I was driving along a couple of days ago, listening to one of my Ramstein CD’s.  I hadn’t listened to this particular CD in at least a year.  I got to the song about “firefly” and thought to myself, “I wonder what they’re saying – and why are they singing about a firefly?”  As this was going through my mind, I glanced to the side of the street – and there it was: a shop with a large sign in front saying “Firefly electronics”.  I rarely drive that way; I had no previous knowledge there was such a shop.  From this experience it seems obvious to me that Firefly is God and He is, some mysterious way, communicating with me!

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4 Responses to Firefly

  1. lowly says:

    Just subliminal connections.
    Or, perhaps, you ran into Derren Brown. He did a bit in an American shopping mall once.
    The piece by Brown I liked best:

  2. fred says:

    It sounds like “firefly” when they’re singing but they’re really saying “Feuer frei” which means “fire at will”.

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