"South Africa Sucks" blog taken down

A couple of days ago, the “South Africa Sucks” blog was removed by WordPress – that same WordPress I praised a while back for its tolerance.  South Africa Sucks is one of the more vulgar race-realist blogs.  It does not shy away from foul language, adult graphics or colorful epithets.  Normally, I avoid such blogs and they do not appear on my blogroll.  But, considering the horrendous state of affairs in South Africa, I made allowance for all this for the above blog.  It is easy for people like me, sitting in lily white Oregon, to maintain my composure.  But a different set of standards applies when the enemy is at the gates – or at your door.
It seems WordPress received some complaints and they did not make the distinction described above.  Many would say that I should not make such a distinction either. After all, we certainly suffer enough outrages here in America to justify dropping any composure and declaring outright war.  For example, this case I just read about at Amren.  I would not shed any tears if that murderer were to be lynched.  Justice is justice.  Perhaps our composure is a weakness.  On an almost regular basis, hordes of blacks terrorize whites in their schools, streets and malls.  Those blacks have no composure.  This lack of composure is interpreted as rage and, when people see rage, they assume it must be justified somehow.
Personally, I cannot help myself; I am a very composed person.  Anger does not come easily to me.  But I find it hard to believe that tens of millions of white Americans are just like me in this regard.  It seems far-fetched that rage is such a dear commodity among those who need it most.  I have read stories about the non-Jews of certain lands.  How they used to get drunk on Easter after their preachers told them how the Jews had murdered their savior.  Then they would rampage through the Jewish ghettos, shedding much blood in the process.
I don’t know exactly what it was that the gentile peasants of yore used to drink to arouse their rage, but whatever it is, we need it now.  The drinks are on jewamongyou! Just put it on my tab.

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  1. latte island says:

    SAS has been removed from blogspot several times, and every time, they were back promptly. This time, it’s taking them longer. Getting the same treatment from WordPress must have been a shock. Now what?
    They definitely get a pass from me, no matter how vulgar they are. Did you know, one of the former SAS bloggers, Doodler, “shot himself,” in a South African police station…That’s an old Nazi tactic, a Jew would be invited to the police station, and everyone knew it was over for him.
    I don’t know how the SAS bloggers can even live there and write a coherent sentence. Their surroundings are beyond anything we can imagine.

  2. Bantu Education says:

    SAS is back at http://www.zasucks.net

  3. South Africa Sucks is indeed back !
    I feel a lot better. Uhuru Guru is right to improve the decency of the language of this important site.
    – crimesofthetimes.com

  4. fred says:

    I can be a very harsh critic when I disagree. And that can lead others to some mistaken conclusions. But when the chips are down my sympathies lie wit ZA for the same reason they lie with Israel. I simply won’t tolerate whites being surrounded by enemies who wish to massacre them. I don’t particularly like to see anyone in that situation. Still, why shouldn’t I care more for friends?

  5. portland1realist says:

    Right on brother! Great post! It made me laugh. Your open mindedness is amazing.
    I love SAS. I think the vulgarity is their way of self-medicating with humor. Of course I’m a little vulgar myself.

  6. Niko says:

    SAS is back at http://www.zasucks.net
    Its down again will there be a new one?

  7. jewamongyou says:

    Irish Savant is saying that it might be down permanently this time.

  8. Tony Blair says:

    Hello everyone
    I am not tony blair! Thank God 🙂 I am however one of the original SAS bloggers.
    Sadly we came under intolerable pressure from within afronazi south africa. I used to spend about two hours day working on the blog at one time. You cannot imagine the stress this caused me. Some nights I could not sleep because of the “kuk” 🙂 I was reading. Kuk is a south african word most saffers understand especially ex SADF guys. I would love to revive the blog some day with the help of others. I think firstly we need people with their own servers who will host free mirror copies of the blog. This might stop it being taken down as often as it was! Today in south africa I was told the police commissioner himself suspended on full pay for corruption, stated that there was NO business robberies over December, christmas, new year!!!! This is abserd. Usually its like the wild west over christmas. SOUTH AFRICA SUCKS not because some white racists say so but because it is run by a click of corrupt, marxist afronazi anc criminals who themselves are the worst racists in the wortld. This is the mandelatopia the west wanted so badly. From mandela down they are rotten dishonest corrupt white hating marxists. Thank you all for the support you gave us over such a long time. If you are interested in why southafrica is going to the dogs read a book written by Moletsi Mbeki called the architects of poverty. He writes in an easy to read style that lays bear the issuse facing africa especially south africa. Exccellent book, read it.
    I am ex 5 SAI and 1 SAI SADF. (SAI is South african Infantry)
    I loved my country but sadly its gone. Pray for all the whites still stuck in afronazi south africa. If the western countries only made it possible for them to leave they would all leave tomorrow. Sadly they would rather let in 400 million turks into the EU than three million god fearing white south africans!
    We were right. History will show that black majority rule cannot ever work. Never ever should a white nation be ruled by an unproductive parasitic black population. Its so sad. God save the queen, heaven help the rest of you. 🙂

  9. Rudi says:

    Hi all, please let me know if the site is up and running again? I would be most interested to read it, being white and still living in South Africa.

  10. @Magnus – God save the queen? She is the head of the NWO and the cause of the problems here in SA : check out her crimes against humanity http://jahtruth.net/britmon.htm. Also watch 7/7 Ripple effect 2 and The Nazi bankster crimes to see how THEIR corrupt Governments effects us in SA :http:JforJustice.net.

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