, JAY.
    I didn’t get into much detail about the numbers of Africans in Thailand. It’s estimated that there’s currently 7 to 10 thousand just in Bangkok alone. In a city of millions that may seem like a tiny number, but even that small amount is enough to cause problems.
    The drug dealing is not even the real issue. The Burmese are far more of a problem than the Africans with regards to illicit drugs. It’s just that the Africans behave in such an aggressive manner that many Thais can’t stand them. Tourists also complain of the Africans hassling them. The last thing most want to see when travelling to Thailand on vacation is thousands of Africans getting in their faces.

    • AmusedAfrican says:

      hahahahhahahahaha i am an African living in Thailand and having lots of fun seeing people think theyre better than Africans.Keep up the good work guys.

      • Amused African, why do you live in Thailand? Answer, because it’s better there than living in your own black African shithole. So your very presence in any part of the world other than Africa only goes to prove how lowly you Africans really are.

  2. Obsidian says:

    Hi Jewamongyou,
    I’ve been a lurker of your blog for sometime now, and am pleased that you picked up the Sagat post about Africans in Thailand. I’ll be addressing the issue on my blog tommorrow and hopefully we’ll be able to engage in a dialogue about it. Thanks!

    • says:

      I don’t know if you’re trying to be ironic, but you do know obsidian is dark, black/purplish volcanic rock. You know, the same color as the people you and jewamongyou are promoting racist propaganda against?

  3. Statsaholic says:

    Why were they let into Thailand?
    The way we ended up with sub-saharan Africans in America was on account of the slave trade.
    At least with the slave trade you got some free labor out of the deal.
    What in the blue blazes are the Thai getting from letting in sub-saharan Africans?

    • Peacefield says:

      Had it been theses Africans werent in Thailand an idler like you with nothing in his hands to do,wouldnt be posting on the internet.So atleast while the Africans make the news of the day,idlers like you will have time to sit and watch and later on chicken out on the internet instead of taking it up with the Thai government and telling them youi dont want Africans in Thailand.While the whitefolks indulgde in ploughing our countries,let us tap what they steal from our governments.

  4. Joe says:

    I’ve logged on to this forum because the large number of Africans now living in the UK piss me off. They can’t even get on with black people in the UK from Caribbean countries.

  5. AmusedAfrican says:

    Africans,Africans,Africans,Africans,Africans . . . . . ..thats all what makes news these days.Wow wow wow.Africans are the bad guys and Whites and Asians are the good guys.right?

    • You said it, chap. Africans are a pain in the ass no matter where you lot go.

      • Real Black says:

        I have all ya rambling about African or being black and stuff. Ya talking all over there, can you identify your race?Where you originate from? I dont think you all were thought that. But all you know is seeing blacks in your face or way. Calling Africa a shit hole scott tompson (what ever you call yourself ) here. Its a pity. Bc you will be getting into deeper recession this time and you will not get out of it. Your back bone Africa is no more giving out stuff for free. You have to buy it. You use those filthy fingers of yours to deer call Africa a shit hole.Where are you from ? Are you earning legal ? what does your country or continent have? If not for better thieves who know how to steal from Africa. the place u call shit hole. I promise you, the SHIT HOLE is full. you will either shit in your pants or in your dads back yard . Because i know thats where people like you still stay. dads home. I can blame you because u must be an illiterate. Africans or blacks dont do 1/100 of what you all other colors do. talking about drugs in Thailand and other things.some of then do sell drugs but where did they get it from? Thailand does not produce it but for the (Yaba) . the Russians ,Thai ,British are being cought every day with kilo on the news. but when a black guy is caught once . They are the worst.
        I will tell you why you all keep calling us all the time. You are just afraid. You see us rising and shinning .getting better than you are so fast and fear that we might come around and take everything from you. No, we are loving and compassionate. the thing about us blacks is, we are not just a color . we are the spectrum of all colors . From us you other colors came from. now you have the gods to stand and call us names . In black you will find the color you looking for.
        Guess what,we have not started making you all feel our presence. We are coming back like a boomerang

  6. del says:

    Del says:
    I absolutely agree with number 5. Where in the world do the Aficans get the Drugs to sell on the street.Have u heard of any lab that produces this illicite drugs in Africa?make your findings before pointing fingers.cutting down a bad tree should start from the trunk and not little leaves.Small leave will always spring back if they are do not pretend by saying the africans are dirt because they make the world what it is today (rich) while the white folk professionalize in stealing from them and accusing them of every dark thing that happens in the world because of their color.dont forget that when pointing a finger at someone,four points back at you, hypocrites.
    (edited by jewamongyou)

    • jewamongyou says:

      If blacks make the world rich, then black Africa should be the most wealthy place in the world. Obviously it’s not.
      Nobody here is condemning blacks because of their color; we judge people by “the content of their character”.

      • walace says:

        Maybe they are good middlemen,whitefolks are the real henchmen.So good at the blame game,they will soon start blaming the streets on which drugs are sold.And just to add a feather to the cap,a good army lieutenant wont necessarily make a good General.We are all just playing our roles by doing what we do best.The whitefolks the producers of the drugs and the Africans the distributors.All are to be blamed gentlemen for the drug trade.Jewamongyou,is it still so difficult for you to assimilate?Ouch!

      • Real Black says:

        What?, u are not being realistic by saying that. The ability to make cant be same as to own. Africa has got alot of Gold, Plenty than u can imagine. but no African king or president wears as much gold on them or grown as the Queen of England where there is no Gold in their Soil,… So please reverse that.

  7. Irene Julius says:

    I am an African student in Thailand and I bet you I am itching to go back to my country as soon I finish my course. To be frank with you it is not all Africans living in Thailand or outside Africa who love the idea of living abroad. And if you care to know there are a lot more whites and Asians living in African countries and do not want to go back to their so called advanced countries. Yes, some Africans might be peddling drugs but they are bed with the so called whites who Thais think are rich, some of these white guys are as broke as church rats and are only gold diggers in Thailand. There are very good Africans in Thailand who have their businesses, employ Thai citizens and pay their taxes. It is only stupid heads who refuse to use their brains who think that all Africans in Thailand are bad and that they are here because their countries are shit holes. I am proud of my country and I am returning home after my programme. So irritatingly frustrating.

    • jewamongyou says:

      If you don’t mind my asking, which African country are you from? Regarding your statement that some “stupid heads… think that all Africans in Thailand are bad,” I can’t see how anybody could seriously claim that ALL members of any ethnic group are bad. But there’s a problem when a high-fertility group (such as black Africans) move into a low-fertility country (such as anywhere in East Asia) and establish themselves in large numbers. Furthermore, West Africans have a tendency to be aggressive and intimidating. I saw this in Ethiopia, where Nigerians have this reputation. Apparently, they have the same reputation in Kenya. Thais are small people; it’s understandable that they wouldn’t want a lot of large, aggressive West Africans settling in their country; it’s a recipe for disaster.

    • Tom Jones says:

      Whites think Thais are rich? What are you talking about? Very few white people think this way, although it is a known fact that there is a small, though significant upper class and a rapidly expanding middle class in Thailand. Equally, a very small but visible number of white people have reached the “end of the road” and appear to be destitute in Thailand. In terms of Africans doing business in Thailand, well that’s a very rare thing, the few that do run hairdressers and travel agencies on Sukhumwit sois 3 & 4 in the so-called “Arab” area of Nana. They must, like all other foreigners legally employ 4 Thais for every foreigner in the business, it’s not simply a case of they are good people because they employ Thais. No, Thailand is not like western countries, it is a legal requirement for all foreigners to follow the business laws otherwise you won’t get a work permit or extension of stay. Foreigners who do not comply with the law can have their business licences revoked, be fined and even deported. All foreigners, whether they are Burmese, western, African etc. must comply with this requirement.
      Also, Thailand is not an immigrant receiving country like most western countries are. Thailand will never “open the floodgates” to immigrants, particularly not those from Africa. Those that are here are here because Thailand has a relatively lax visa system but they are becoming stricter. There will never be a large community of Africans or indeed immigrants from any other country (except for migrant labourers from neighboring countries like Myanmar and Cambodia) because Thailand does not allow it. It’s no different in any other Asian country.

    • Real Black says:

      You dont have to be worried my dear. they are stupid ignorant people. Africa is a continent not a country.From that, you can tell their knowledge scale in geography. so it will be so block headed to put all the continent under on a single scale
      A shit head called Africa a shit hole. He is caring a head full of shit and thinks he is From some continent ( Europe,oceanic ) which has nothing at the moment to show for. They have used all they stole from Africa. they will be back. Once is always ,
      We are Black and Proud. what ever country we come from in that Mother Continent.
      let them go read their history and see what they did to get where they claim they are.

  8. African student in Thailand– why & what for ? No advanced education in your own country ? Africa has always been a problem– when gaining independence they ruined their own economy, ignoring the colonial law+order. Also introduced Aids & ebola to the world.

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