Give Jared Taylor and Amren another chance

Some people have been saying that two screw-ups in a row is too much.  After reading those comments, I have wondered about other public people.  Let’s take a look at Jesse Jackson.  He calls himself “reverend”, which supposedly means he is a “man of God”.  Yet he cheated on his wife and had a child out of wedlock.  What was the reaction of black Americans?  They overwhelmingly forgave him for his gross indiscretions.  Jesse Jackson does not champion a worthy cause.  He probably does not have a moral bone in his body and makes his living through extortion.  Now let us take a look at Jared Taylor.  His public conduct has been nothing less than exemplary and his cause is a worthy one.  He has worked tirelessly, and fearlessly, so that our children and grandchildren might have a brighter future.  He has been hounded by thugs and regularly insulted both by Jews and anti-Semites.  He has harnessed his intellect and eloquence for a largely thankless cause.  So certainly we can show at least as much patience with him as blacks show toward Jackson.
Who, among us, has invested even a small fraction of what Taylor has invested for the sake of our movement?  So two conferences in a row were  cancelled.  This is unfortunate – but they do not negate decades of selfless service.  Jared Taylor is not the CEO of a company, who has failed his stockholders.  He is not a politician who has reneged on his campaign promises.  He is a private individual who was trying to do the right thing and is “flaw” was that his moral standards were superior to those of his foes.  His foes used this against him.  I am certain that nobody is as distressed, by this whole affair, as he.  After all the years he has put in on our behalf, we should consider him family and treat him as such.  This much he has earned.
As for me, I have decided that if there is another American Renaissance conference, I shall attend if at all possible.  I only ask that it be held in a location that is immune from the dirty tricks of the past.

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  1. Annoyed says:

    I agree, it’s not fair to rail against Taylor considering all he has done including his willingness to stick his neck out and be in the line of fire.
    The people who work against us hate him more then anyone else because he destroys the negative image they attempt to portray of racially conscious whites.

  2. dubeaux says:

    Agree with you 100% I believe the growing success of the AR conferences over the years – by far the most VISIBLE & intellectually impressive expressions of white racial consciousness since the civil rights in recent times – finally got the attention of the Left. And scared the he’ll out of them. Ergo the vicious attacks of the last three conferences. The Left sees AR as a baby which must be strangled in it’s crib. Otherwise it will grow into a monster which will destroy them all. (That’s how they see us, “The road from the AR conference to Auschwitz is straight & short, unless we kill AR NOW!”
    So the attacks, though successful for now, are also a sign of desperation and fear. The Left knows our ideas are powerful. That’s why we must do everything we can to restore the conferences, to restore our right to meet openly and peacefully in a public forum. Despite my criticism of Jared Taylor I still regard him and AR as key elements in our movement. I will keep supporting them. If asked, I would contribute money for a legal challenge to re-assert AR’s right to hold conferences in places like the Sheraton.

  3. Californian says:

    A couple of canceled conferences are not big deals when you consider what any political movement that takes on the system has to face. These ought to be learning experiences. Next time ’round, some recommendations:
    * Get your legal ducks in order. Get some lawyers on your side, or form an alliance with a civil liberties group which is devoted to free speech and be prepared to sue when a government entity denies you your First Amendment rights.
    * Have your conference in a secure ground. There have to be more friendly venues.
    * Be prepared to take it to the streets. Good to see you protesting the hotel, but perhaps also a protest in front of city hall or in the city council chambers might have worked?
    * Stay strong.

  4. Charles says:

    I have to agree Jared Taylor is a better speaker, a more intelligent and a more honorable man than the head of any other US organization addressing the race issue. Taylor has provided a forum and a magazine for intelligent discussions of race.
    Jared Taylor has also taken on great personal risk in order to inform the public about race. I will give credit where it is due. I believe Mr. Taylor is a well intentioned and sincere man and he has done more for the cause already then most people ever will.
    That being said, I think it is fair to express constructive criticism, even towards our friends now and then. Not to tear them down, but hopefully to make them stronger. I still hold AR responsible for the cancellation of the last conference, it was avoidable.
    I also think AR deserves criticism most of all for allowing the Skin-head Stormfront crowd to attend the conferences. Americans do not want to be part of a movement that includes Skin-heads and Klansmen by merely allowing them there AR is perceived as at best tolerating them at worst allying with and befriending them. Once again I plead with AR to remove these people, failure to strongly denounce these people and disassociate with them will damn race realists, deservedly to the margins of society.
    If Stormfront is the answer to the race problem then the cure is as deadly as the disease. Above all else we need to be respectable, and we deserve to be judged based on the company we keep.

  5. countenance says:

    Who, pray tell, is saying that we shouldn’t give JT and AR another chance? I question their motives. They probably think of themselves as competition to AR in some fashion.
    Yeah, I wish. But how do you tell them no? I really don’t have a problem with them coming if they do like everyone else does, dress and behave like civilized adults, and keep their traps wired.

  6. Charles says:

    My problem with the Stormfronters isn’t that they cause a disruption it is their presence. Simply having them attend is enough to keep a lot of respectable people home and to alienate them from AR.

  7. Sherwood Smith says:

    Agree, AmRen is important, useful and an important contribution to the White, Western cause.
    Who has given as much and STILL maintained good, professional values and is STILL a good example for the younger white generation?
    When the enemies of the truth and the White West can toss speed bumps in from of AmRen so easily it is a clear indication of our present condition and who is the real threat the future of Western progress
    Sherwood Smith
    Watching from south China

  8. Dregs says:

    Your picture is in the latest issue of AmRen.

  9. Unamused says:

    Are people really giving up on Taylor and AmRen because of this? That’s . . . bizarre

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