The religion of miscegenation and of anti-miscegenation

We are all familiar with the religion of miscegenation; it’s generally a thinly veiled wish for the destruction of whites as a race.  But I now realize that there’s also a religion of anti-miscegenation.  This may seem odd, coming from a person such as myself.  For I strongly appose genocide, whether it’s accomplished through weapons or through lust.

But whatever practice one chooses to oppose, one of the questions he should ask himself is “to what degree do I oppose it?”  Many people have a slight distaste for miscegenation; we find them saying things like, “I would rather my daughter date a white man, but if she brings home a black man, I would accept him as well – as long as they’re happy.”  Most white nationalists (and black nationalists and Jewish nationalists etc.) would react much more strongly.  Many would disown their own children for this transgression.  Others would even go so far as to murder them.

Although I have misgivings about quoting him, somebody showed me these appropriate, if vulgar, words from Birdman Bryant:

Suppose you were left abandoned on a desert island with a black girl for a substantial period of time. Are you telling me you aren’t going to fuck her? Well, unless you are some kind of very weird dude or yr root’s gone limp, you will. And suppose you have kids with her — are you saying you are going to kill them? Not likely, Bro. Chances are you will raise them and love them as your own. And suppose you return to civilization and tell your white racialist comrades what you did with your little negress — do you expect them to nail you to a cross and burn it? Somehow I don’t think so.

Birdman seems to believe he’s the smartest man on Earth.  I don’t know about that, but his words do have an element of truth in this case.  Just how far are we willing to go to avoid miscegenation?  A friend of mine, anticipating an upcoming trip to Asia, jokingly remarked, “maybe I’ll meet somebody there”.  I replied, “an Asian wife is better than no wife at all” – and I stand by my words.  The man in question is quite young and, in my opinion, there is no justification for him to seek a wife among the Asians*.  But what about a not-so-young man or a disabled man whose prospects for a white wife are practically non-existent?  It’s not necessary to go into detail here; each of us has our own specific situation and requirements.  But one can imagine a scenario where the choices are a) live out your life alone or b) marry outside your race.  Which would you choose?

After Word War II, some Jewish men in Poland found themselves in precisely this predicament.  These survivors faced either life alone or life with a gentile woman.  I don’t believe that any of them chose the first option.

Another scenario where miscegenation should be tolerated, though still discouraged for the bad example it sets, is among old people.  they’re not going to start families and simply wish to enjoy each other’s company in their waning years.

I don’t deny that there are individuals who, through their great inner strength and firm resolve, would meet the challenge and (in a manner of speaking) become martyrs.  There is a Talmudic story of a couple that was madly in love.  When it became clear that, due to social restrictions, they could never marry, they each lived out their lives in celibacy so strong was their devotion to each other.

My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that I admire those who sacrifice so much for their principles.  On the other hand, I think it’s unfair to demand the same from others.  I think there is a fine line between strong moral conviction and blind religious faith that doesn’t allow for any distinctions or grey areas.

*Yes, this does make my remark rather irrelevant; it was meant as a general observation and it was said without much thought.

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9 Responses to The religion of miscegenation and of anti-miscegenation

  1. Konkvistador says:

    I think miscegenation is primarily a social ill rather than a personal sin.
    If only one in say 10000 couples practised it, there would be no problem.
    Also even if say 2% of couples practised it and eugenic pressures would be in place there would also be no problem either.
    However other races are so numerous in our lands to make the first scenario unlikely and society isn’t willing to introduce a eugenic plan, so all we have available is as individuals to try and do our best at genetic conservation. And the only tool to help us in that regard is shaming. It should be emphasised that from a genetic standpoint and perhaps even a psychological one not all miscegenation is equal.
    However it can become a personal “sin” so to speak, if you only date people of another race and even flaunt this. This is just intentionally hurting and demoralizing to others of your people especially when so much of society is dedicated to denigrating them. Also it shows psychological problems since such a person will often choose people who are negative about their race and will enjoy such comments in a masochistic way.

  2. Clytemnestra says:

    I think you are overlooking the possibility that those who willfully mix races may have antagonistic issues towards the opposite sex of their own race.
    Why do most Black-White pairings consist of Black men and White women? Black culture, especially in America, is rife with paternal absenteeism and maternal heads of households. Erego, a Black man may have issues with Black women and seek out White women to express them. Conversely, White culture tends to be patriarchal. What better way for a White girl to rebel against an overbearing father than by getting pregnant by a Black man? And not just any Black man, but the most ghetto she can find.
    I have never heard any opposition by White race realists to their children marrying Jews. I know that there are some advantages of acquiring higher IQs from Jews. But if IQ was all it was about then Asians test pretty high in that regard.
    I think there is a comfort level with Jews that overshadows any other ethnic group. A lot of Whites consider Jews White, especially the Ashkenazim who look Central to Eastern European and those Sephardim who have been in America and Europe for a long time look like any other Mediterranean White.
    And, let’s face it, Christianity did come from Judaism, so the subcultural construct is there. Both faiths tend to be more Western with common cultural values compared to Islam and Buddhism, etc.
    So, I believe that even if there IS any mixing, especially among older, more conservative people, there has to be some common ground for a couple to meet on or it isn’t going to happen. I don’t care how old or lonely anyone is.

  3. anon says:

    If the last two people in the world were me and a black woman then the sheep had better run like h311.

  4. Statsaholic says:

    And suppose you have kids with her — are you saying you are going to kill them? Not likely, Bro. Chances are you will raise them and love them as your own.
    Europeans are so different in genetics from Blacks (as are Jews).
    Is it in fact the case that the White father of half Black children will love them as his own?
    I know that data shows White/Black marriages are more likely to end in one spouse murdering the other.
    Perhaps they’re also more likely to end in one parent murdering the child?
    I just have this feeling that the father of a Black/White hybrid isn’t going to care as much, on average, as the father of a child that’s the product of a less extremely genetically disparate relationship.
    I know Obama’s father didn’t stick around, and his mother pawned him off on his grandparents.
    And that’s an example of an East African with a European (East Africans are significantly less distant in genetics from Europeans than West Africans are, though they are still quite dissimilar).

  5. Statsaholic says:

    Here’s a link to the study showing interracial marriages are more likely to end in spousal murder:
    Incredibly, a Black woman was more likely to be murdered by a White husband than if she had married a Black.
    This in spite of White men usually being much less violent than Black men.
    Only Black men are less likely to be murdered in interracial marriage than in intraracial marriage, and then not by a large margin.
    Most interesting is that Black men were 81% more likely to murder their wife if she was White than if she was Black.

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