Who owns the sanctity of victims?

A group of rabbis just condemned Glen Beck for using Holocaust imagery.  Sometimes I get the impression that Jewish leaders and clergy believe that…

We own the rights to the Holocaust.  We own the book rights, the movie rights and the screen-play rights.  Under no circumstances may anybody derive any lesson from the Holocaust without our approval.  The depiction of Nazis, Jewish victims or any incidental items or places must be within the context of our own ideals and goals.  Otherwise, it is offensive and must be condemned.  It is offensive because we have assigned our own beliefs to those victims.  Therefore, using them to further contrary beliefs would desecrate their memory.

The same exact attitude prevails regarding white victims of non-white crime.  The only difference is that, since the ongoing violence against whites is taboo, the only lessons we are allowed to learn from them are divorced from the victims’ race.  We may consider female victims to be part of a larger assault against females – but not “white females”.  We may consider child victims to be part of a larger assault against children – but not “white children”.  We may consider homosexual victims to be part of a larger assault against homosexuals – but not “white homosexuals”.  We may consider handicapped victims to be part of a larger assault against the handicapped – but not “handicapped whites”.  Otherwise, the only classification we are allowed to publicly recognize is that of “random violence”.  “Random violence” is another way of saying, “this assault has no larger meaning and fits into no larger context.”
When I wrote about the murder of Allyson Archibald, a while back, somebody was offended – because I connected her murder with a larger trend.  It seems that some people are more comfortable remaining blind to the facts of interracial crime so that they can imagine the loss of their loved ones as being “random”.  They say things like, “we don’t hate him because of his color we hate him because of what he did to her and our family.”  The implication is that I hate the murderer because he is black; not because he is a murderer.  How silly!
When people die, nobody owns their sanctity.  Everybody is free to learn from their deaths.  Nobody owns the rights.

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  1. latte island says:

    I see this a lot on comment threads on sfgate.com. Every time a black or Latino commits a violent crime against a white person, some commenters discuss race, and the usual leftists shout everyone else down. A new development is that the Chinese are speaking out publicly about black on Chinese violence. They can get away with it because they’re people of color.
    The anti-free speech rabbis reminded me of something. Are you following the crackdown on conversions in Israel? One commenter at Israeli Water Engineer (h2oreuse.blogspot.com) referred to the rabbis as the Israeli Taliban.

  2. Gay State Girl says:

    I’m not a fan of the constant exploitation and invokation of the holocaust, whether it’s by Super Jews, other groups who seek to compare their situation and garner sympathy The Christian Right regarding abortion, or insane Animal Rights activists. But organized jewry provoked it by constantly playing the holocaust card.

  3. Annoyed says:

    I really dislike the jewish community and I am part jew.(I think you’re a good guy though, so this isn’t a comment on you)
    The holocaust has been used as a tool by both jews and nonjews to push ideologies detrimental to the white population. It has to stop.

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