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I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen “Hispanic population rises quickly” as the front page headline in a newspaper.  Each time, it is written as if it is some sort of astounding revelation that the average citizen would have never guessed.  Each time, it is presented as a positive development.  “The Columbian”, a local South Washington State paper, recently stated:

St. John is one of five Catholic churches in Vancouver, and the archdiocese 25 years ago tapped it to provide ministry to Hispanics, the fastest-growing minority group in Clark County.
“There’s been this boom,” Perez said.
Clark County grew about 23 percent over the past decade…
As population growth among Hispanics outpaces that of other minority groups, they have become targets of discrimination, said Rosalba Pitkin, a member of the Washington State Commission on Hispanic Affairs…
“Right now, the Latinos feel persecuted,” she said.  “People assume all Latinos are undocumented.”…
“Vancouver benefits from having these wonderful, family-oriented people here,” Perez said.  “Some, like in any community, are here for the wrong reasons.  But as a whole, we benefit more than not.”

Unless we’re talking about tumors, “growth” is usually a good thing.  “Boom” is almost always a good thing.  A “benefit” is always a good thing.   I think we could benefit from some growth in the editorial section of The Columbian.  It would boom if articles such as these were placed there, and not on the front page – where, supposedly, unbiased news is supposed to be reported.
Two underlying assumptions, in the article, fly in the face of typical mainstream opinions: 1) that only recently have Hispanics become “targets of discrimination” and 2) that population growth is a good thing.  By presenting his own opinions as quotes of those he interviewed, writer Erin Middlewood (or his bosses) can deny that such articles, one-sided as they are, are editorials.  This is a cheap, underhanded tactic; they choose, very carefully, who they quote in such pieces.
Even the decision-makers at The Columbian surely agree that there are at least two sides to the immigration debate.  Surely they can see that rising crime, increasingly expensive infrastructure and environmental degradation are worthy to be considered as “the other side of the coin” in this matter – even ignoring the disturbing implication, by Middlewood, that Hispanics are better than other ethnicities and, therefore, worthy of replacing the current majority population.
It’s high time we had a real and honest debate about immigration.  So far, it appears this is not allowed among “mainstream” newspapers.  Perhaps this lack of openness is one reason readership has been declining in recent years.
I have submitted the above article, slightly modified, to The Columbian as a letter to the editor.  I expect, at best, a cordial form letter notifying me that it was not accepted for publication.

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  1. sestamibi says:

    Non-white population growth is good. White population growth is bad, which is why all white feminists are so obsessed with stamping it out.

  2. John McNeill says:

    Sestamibi is spot-on. Notice how whenever the media has an article on teenage pregnancy, they show a picture of a pregnant white teenager, as if young whites are breeding like rabbits. The message: white reproduction is bad.
    Also, Jewamongyou, you may be pleasantly surprised at an article from the Houston Chronicle describing the Hispanic takeover of Texas in rather grim terms.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Thanks. However, his negativity seems only to be based on economic projections. If Hispanics were as wealthy and well educated as whites, he would have no problem with this population replacement.

      • John McNeill says:

        No argument from me. However, it’s a start. Also this article was posted on FreeRepublic a while back, a bastion of civic nationalism. And yet this article generated a lot of interesting comments from Freepers decrying the population replacement as a whole, as well as cornering the few Bushite defenders of the “New Republican Majority”. There were even some that were arguing that culture and ethnicity are tied together. I was stunned, I thought I’d never see such a heresy uttered there.

  3. E says:

    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen ”Hispanic population rises quickly” as the front page headline in a newspaper. Each time, it is written as if it is some sort of astounding revelation that the average citizen would have never guessed. Each time, it is presented as a positive development.
    If all races are equal then it should NOT matter if the Hispanic population rises and thus race replaces the white race. In fact it should not make a difference if it’s the White, Asian, Black, Hispanic, or whatever race that goes up or down demographically or whatever because we’re all equal right?
    Liberals reveal their own hand.
    The reason for the celebration is because deep down inside liberals do NOT believe in equality contrary to what they preach. Liberals believe Whitey is morally inferior to non-whites and thus must be race replaced.
    What other logical explanation can explain the jubilation?

  4. countenance says:

    AP says that almost one-fourth of American counties lost population, and implied that the only way to reverse it is with Hispanics. For my money, that’s addition by subtraction. Or subtraction by addition.

  5. Harpo Marx says:

    Factor in abortion.
    It seems to me that the federal gov’t fiscal policy is little more than a massive Ponzi scheme. What it spends today, it will pay for with inflated dollars in the future. The problem it faces, however, is that the population-based tax revenue is growing slower than the debt obligation. Killing future taxpayers before they emerge from their mothers’ wombs is part of the reason.
    One solution is to import more taxpayers to cover the gap left by abortion.
    What the leftists refuse to acknowledge, however, is their Europhobic immigration policy only exasperates the problem. The influx of masses from south of the border creates a burden on the economy. That, of course, will never be acknowledge by the social engineers hell-bent on enforcing multiculturalism.

  6. Harpo Marx says:

    Note the hypocrisy.
    Not so long ago the left was incessantly wringing their hands as they worried about the population explosion’s impact on the environemnt.
    Times have changed.
    Multiculturalism has replaced environmentalism as the preferred method of choice for the left to destroy our free-market Western culture.

  7. James, N.S.W Australia says:

    Haha, JewAmongYou I swear I have seen “Hispanic population increasing” or “White population decreasing” three times in USA Today since I have been here. They showed a documentary about how the U.S was hispanicizing over in Australia about a year ago and in the commercial for it they had that smug Geraldo Rivera laughing about it as if it was a good thing and saying “enjoy your taco!!” Whenever people are prompted on why racial or cultural diversity are supposed to be good things, the inevitable (and sometimes, the only) answer they can come up with is food. This is the first mass-scale demographic replacement in history that is being driven by cuisine.
    Enjoy your tacos.

  8. fred says:

    EVERYONE… should read this article from Frank Salter on immigration. Save the article and print it out. It’s a run down of the more logical arguments against immigration. And it includes sources to back up each.

    • John McNeill says:

      Wow fred, that was a fantastic article, thank you.
      An anthropologist defending ethnonationalism… I’m impressed. I’m going to have to follow this guy more closely. I’m surprised anthropologists can even say stuff like that; in college, I took an introductory anthropology class, and it seemed like the whole point of the field was to promote Third World culture and denigrate Western culture, and insisting that race “doesn’t exist”.

  9. curt says:

    I’m sure you can riff off this posting.
    They get these values by solving for education not IQ. Education can be ‘distorted’. Solving for IQ produces the expected distribution.
    here is the original link.

  10. James, N.S.W Australia says:

    Frank Salter is one of the best Australian intellectuals ever 🙂

  11. jewamongyou says:

    I got a response from The Columbian. They told me to reduce the letter to less than 200 words, as per their policy, and resubmit it. I’ve done that. Now we wait…

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