False bandanas

Why do protesters wear bandanas over their faces?  Ostensibly, it is to protect their identities so that those in power will not bash down their door at three A.M. to take them away in cuffs.  Palestinians wear bandanas when they protest or throw rocks at Jews.  They fear identification by Mossad.  This is quite understandable.  There are times and places that demand anonymity.
But would Communists wear bandanas in the old Soviet Union?  Would Republicans wear them during the Republican National Convention?  Then why do leftist activists, such as those who tried to disrupt the American Renaissance 2008 convention, wear them?  Why would homosexual teachers, in the U.S. feel obliged to wear them?
My guess is that many on the left consider it more fashionable to be counted among the oppressed than among the oppressors.  They live in a fantasy world that is roughly the equivalent of 1930’s America, where Jim Crow laws are the rule and the homosexual lifestyle is not tolerated.  It would seem that they do not realize that things have changed.  They wish to reap the benefits of being the rulers and, at the same time, maintain the notoriety of being members of an oppressed minority.

Here are some relevant comics I got from the humor section of Nation of Cowards.




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4 Responses to False bandanas

  1. portland1realist says:

    These people want to live in a comic book world. They are sheep. The cause is less important than the sensation they experience while they “fight the power.”. Their brains are clay. They are surely cowards, if they are afraid to show their face in a politically friendly climate, just imagine if things got really confrontational.
    I do not condone violence. However, were these masked pansies to confront me at an Amren conference the way they did Jared Taylor, I would shove that bandana right up their ass.

  2. countenance says:

    It’s a violation of the law in several southern states to conceal one’s face during a political protest. Those laws were mainly passed to stop the K-people.

  3. Californian says:

    Very funny cartoons.
    And true.

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