Over the course of the last few trying days, some have called us “white supremacists”.  Some of us have retorted that we are not “supremacists”.  Rather, we are “race-realists” or “white advocates” or “white nationalists”.  The term “supremacist” has fallen into disfavor.  In the eyes of many, it implies that other races must be subjugated.  That they may justifiably be enslaved.  It implies absolutes.
But I have recently been translating the book “The Ashkenazi Revolution”.  When I promised that I would translate it, and when I actually purchased it, I had no idea what its content would be – though I did assume it would present the case that Ashkenazic Jews are, in some ways, superior to Sephardic Jews.  I now know that the book is unabashedly Jewish supremacist.  The author, a man by the name of Katzenelson, thought nothing of claiming the superiority of his own people, of my people.  It never seems to have occurred to him that his words might offend somebody – unless, perhaps, this is the reason he wrote it in Hebrew.  As it turned out, it offended a great many people.  But it would appear that his offence was that he insulted Oriental Jews and those their sympathizers.  It does not appear that his insults to non-Jews were an issue at all.
Some non-Jews might be willing to forgive him for this.  After all, claims of superiority of own’s own people can be useful for nation-building.  In the early sixties, the State of Israel was still in its infancy and it was under seige from enemies near and far – or, at least, this was the perception at the time.  Did not the Romans believe their superiority?  What about the Greeks or the Egyptians?  The British, during their heyday, certainly believed in the superiority of their own nation and civilization.  Each of the aforementined civilizations were, it could be argued, indeed superior each in their own time.  Certainly the belief in their superiority was instrumental in acheiving this.  It is a self-fulfilling prophesy.  Higher expectations lead to higher performance.  Ask any good parent.
Looking at the world around us, I think there definitely are grounds for claims of white superiority.  The dark masses, who make their way to white countries in their millions, have voted with their feet.  Their vote says: “white society IS superior.  This is why I have left my own inferior society.”
Of course there is a major difference between “the Romans”, “the British” and “whites”.  The former are nations while the latter is a macro-race.  A rough description of the indigenous inhabitants of Europe.  But, as most of us are well aware, whites are under attack everywhere they live.  Not a day goes by without hostile actions against whites being perpetrated upon them as a group (whether from within or from without).  This constant oppression is forming whites into a nation.  Not by choice, but by necessity.  Within the context of this new role, whites should feel superior if they wish to hold on to what is still theirs.
Even if we ignore the scientific evidence for racial differences in behavior, and focus instead simply on the facts on the ground, we can still claim our own superiority based on this alone.  The shameful behavior of certain non-white politicians, in sabotaging our recent conference, serves to underscore our superiority on the moral plane.
As for my misguided, and foolish, Jewish co-ethnics, who also contributed to this fiasco, it is not my place to apologize for them nor do I share any of their guilt – but, on the collective level, I do feel shame for their actions.  In their present state, they are too full of hate to see the light.  Perhaps some day, they will grow up and join our ranks.  Stranger things have happened.

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  1. Irish Savant says:

    To me it’s a non-issue. Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ of any ethnic group, and their achievements in everything, maybe apart from sport, bear this out in practice. I, as a goy, have no problem whatsoever in acknowledging this. And no, I’m not even slightly ‘offended’ by the author’s claim.
    I see this as analogous to white/black IQ/achievement differences. If only reality could be accepted there as well. Some chance!

    • portland1realist says:

      East Asians have higher IQs than whites, yet their achievements are not near those of whites. So it’s just not that simple.

  2. Data is data. I dont have a problem with it. (Although I think the data shows jews between east asians and northern europeans.)
    On the other hand, as I harp on daily, a social order, ethnic or not, that cannot hold territory may have difficulty defining ‘superiority’ in material terms. Superiority, by any meaningful definition requires control over territory, institutions, and the means of production and distribution. Period. End of story.
    This is the fundamental weakness for the jewish people. It is a very good set of algorithms for a diasporic minority. But that is not the same as the power to control one’s destiny.
    Personally I just want Jews and Christians to help protect each other from the new waves of barbarians.

  3. jewamongyou says:

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  4. Hello Jay :
    Do you know what happened to I saw that wordpress took them down today.
    Great post – your posts are getting better, actually (meanwhile mine are getting worse over at : ).
    I do appreciate that you follow COTT, though.
    – Arturo

  5. scottnjerzee says:

    It often amazes me that Jews are are the front line of opening the Western world up to 3d world migration. I am reminded of the old saying, to cleaver by a half. Surly they must realize that a browned country is utterly toxic to their long term interests, not even mentioning their short term safety.
    I suspect that you will get your wish of more Jews joining our ranks. But that is going to take awhile longer. It’s only now that I read of comments from the South African Jewish community mentioning the fact that they feel their lives are in danger, not because they are Jewish, but because they are white.
    As for the development of a white nation. Remember great nations are forged and tempered in the flames of hard times. The culture remembers the trauma, and binds the individuals into one people. That horror may be nearly upon us now. If the economy deteriorates much more, and the social fabric shreds, the Jews will join us. If not out of love, then for pure survival. And I for one will always welcome them as allies.

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