Protest photos

These are from our picket session in front of the Sheraton

… even the security guard there was sympathetic.  Well, not really – but we probably made his day by allowing him to feel useful for a few minutes.

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  1. I’m sorry but this is wrong for two reasons:
    1) Those signs make you look guys look silly, if only for the way ‘Hypocrisy” had to be squeezed into one (I always misspell it, too);
    2) One can imagine that the people driving by in their cars – who remember in Virginia we can count on these folks being highly brainwashed with anti-racism (with its attendant anti-white, which means pro-white is automatically seen as bad) and not too too bright to start with – when those people see some white guys standing around with signs on which they can discern from their 40mph drive-by the words “Anti,” “White,” and “Hate,” these people are automatically going to conjure up visions of John Belushe battling evil neo-nazis from “The Blues Brothers.”
    In other words: if anything, manifestations such as these do nothing but imperil a movement to spread awareness of the tragedy of global white population decline, and the equal if not far more tragic rise of the numbers of Africans on the planet. Africa went from half a billion to one billion “citizens” in a short thirty years. Meanwhile, the majestic wildlife of the dark continent is all but decimated, never to return. When will liberals wake up to the reality that there is something deeply dehumanizing and illiberal about too many humans. By the sheer force of mathematics, excessive numbers of groups drive down the value of the individual.

  2. Scott says:

    Wish i could have joined you to be honest but i’m on the other side of the world in south Wales. I hope nobody gave you any trouble out there?

  3. FrankBD says:

    Not exactly Tahrir Square.

  4. Jake Prufrock says:

    Compare this to Cairo, where the supposedly grass-roots, man-on-the-Arab-street protesters are carrying signs– in English, of course!– that are not only professionally printed, but also professionally designed– as if they were from a stock of pre-ordered, campaign-style signs, supplied by…!?!

    • Anna says:

      I would also add to that the protests in Russia — That is, the Anti-Putin protests. Again, we see those supposedly ‘grassroots’ protesters carrying signs that look both extremely well-made, as well as employing a decidedly communist undertone.
      Where you find ‘protests’ for issues in which *just happen* to benefit America, Israel or Multiculturalism, you *just happen* to find a vast amount of phantom funding.

  5. James of Dubbo N.S.W Australia says:

    Hi JewAmongYou, I’m really sorry about not turning up! I got your e-mail but by the time I had saw it I was in Cincinatti awaiting a flight to Charlotte. The hidden conference was on and a couple of foreigners (for security reasons Americans were turned away) were invited including myself, so I went to that. We had a lot of fun but it seems like you guys also had some fun too! Hilarious idea to picket the hotel; I was hoping somebody would.
    When the videos of the speeches are up listen to them – Dr. Weissberg’s speech was HILARIOUS and had the audience in stitches.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’m happy for you that you got to make it. How many people were there other than the speakers? Yeah, we had some fun – but we were also stressed out and upset at the same time.

  6. Gerald Martin says:

    Hi, jewamongyou-Gerald here. I’ve been asking why we were not allowed any contact with the speaker group. Our Australian friend perhaps gives us a clue: security. In other words, they didn’t trust us. No way to win friends & influence people.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Hi Gerald! Your presence was a great blessing to our little project. As for winning friends and influence, this seems to be one of those situations where we must make our own fate and create our own organization. I’ll be posting on this shortly.

  7. Gerald Martin says:

    Thanks, guy. I very much enjoyed meeting and talking with you and the others. However, I’m going to hector AR until they give me an answer about why we were isolated from the speakers. It’s not right & if they can’t figure out a way to treat their own supporters fairly they are even more incompetent than the TSA.

    • fred says:

      I wouldn’t be too hard on them. I’m sure it was of necessity and not by choice. If they’d had their druthers they would have held it in a stadium with 10,000 people.

  8. James says:

    Hi Gerald.. they said they were very hesitant and took a big gamble to even invite the foreigners that they did.. if even one person they invited were in one people’s project or whatever they would have been thrown out of where they secretly held the conference and wouldnt have been able to even film with no audience.. a bit rough I think..
    Oh, and the conference room it was being held in was so small that they couldn’t even have fit additional people.

  9. Gerald Martin says:

    Fred & James, I appreciate your comments. But I think I have a legitimate complaint. Really all I want is for someone at AR to explain why we were not allowed any contact w/the speakers. Maybe one of our group was antifa but, as we had been vetted by Matt, I doubt it. If they were so nervous about being “discovered” then antifa has won yet another victory – how would they have handled security at the originally scheduled conference without turning away some people, given their terror of these leftist thugs? They need to be willing to take some risks – no airplane designed to be risk free ever flew and no organization conducting only risk-free operations has ever been successful. Finally, as JAY has said, they did have the time to visit us, either at our hotel or at a restaurant, and they very avoided us like the plague. I drove 1100 miles on icy roads in freezing rains for this (others came much greater distances), and I’m not letting go until AR gives me the courtesy of an explanation.

  10. icr says:

    Jared Taylor will be speaking at one of Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s events in Turkey this May:
    Maybe Taylor should consult with Prof. Hoppe about holding future Amren conferences in Bodrum.

  11. icr says:

    Best to admit that the US is now a PC totalitarian state and go elsewhere. I’m sure everyone has seen this:

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