Southern Sudan

These are exciting times for Southern Sudan.  It seems that nearly 99% of the region favors secession from Sudan.  I wish them success and I hope that they manage their affairs wisely.  Still I think it is ironic that it was the United States government that encouraged this development.  The same government that sent hundreds of thousands of its young men to their deaths in order to prevent its own South from seceding.
When we read that 99% of a region is of one mind, and would prefer having its own country, it is difficult to escape the conclusion that the region in question is populated almost entirely of indigenous people.  There are Ethiopians living in the area but their numbers are probably not great enough to make much of a difference for the referendum.
In general, the smaller the area controlled by a government (loosely called a “nation”), the more liberty the people living under it retain.  So secession is usually a good thing.  The peoples of Southern Sudan will probably be more free than they were under Khartoum.  However, many tribes inhabit Southern Sudan, so it remains to be seen how this will play out.  I have a nagging feeling that diversity will not be their strength.
We all stand to gain from a free and prosperous Africa.  The better things are in Africa, the fewer refugees the West will be forced to absorb.  Also, in theory, the more prosperous Africa becomes, the fewer babies Africans will produce.  Everybody will be happier if this comes to pass.

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  1. countenance says:

    Now that Southern Sudan is independent, and we took in a lot of them as refugees around 10-15 years ago (“the lost boys of Sudan,” even though there’s no such thing as a black “boy,” they keep telling us), will the “lost b**s” we accepted return?

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