When ignorance is bliss

Countenance just posted about a T.V. show called “skins”:

If what they’re saying about Skins is true, then what grinds me is that it’s nowhere near true — High school students aren’t that hypersexual or promiscuous.  To the extent that today’s teenagers are perhaps looser in their personal conduct than they should be, Skins is only going to lure them into a false sense of superiority and smugness.  I think the same way about shows like Maury Povich — If you ever watch one of these shows, don’t you ever come away feeling better about yourself because your life isn’t as rotten as what you’ve seen in the last hour?

Actually I feel better about myself because I live my life in blissful ignorance of the goings on in the world of T.V. and, for the most part, the movies.  Even if they sometimes come up with good programs, I still despise them for what they have done to this once great country.  Nay, to this once great civilization.  For many years, I have taken pleasure when those around me carry on about their favorite celebrities – and I haven’t the vaguest idea what they are talking about.  Sometimes, I’ll even feign ignorance about professional sports; when co-workers talk about their favorite football teams, I might chime in to ask how many home-runs they scored.  If they look at me with exasperation, I consider it a form of preemptive revenge.  After all, if I spoke to them about practically anything on this blog, and they revealed their own ignorance of it, I might give them that same look.  It is a war of ignorance and, by God, I shall not be outdone!  In reality, however, they know me well enough to realize I do know the basics of sports – but my ignorance of celebrities is genuine.  Of this I am proud.  Those neurons can be put to better use.
Oh, by the way Countenance, I look forward to meeting you next month!

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4 Responses to When ignorance is bliss

  1. fred says:

    My television is connected to only a DVD player and a Wii. Did you notice anything missing? No satellite, cable or antenna.

  2. FrankBD says:

    The one I like is Judge Judy. She tells the losers to get a job, a life and some responsibility.
    But a lot of the cases do make me appreciate how messed up my life isn’t.

  3. countenance says:

    Won’t be meeting me next month. My new job starts a week from Monday, and I’ll be working weekends for at least the whole month of February. I’m at least glad not to be on the unemployment line for very long.

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