Conquering the land

There is an ancient Jewish saying, “a woman is merely real-estate” (ha-isha qarqa’ be’alma).  The analogy being that, just like real-estate, a woman can be bought in one of three ways (according to Jewish law).  Also, just like the land, a woman bears fruit several months after being sown.  But there is yet another analogy.  Whenever one people wishes to conquer another people, it does so through the women of the subject people just as it does so by seizing its lands.
A commentator, called Gerry, linked to an article, in his comment on my post about Hoosier Nation, that discusses the ongoing problem of Jewish women marrying non-Jews in Israel – specifically Muslims.  The relationship between Muslim men and Jewish women in Israel is very much like that of black men and white women in the U.S.  In both cases, the men view the women of the subject people as both trophies and a means of “getting back” at their supposed oppressors.  To the extent that love is involved, it is a love born of hate.  Israeli Muslims hate Jews, so they seek out the soft underbelly of the Jewish people, its women, as targets.  Black men hate whites, so they seek out the soft underbelly of white people, its women, as targets.  Sometimes this takes the form of rape, other times it takes the form of dating and romance – but the goal is the same: a feather in the hat of the man and a blow against his enemy.
It is no accident that the vast majority of Muslim/Jewish couples involve a male Muslim and a Jewess, just as it is no accident that the vast majority of black/white couples involve a black male and a white female.  In both cases, the male is using “love” as a weapon against the target population.  In both cases, women of the target population perceive such men as being more “masculine” because of their raw crudeness and vulgarity.  There is a certain type of woman that is attracted to this.
The cited article reads in part:

Marriages between Jewish women and Arab men took center stage at a meeting of the Knesset Committee for the Advancement of Women this week, when committee chairwoman Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) hosted a hearing on the subject in honor of Jewish Identity Day in the Knesset…
“We must confront the fact that the country has not valued education, which is the only way to prevent Jewish women from forging life connections with non-Jews,” Hotovely said.
“The struggle against assimilation only reaches headlines through stories about Jewish women marrying Muslim men, but it is important to remember that the phenomenon is much wider – 92,000 mixed families live in the State of Israel. There is a need to create a curriculum for girls in high schools that deals with Jewish identity. The fact that girls reach a state of intermarriage testifies to the fact that the education system was absent.”

As a Jew, I am encouraged that public officials in Israel take this matter seriously.  On the other hand – where is the outcry, in the U.S., against the targeting of white women?

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  1. Why? “Democratic Universalist Secular Humanism”
    A false God if there ever was one.

  2. Fjordman says:

    Civilizations are created and maintained by men. Sure, women can contribute, but if you defeat the men you defeat the civilization. Men can only defend a civilization if they have masculine pride in their culture. If you take away their masculinity and pride then their enemies may not even have to fight them, they can simply take over the land and the women, which is exactly what is happening to us now. A tribe is defeated when men from another tribe move in and take over the local women. By that standard, Obama is a walking, talking symbol of victory over whites, which is exactly why all the anti-whites are cheering for him.
    The USA is finished and will not exist in its present form in 40 years, or probably less. Nor does it deserve to do so. The United States of America is now the Anti-White Empire, enthusiastically dedicated to the dispossession and destruction of people of European stock wherever they live. The mythology about the Cold War is wrong. It was not about Communism vs. freedom, it was about two rival versions of Communism. If you doubt that, just look at Comrade Obama. The USA defeated the economic Communism of the USSR so that it would be free to spread its own brand of genetic Communism.
    I’m tired of playing musical chairs with an ever-shrinking number of countries and hiding places. People who flee to Sweden to escape anti-white politics, non-European mass immigration and Multiculturalism obviously don’t have any idea what they are doing. I read about whites from Sweden moving to Australia or the USA for the same reason as people from Australia or the USA move to Sweden. It’s a fraud. Meanwhile, Germans move to Canada or whites in Canada flee to Germany etc. The defeatists should remember that so much effort is put into keeping white men down because we live in a Socialist culture where being successful equals being evil, and we’re the best. The simple truth is that we don’t fear other people, other people fear us. We will remember that eventually, once the brainwashing wears off.

    • Gerry says:

      A tribe is defeated when men from another tribe move in and take over the land and the local women.
      As soon as I read that sentence it reminded me of Lions.
      The parallels are obvious. When a Male lion is driven off by a competitior the new male or males set about killing of all the old males cubs, by so doing they are insuring their own genetic lineage, and the termination of the old males.
      I guess on a subconscious level the Arab and the black must be engaging in genetic warfare.
      Corrupt the tribes gene pool, eliminate the tribe.
      Natures game of survival seems to be all about passing on your own unique set of genes, and the genes of your kind on to the next generation, thus insuring the survival of ones phenotype/sub species.

  3. Smokedust says:

    JAY, do you have any idea of how this is played out in Israeli pop culture? I really have no idea what they show on TV or in the media of Israel, but do their shows and commercials bombard your average Jew with Muslim men dating Jewish woman the way our media does with black men dating white woman?
    Most good looking people in America from what I can tell having lived in 2 major cities and a big college town, tend to date within their race, with Asian women dating white men being the couples that mostly buck that trend. Though if one considers Jews and gentiles to be different races, which I dont, I’ve noticed many attractive Semites and goys in relationships.
    The difference being that when I watch TV, which is rare outside of sports, I notice how many shows and commercials have black men with attractive white chicks. In all honesty, not exaggerating, I see more black dudes with attractive white chicks on TV each week during the NFL season than I have my entire life, and I lived in Chicago for 25 years! Most white chicks with black guys I see are usually morbidly obese or athletic, dykish types.
    The reason for the disproportionate amount of coal burning on TV, in my humble opinion, is that the leftists, queers and feminists who run Hollywood view these images in the same way that black men view white women. And apparently, the way Muslim men view Jewish girls. Though it’s not surprising, Theodore Dahlrymple I think has correctly pointed out that part of what appeals to young Muslim men so much is the fact that they can treat women like dirt, and not just their own or the Jewish ones. Dahlrymple and Mark Steyn amongst others have pointed out how hostile Muslim men in France, Sweden, England and other countries in Europe are towards white women, most of whom I would assume are not Jews.
    It’s very similar to the way that the brothers catcall woman of all colors in the crudest of fashions while eliciting laughs from passerby’s in many American urban areas.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I didn’t watch TV while in Israel but I’m pretty sure the media there does NOT bombard the population with mixed couples. This is one major difference between the two phenomena. The powers that be in Israel do not want intermarriage while the powers that be here desperately do want it.

  4. latte island says:

    My impression of the black man/white woman thing I see in my own neighborhood is, the women belong to certain groups. Can I say “white trash,” or townies? These are basically girls who aren’t college material, start getting tattoos in their early teens, wear too much makeup, don’t read, etc. I see these girls everywhere with black men, and the men aren’t upwardly mobile, either, they’re hip-hop types with the backward baseball caps.
    I don’t know whether this interracial dating trend is equally prevalent in middle-class, high iq women. Maybe the girls who bond with black men can do so because the girls also have low iq’s and don’t get bored dating a loser.
    I also have seen a slight trend of older white women dating age-appropriate black men. This creeps me out, because these women tend to be higher class than the younger women who do this. Maybe all they can find is black men, because the age-appropriate white guys are dating younger women.
    I don’t know if white women in all groups are dating black men. It just seems, from what I see every day, that it’s the dumb, overweight townies, and desperate older women who are more likely to settle.
    How likely is it for an intelligent, educated, attractive white woman to get involved with a black loser, if she can get a white man she has more in common with?

  5. anon says:

    How does this explain the white men chasing after Asian women? Do white men hate Asian men?

  6. anon says:

    Do you disapprove of white men with Asian women as much as negroes with white women? And could you explain the different dynamics here? I prefer consistency on this issue. One is either against all forms of race-mixing/miscegeneation or in favor of all kinds. I personally do not look favorably on race-mixing.

    • jewamongyou says:

      While, like you, I do not look favorably on race-mixing, I do not have as much of a problem with white men/ Asian women as white women/ black men. There are a couple of reasons for this:
      Firstly, government and media do not, and have not, forced white men and Asian women together to the same degree that white women have been forced together with black men. There has been no forced busing between white and Asian neighborhoods as far as I know. There has also not been a pattern of persecution by whites against Asians – at least not in our generation – as there has been by blacks against whites.
      Whites lack any sort of political voice. Asians have such a voice. If Asian men object to whites taking their women, they are free to publicly say so. They will not be accused of being “racist” for saying so. They will not lose their jobs or be socially ostracized for doing so. So, while the phenomenon bothers me, it is mainly the job of Asian men to make a fuss about it. Nothing but their own pride is preventing them from doing so.
      Not all race-mixing is the same. At least, when a white marries an Asian, both are “people of light”. Their children will probably have positive traits and their criminality will probably be low. With blacks, some of the worse white haters have been mulattoes – Obama, Holder, Wright and Gates are all good examples of mixed-race abominations. I don’t think we can point to white/Asian mixes who so hate white people.

  7. In Brazil, white German men are known to love black women. Really black women, because a 20% black woman rarely would be called black in Brazil.
    Many of them have a preference to pick black prostitutes. Often a fairly young attractive white foreigner is seen with a really low class ghetto woman, and many Brazilians comment about that. I have seen women saying: “he is paying for that woman? I would love to go for free with him!”
    Now some motives are: black women are more sensual, sexual. And certainly a novelty for people from a very white country. And for a black woman a white boyfriend is a premium trophy. They dream of having a blue eyed baby.
    It fits the typical pattern of women marrying up.
    Some are stupid enough to marry a black ghetto prostitute. I mean they could pick an educated black girl. A very famous case of parental child abductin 3 years ago involved such a couple. The woman got 1000 Euro a month child support, her family had a good life, the children lived in squalor. One child was beaten to death by the favela aunt. Even after the deatch of that child it took him months to get the corpse, and the remaining surviving children.

  8. Manny says:

    I wonder how many Male Israeli/Female Palestinian marriages even exist in Israel? Do any at all? I would imagine any such attempt would result in an Honor Killing, right?

  9. Tyrone says:

    As a blackman from the United States, i agree with your thesis. Militant blackmen have created a sexual subculture in the US, and most of it is born out of the Black Power Movement of the 1960s. Mind you, these blackmen hate whitemen, let’s be honest about this. It’s not natural for men to dislike the women who birthed them. As you stated, blackmen target whitewomen to hurt whitemen…Bottomline! Seeding whitewomen is a bloodless way to cripple or dilute the white race at a minimum. Personally, i don’t think blackmen should exploit whitewomen just to get back at whitemen. It’s not kosher to me. Whitewomen are just sex toys for blackmen, she births a half-black child by herself, etc. Down the road, blackmen will regret toying with whitewomen. God forbid, blackwomen fall victim to whatever. Caucasian women can birth black babies, especially tbe mixed whitewomen…Iberian, Arab, Persian, Italian, etc.

  10. The Highwayman says:

    A possible explanation for the fact that arab male/jewish female couple outnumber Jewish male/arab female couples in Israel is that the muslim religion gives muslim males greater freedom to marry non-muslim females than it does to muslim females who may want to marry non-muslim males. Also in many jewish circles Jewishness is viewed as passing down through the mother…it is easy to see how Israeli jewish males would have an extra incentive to avoid marrying non-Jewish females.
    It is possible as well that arab families excert more control over their daughters sexuality (and behavior in general) and do not allow them to go to places where they may meet and experiment with jewish males. In one the high schools I attended in Canada middle eastern females were often not allowed to date AT ALL while many middle eastern males helped themselves to a buffet of girls from more liberal backgrounds (white, Asian and latina). Christian arab girls had somewhat greater freedom to date outside of their group than muslim ones…I am not sure that that is the case in Isreal.

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