Israelis protesting genocide of Afrikaners

Thanks to Charles for sending me the link.

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  1. Insouciant Penguin says:

    Somebody PLEASE send this to James Edwards. Maybe this’ll wise him and some of the rabid anti-Semites who frequently post comments there. I read somewhere that Simon Peres offered P.W. Botha nuclear weapons in the 1970s.

  2. Charles says:

    Don’t you get it? These Jews protesting for Boers in South Africa only appear to be Pro-White. It’s just another part of the grand conspiracy. The Jews want you to think that not all Jews are liberals and are hostile towards Whites but we know they are! They are even organizing Pro Boer marches now in Israel in order to throw us off their trail. Why can’t you see through their evil plan? You must be a Jew otherwise you would agree with me! Another Mossad agent exposed! How can you argue with such flawless logic.

  3. Insouciant Penguin says:

    Charles, I know you’re being glib. In reality, my ethnic heritage, in descending order, is German, English, Czech, Irish, Italian, Polish, Russian and Jewish. So maybe it’s that least little bit of Jewish in me that is making the rest of me be so deceitful.
    Now, back to reality. James Edwards drives me nuts. He can be so on the money at times, and then so wrong at other times. If he weren’t anti-Semitic (or at least laid off of it in public), he could be the next great right-wing columnist and theoretician. But then the alarm clock rings, and it’s ringing Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew.
    From the gossip I glean from the interwebs, he doesn’t have any reason to be anti-Semitic. He’s by no means a loser, he seems to be the owner or co-owner of a relatively prosperous business in Memphis, he’s got an ultra-hot wife (who I do know is one of identical triplets, so it pleases me greatly that there are two more exact copies out there, hope at least one isn’t married), and all that. So he seems to be far from the kind of person who blames “The Jews” for everything simply because their own lives suck and they need an external enemy on which to blame all their failures.
    Now, that stereotype might better describe some of the even bigger anti-Semites who regularly make comments there.
    By the way, The Political CESSPOOL? Can’t we have thought of a better name?

    • Charles says:

      Of course my post was satirical, I certainly don’t believe the march in favor of the Boers was part of a conspiracy. I was pleased to see such a march taking place.
      I don’t listen to Edwards myself. I get most of my news by reading online. Edward’s wife is indeed a good looking woman, she does look very dark though. Perhaps she is part Native American?
      I wish Jared Taylor would start his own radio show, I doubt he ever will though.

  4. fred says:

    I’ve a question for you. There are over fifty different white ethnic groups. And they’ve all found a place among white nationalism except one. Why do you think that is?

    • Charles says:

      I think the problem is “White Nationalism” myself. I don’t consider myself a White Nationalist. I prefer the term “White Advocate” Too many White Nationalists are obsessed with blaming Jews for everything and constantly attacking them. I feel this is counter productive and misguided. Not to mention unfair.
      Who says Jews don’t have a part to play in assisting racially conscious whites? The march in favor of South African Boers shows that there are Jews who care about the murder of whites and the theft of their land. This very blog by JAY, the writings of Paul Gottfried and others are evidence that at least some Jews do care about the survival of the West and have the courage to take a public stand. That’s more than plenty of anonymous posters on discussion sites have done.
      Intelligent thoughtful Jews recognize that the survival of the west is good for Jews. If America becomes majority non-White it will be a less hospitable place for Jews. Jews have been involved with Amren conferences as speakers since the beginning.
      Maybe Jews don’t have a place in the paranoid and intolerant movement known as “White Nationalism” I don’t think I have a place there either. Pro-White Jews do have a place though in the white advocacy movement. That much is certain. I for one welcome their contribution.
      I’d like to know what marvelous things David Duke, George Lincoln Rockwell, Stormfront or others of their ilk have accomplished myself. Am I missing something? This approach of blaming Jews and obsessing over conspiracy theories hasn’t gotten us anywhere as far as I can see.

      • countenance says:

        In Europe, the rough anecdotal evidence shows that as white nationalist parties either ease off on anti-Semitism, abandon it for a position of neutrality, or even a very mild pro-Israel position, the better their political success becomes.

    • Insouciant Penguin says:

      Fred, Charles says everything I would have.

      • fred says:

        I’m constantly amazed by the ability of others to deceive themselves. As for me, I’d rather see an unpleasant truth for what it is than to deceive myself. The truth is that most Jews are white. But most Jews are not pro white. Many are pro Jewish and pro Jewish only. And there are plenty who don’t care any more for other whites than they do for Arabs. Exceptions don’t change the rule. That is the answer to my question. It’s not the answer I would prefer. But it is the answer nonetheless.

  5. portland1realist says:

    Great link.
    Good one Charles.
    Now let’s all come out of the closet and post this video on our facebook page. That is if you have a facebook page :> I would understand if you refuse to join facebook. It’s another one of them Jew-conspiracies. The founder of facebook looks “jewy” to me anyway 🙂

  6. Charles says:

    I’ve never denied that most Jews are liberal or even that most Jews are anti-White. What I think you may not realize is that the average White American is also anti-White!
    Jewish liberals and White American liberals are both guilty of supporting policies which are not in their own interest. Why should we hold Jews to a higher standard than White Americans?
    Jews are only about 2% of the US population to single them out for scorn in advancing liberal policies seems incredibly unfair. Let’s take some personal responsiblity here. Whites are ruining their own civilizations, we can’t blame Jews for it.

    • fred says:

      Why should we hold Jews to a higher standard than White Americans?
      Who said one should? But, then, why hold Jews to a lower standard as well? Why watch a two and a half minute video of some guy standing in front of half a dozen people in white sweatpants and make more out of it than it was? Because you want to think there are more pro white Jews than there really are.
      There are some. JAY is one. Have you ever heard me badmouth him? No. And you certainly won’t without a very good reason. I’ve no objection to him or anyone else being pro Jewish or pro Israel. My only objection is to those who are anti white. And why the hell shouldn’t I object to that?
      But you’re mistaken about your numbers. Conservatives make up 40% to liberals 20% with another 35% moderate(1). And that’s with several decades of MSM and schools shoving it down their throats. Being liberal and being anti-white may not be synonymous but they’re awfully close. So, no, most whites are neither liberal nor anti-white. Yet Jews are overwhelmingly liberal with 73% being liberal to 23% being conservative(2). And, once again, I do think liberalism is a barometer of anti-white bias(3).
      Jews are only about 2% of the US population to single them out for scorn in advancing liberal policies seems incredibly unfair.
      If Jews were only 2% and proportionately liberal /antiwhite I’d agree with you. Or if Jews were only 2% and proportionately influential I’d agree with you. But we both know that neither of those are so. And since Jews make up half of Forbe’s richest list and are grossly over represented among positions of influence relative to that 2% I think it matters a great deal. Whether it was earned or not is irrelevant to me. Indeed, I’m only moderately concerned that they are Jews rather than, say, Russians or Italians. I’m only concerned about the net effect. So what do you think — is the future looking brighter since America has come under “new management”?
      If you have any suggestions of how to improve the situation I’d certainly like to here them. But I think they should at least start out with a thorough and accurate understanding.

  7. Charles says:

    “So, no most whites are neither liberal nor anti-white.”
    Are you kidding me? Most whites who identify as “conservatives” hate themselves and are race liberals. In fact most of what passes as conservative today in political circles would have been considered liberal just 30 years ago. Today “Conservatives” like Glenn Beck and the writers of National Review honor Martin Luther King, a radical black agitator and Communist sympathizer. I fully expect the Republicans to nominate Herman Cain a black talk radio host as their presidential or vice presidential nominee. They chose Michael Steel to lead their party just because he’s black! Most conservatives today will do anything to prove they are not “racist” even adopting affirmative action themselves and advancing people in their party and movement because of their race and gender.
    Ronald Reagan the hero of modern conservatism raised liberalized the abortion laws in California as governor resulting in over one million abortions, liberalized the divorce laws in California resulting in the destruction of many white families (I don’t have that figure off hand), appointed the liberal Sandra Day O’Connor to the Supreme Court and supported foreign interventionism around the world. Reagan even passed amnesty for illegal immigrants!
    There is barely anything left in America that is worth conserving politically speaking. Those who call themselves conservatives for the most part I call liberals and furthermore enemies of the white race.
    I agree with you on one thing, liberal is synonymous with anti-white, I would merely go further and say that conservative today is also synonymous with anti-white.

    • fred says:

      Conservatives certainly aren’t all to my liking, either. But I think you’ve overstated the situation.
      For example, leadership has historically been more moderate (or even liberal) than the average rank and file. So, if party insiders made Steele their chairman, recognize they don’t necessarily represent rank and file republicans. The same is true of most organizations whether they are unions, religious or whatever.
      But there is another angle to consider. The MSM and Dems were using Obama’s presidency to paint those who didn’t support their socialist agenda as “racist”. Nominating Steele was immunization from those charges. Similarly, slavering over MLK by Beck, Palin, etc was immunization against charges the Tea Party was “racist”.
      I’m not familiar with Reagan’s record on abortion or divorce in California. But I will say this — I’ve watched plenty of videos of economists on Utube and one thing I’ve learned is that it’s a mistake to take a simplistic view of such things. Often, consequences are very different from what was intended or even what people believe them to be. I’ll leave it at that.
      Regarding O’Connor and amnesty. They were both mistakes. But I don’t think that was Reagan’s intention. O’Connor was a nobody and didn’t have much of a record. No one knew she would turn out to be such a weenie. Indeed, many GOP nominations have been disappointments. One theory I’ve heard is that once justices move to the beltway they become much more liberal because it’s such a liberal area.
      The Amnesty was supposed to be a compromise and a one-time thing. In return for signing the amnesty the Dem congress was supposed to fix immigration enforcement once and for all. The real question is whether one thinks Reagan was sincere or just faking it. If one thinks Reagan and the Dems were in cahoots then that really would be a doozy of a conspiracy theory.
      I’m not trying to carry anyone’s water. I’m an independent, not a republican. And there are plenty of things I’m not happy about. But it’s important to draw the right conclusions because motives aren’t always apparent from the policies.
      Lastly, you mentioned California a couple of times. If you live there then I’m not surprised you consider conservatives to be no better than liberals. I’m reminded of a comment John Stewart made regarding Scott Brown. “A Massachusetts Republican is still considered, like, a gay Democrat in other parts of the country.”

      • Charles says:

        I forgot to mention that under Reagan government debt reached higher levels than ever before. So much for the myth that conservatives cut government spending.
        Despite all of the MLK worship from Beck and Palin and the Tea Party they are still called racists. This groveling hasn’t immunized them from anything. I for one have no reason to doubt their sincerity either. You think they merely pretend to love Martin Luther King? I believe them! I think they are just as stupid as they sound.
        Let’s not forget the fact that most conservatives today favor unecessary and costly foreign wars which make America less safe and which cannot be won.
        Palin is married to a half Inuit by the way so I don’t consider her family white. The woman can’t open her mouth without saying something idiotic. John McCain also favored amnesty then flip flopped and now he favors amnesty again for illegal aliens.
        Most Republicans are worthless traitors and political whores lacking any principles. Party politics is a complete dead end and a waste of time for white advocates.

      • countenance says:

        I agree with most of what you just said, save one thing. What is the big f’n hangup with insulting Sarah Palin that people of a certain mentality have? I sense an ulterior (read: anti-Semitic) agenda. And I don’t think Todd Palin is half-Inuit, maybe less than that. And even so, so what? Most white Southerners, the group of white Americans most racially conscious, are part Indian.

      • fred says:

        As I’ve already said, conservatives aren’t all to my liking either. And it’s not my intention to carry their water. But that was a screed. I’ll correct a couple of points.
        First, a president is not a dictator and is not responsible for the budget. That is a function of congress. Not only did Reagan veto congress’ spending bill but it resulted in a government “shut down” as the various agencies ran out of money. The vetoed bill went back to congress where a DEMOCRAT majority overturned his veto.
        Second, the MLK “worship” may not have prevented them from being called “racist”. (Nothing will prevent that now will it?) But it prevented the accusations from gaining any traction. I don’t know whether they were “sincere” or not. But I kind of doubt it. That’s just my opinion.
        Let’s not forget the fact that most conservatives today favor unecessary and costly foreign wars which make America less safe and which cannot be won.
        Yeah. That’s a problem.
        Palin is married to a half Inuit by the way so I don’t consider her family white.
        Her husband is 1/8 Yup’ik. I wasn’t aware the one drop rule applied to Eskimos.
        The woman can’t open her mouth without saying something idiotic.
        You really think she’s dumber than Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden? I don’t. She’s just the latest conservative the MSM has decided to label “stupid”. They did it to Reagan, Quayle and Bush Jr, too. Libs consider Hillary and BO to be the smartest woman and black man in the world. But they’re no smarter than Palin. The only difference is in how they’re portrayed.
        John McCain also favored amnesty then flip flopped and now he favors amnesty again for illegal aliens.
        Yeah. McCain sucks.
        Most Republicans are worthless traitors and political whores lacking any principles. Party politics is a complete dead end and a waste of time for white advocates.
        Most politicians are prostitutes. They do whatever they think will get them re-elected. That’s just the way it is. And I agree that party politics is a waste of time. One doesn’t affect policy by contributing to parties and politicians. One affects policy by giving to special interest groups such as the NRA, NumbersUSA, etc. In fact, every dollar donated to a party or pol empowers them and reduces the leverage that special interests for the issue YOU support has over them. That’s why I said I was an independent.

  8. Johann says:

    What I find strange is that Israeli’s support the Afrikaner struggle, but the Jews in south Africa support the African Nazi Congress unconditionally, and even help them to eradicate The Afrikaner contribution to the country. Please Jewish people, make known your position.
    I think we need to study a few things now, for example the various strategies employed by both the black fascists and the white neoliberal capitalists (for both are tyrants in ) South Africa), strategies like: organised forgetting, otherizing, the karnavalesgue etc. If anyone wishes to continue a discussion on this topic, please let me know.

  9. makeup4art says:

    I am South African white. I KNOW Avigdor Eskin and Israel have our backs, as we have their backs also – and we together are intertwined with God!

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